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If the mind runs rampant
Or the body is pain
It can be disciplined work 
to just relax & let things be
The vision or end state might be clear
To you, but co-creating it with your beloved 
May not be easy
However, it is also true that
With patience peace is possible
Without tenacity, becoming one 
with the principle of water
This is the way
Remember too
God and the Universe 
did not do this to you, that stark lens is
Dark and rigid, it makes victims and masters 
Being responsible for your part-
Holding a quiet space of and for 
The reconciliation of your feelings and emotions
Is needed
And in this space blessings
Rain down upon the weary and forgotten parts
Of your endlessly innocent and
Anciently enduring 
But do take heed, the restless stallion of attainment and achievement
the vital force invested in learning and trying to be better, and more,
it is the same energy that must relearn how to not push, force, or propel
with will, to instead accept the divine mother-father in any acts of healing
Moreover, the dust that is kicked up by such relationship to self and life
may mean or make of the delicate and sacred process of wound healing
a very strange and difficult thing, for no manual control can really be exerted,
tenderness and compassion, above all, is needed
Life is not a game, not an ongoign conflict,
it is not a war,
it is not a endless series of tests,
it is not a competition.
Your mind may know this but you will certainly
have to unlearn many avenues
where these frameworks
have been expressed or received
and you must learn to not animate them
to remain free or regain freedom from polarity entanglement
Letting go, but also knowing God is eternally supporting you
but is not going to do this for you, 
and in authenticity it is clearly known
that what is present is always all that is needed
This is the way
to Know the True Father godSource