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There is a difficulty to trust
which is also to say to source
what is felt
and be authentic about it

There is a tendency to feel
and then storytell
so that we may dwell in [i]that[/i] ideal plateau

when we forgo the draw of bliss
when we sit
and keep silent
our movements to orate
even articulate, describe, or explain,
and in the space of these processes
comes the newness
of genuine gnosis

to feel and receive images
is not gnosis
this is a part of the path of learning
becomes the first impressions that come
can often be a forced transmission

which rides in on the desire-aversion
curvature of your being
pushing toward you
what you hope to see-feel and experience
in order to mislead-
deceive you into the bliss-mirrors
so that you too
will the serve
to mislead others into
the fields of false light

uncovering our own voice
unearthing empowerment
these are not idols
these though are sold as spiritual trinkets
at every mom and pop new age alcove-store-meditation
space around

and there spaced-out folk
with great hearts
spout words without roots
and meander drunk

The Bacchian aside
has been scripted into the spiritual path.

thus sobriety is king
sobriety from leading, speaking, telling, expounding, pointing
these outer activities
can only emerge as authentic
through the deep process alchemy
of bathing
bathing the rank perfumes
of expectation-assumptions magical
thinking and spiritual idealization

The [Yod]
is present

can be announced with great flourish
and you can experience that
and think it to be given to you
by another, delivered,
or perhaps it could be explained as
big and felt-imagined as indeed
that description


asking-sitting with questions
such as is this Yod
the All Yod
aware that word salad
is the specialty of the intelligences
that are false

The truth in the simplest sense is
likely that you have barely gleaned
what it seems to be
given a description of what it is
and moved on like it were a holographic sticker
that when scratched reveals a flowering nicety

This is not
the word of God
discernment requires what the ego persona
calls sacrifice
a letting go-surrender of dipping into the pleasing presentation
to see-feel
in slowness so that the ego views
dissolve at least enough for a crevice
to unveil real light-sound-scents

that freshness
does not require words
does not suggest speech
it invites
[i]direct[/i] experience
it leads by virtue of being
the very essence of you
thus it walks you through
the hall of mirrors
of what you are not
without faltering

the heart is
and it is honored best
with spaciousness, silence,
and unscripted feeling

the scribe is an archetype
with great

to take in and write
to speak
an appearance
is one moment away from forgetting altogether
that without gnosis-truth
we wander aimlessly
bumping into the mirrors and images
that are ours and that are on display
at the various stalls and booths
of the spiritual lanes of our lives

so I ask why not just sit
and keep sitting
smelling the shit
has got to be better than faking oneself
into yet another bliss-stupor
the aftermath of which leaves you
on a hamster-wheel of delusion
seeking more of something that was never
truthful or authentic to begin with

Father God, whose Yod I hold
may I learn to better listen
may I speak only the small words
that render shackles broken

the heart does not move
it does not hide
it does not lie out there in an experience
of flowery word-fields
or the stable streams of mathematical certainty

it is the music you live in and live by
every single day

is always
the only gift
we can give ourselves

is of course co-creating with you
every avenue of that possibility

merely saying loving yourself
doesn't require conditions
and only you have learned the unique flavors you carry
like truths
The lessons have been learned
the patterns that were once created
and required
are not now

Can you choose again?

How little will it take,
this is the unred flag
saying wisdom is present,
the humble hand which merely supports
direct rememberance
by being present and being kind

Holy parents may the wayward attention
find the truth roots
of you, may each inner child
be welcomed home
be held in loving-kindness
until it is known
and known and known
passing through mind into bone
and the marrow of soul
to heal
the not visible wounds of separation
may forgiveness arise for the confusion deception
that have been made to secret away
that wholeness is
not made
it happens
as the heart is followed
regardless of the terrain-image-mirroring

May this truth
eternally deepen in you
to help grow
the awareness of true self
already ripening within

may the pale platinum tree
come to fruit

may all other tastes
of believing
be cleansed by just being

at long last
the one
star rises

The Emerald Sun-Star Rises