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there is this
where in researching (or those that are this) consciousness
a misinterpreting occurs
that when and if you are then drawn to express
the views that have been learned or acquired
& absent a direct line of reference with impeccable integrity
there can then be a slow slide into ranges of deception
compiled from the belief that the views expressed

are the same as views formed from finding a gnosis gem
of direct experience unveiled from an eternal hearts alchemy process

instead these preferred views of ways of expression can be
posited and embraced as better

Yet there is too a cognitive disconnect
since there has been (is) an awareness
of not gnostically experience-knowing
the referenced thing

the material, the rich contents, and merely observe-enjoying it
and feeling kinship with it
this is all well and good on its own side
but generally these few then self anoint and become the superior
operating from ‘knowing conceptually the most’ is what is best for all

this perspective can be utilized to generate

luciferian overrides or blindspots that are unseen from the personal view
and then


exert as a gaseous sweet cloud
installaing a misleading kind of sickness in the group feeling-body

thus the impassioned seeker of gnosis can quite readily
can become
     a false representative
which is unconsciously acting
to divert dilute and mask and hide
the gateway
and true guide or source-knower

in favor of an elitist intellectualization
born of assumption and over-thinking
which can, if allowed, easily become an authority,
that confuses a person from theirr autonomy

into a follower of an elaborate
or falsely perfect

& away from truth
even as that individual may be bull dozing
in the direction that is the most straight into

a gnostic truth
as it is said ‘you cannot force yourself to be more or better’
and you certainly don’t want to invest energy

into making yourself different
than just who you are
so the confusion of how to participate
with gnosis revelation is always
to not take even the bountiful fruit
on board

allowing only what resonates inward
and letting what grows from those seeds
to be
the more than enough that they already are

the most minimal benevolence
for your own heart path
is the way forward

thus are we lightened of loads, recipes, and rituals
not leading others
until this direct connection
has been established again and again
letting gnosis
not intellect reflections
to the table where the guide abides

for not one learned word
is needed
to know God

the listened to absorption
is not the same as experience 
of it, assuming the IT is present
is not a part of gnosis 

for all manner of it's
can arise in the unconscious mind
and be mistaken & misperceived

since there is an experience
but it is of an it, that is only believed to be

but there is NOT
an experiential range to Source

There are many layers of
which amount to a step beyond
but which are also
not God

thus steps cannot be mistaken
for the top of the mountain
or these 'upward seeming views'

lead to self-deception,
and cul-de-sac pockets
of nauseatic bliss-pauses
& delusive belief that grow from false lotus fields,

thus do the spiritual seekers grow rigid
in rigor mortis adherence
to the lower

which quite clearly are not gnostic sources
of Christed wisdom

They are though finely garmeted
redirected reflections and partial regal knowings

that bifurcated into plentiful mirror versions in
the desir body of hoped for experiences
and feelings of should-be

Which are also numbing pleasure
labyrinths of mind
that cannot be navigated from intellectualization
and they do ensnare
pretending to teach something and lead somewhere
when they merely are a smoky astral mirror
Note that the intellect if listened to overmuch
can convince you of the intelligence
in a multitude of actions
which are not heart,
and can also confuse you
from the fact that you do know the difference

      without listening to the stillness and smallness of that
voicekknowung you cannot be guided or led nor can you lead anyone anywhere

but the fields of mismemory
left in a loneliness
of conceptual hopings you keep tryign to lean further into
mistaking the thought for the real
mistaking the imagined for the real
mistaking this choice to be God’s action
or a divine plan for you when it is not
even remotely true

I only have words to share
yours might be better
but is the root and origin
                      a heart-meadow or copse of deep gnosis?
you may or may not feel-know the difference
nor do not have to
but if you do not
it serves you to study yourself
rather than to blindly follow
a person
a book
a being

We have come to know ourselves
which involves the patterns
we have made in many times and heart-minds
to look at what has been looking
and reflect
not in following or getting tripped up by what is
refraction and reflection

you are not separate from your true self
but you do not come to know that in endless imagining
and meadering into fields that confuse
or into the astral bars and shopping malls
of the new age

Being lost is a great suffering to the selfhood
and there is not much worse places to be

then in a monastery of thinking
that you are found
The illusion
you are praying to
is not 
                the eternal
that prays with you



In the end
cannot and will not
be sustained   

There is no need to pretending
that God requires your permission to be present

To be authentic
does not mean to pretend to be
that which is not there yet
so to speak
so check your balance

just because you have diligence and make efforts and operate with knowings
and that others around you may be worse off

does not mean you know what truth is
allowing truth to be, allowing god to guide
allowing self to be as it is

This is to then step forward
to share only the gnosis-wisdom
this is a leap where legs cannot take you

that means
the least impact
for the greatest good

is generally
you speak little
& always with the preternatural

or you are speaking from a partial confusion
anchored in the knowing that
it is not yet completed
or does not contain the wisdom
of embodiment which 

presents as

that is not
what you know
it is what you are willing to let go of

that is the gateway to the authentic

the door to God
cannot be opened by ego

but many false doors do lead to repositories
of false Gods and their troves of occult
knowings which were stolen, or otherwise
uncovered in an absence of truth
or Source

So too many learned words
lead to replications of the real thing
mistaking the many thinkings for a knowing
experience-based unveiling


may you always experience the gnosis-

of god


the acceptance of not knowing a thing
and of the thing that just is
within the heart
that is the sacred space
regardless of how silent it is
                    the teacher-leader is there
             the unwords
benefitting the all
     in only the best ways
(bypassing all entanglements
with opinion and view)