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White Feather Shield
God Source will not
ever lift you 
above others
nor ever
put you beneath any other
We are who we are;
any rising up 
that is authentic
comes from being true
to our nature.
There is always 
a humbleness there
this alone
permits & supports a space
of forcelessness 
which is where
the will of god
co-creates with 
all others in an unbroken
that cultivates directly and indirectly
without efforts 
their own capacity toward
the core, root, foundation is the heart 
and god source 
and upon that soil
is a unique self
standing in the sunshine
of the moment
as dismantle and dissolve
what was hidden
most commonly by trying
to be other 
or tryingto reach 
for the god that is within
not through an act of lifting,
but through an honest
embrace of who we are
this is work, to abide
without competition 
for energy or attention
approval, or rightedness
no role, no narrative
no goal, no attainment
no comparison 
no greater and lesser
just this
this self
only this self
which with patience
dilligence, devotion, & kindness
becomes a realized self
but what that means
is not what is written
or said
it is mostly that you are no longer
occupied by the principles of
of a willful, and separate experience
where the myraid forms of trying to be 
for any reasons
are without end
just the self
realizing oneness
on a timing that is not our own
in a way that is better than any way
we can imagine, or think up
this then is the heart opened
with these hands
not more, nor less
were you always
enough for god
it may not be enough for ego
but I ask instead
for you 
to choose your
own truth
and abide
knowing this choice
is aways yours
may this fact
be embraced even as you live
making mistakes
but growing now
by your own heart
you are always 
part of Him
that no other work can indeed be done
but this
movement of embracing the wholeness that you already are
and heading then 
toward the glorious unknown 
where you already do know
God is, and will be with you each step you take 
unveiling with you yet more wholeness
May your journeys of effort end
May all others be full of grace
healing and kindness