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the dawning
of the emerald heart
rises with the emerald sun
in the hearts of men


holy are the highlands
of those who choose
the humble ways

these are the lowlands that lead upward
any voices critique, confusion, and dissuasion
are in it for themselves
and have thus forgotten
the value of patience, kindness
and wholesome self-reference


these are the tools to keep the golden rule
narcissism would otherwise collide
colluding as it does
to create false gold
and facsimile that heart into an image-idea
of a hoped for or inspired to ideal

instead the great gift
of silence offers
real peace
not the peace won from charming the hearts of others
to praise what can only be called a glamorous you

sometimes there can be this semblance of silence
a meditation of waiting
to be ego uplifted into betterness
this is a false front
hiding an unhealed part
who wants perhaps all
but definitely something
because it has lost the anchor to itself

in a simpler hearing
a d e e p
l i s t e n i n g
an unveiling

the heart within is

& the healing happens

only that will persist
or is ever
in truth
worthy of following, attending to, or praising

may all other worships fade
fall away & return to the dusty hollows
where once decay sought to be all

not wanting to except even a feeling
of distaste of disgust
isn't exactly a burden...

even in this bandwidth of feeling
there exists a real and true
pain, a disdain, even
an inadequate sense of being

but in embracing this as a part of the whole
a blessing more a changing of seasons
than what egregiousness otherwise arises in ego consciousness

at times it has to be weathered
the origin sought from compassionate space holding
until a seed is uncovered there
which will then bring about a re-ripening
a new species and cycle of blooming

Well that is a wisdom
easy to hear
easy to pray for
but not so easy to live

Still it can be done
by the will of god
it is done

In trusting our heart
we return to a widened
we both knew was possible
and couldn't have possibly imagined
thus a looseness to both forgetfulness and knowing
in truth followers
and thus reduces the twoness of the self
to one

This divine math
can only be done in acceptance
by acceptance with acceptance

beloved yod of the father

may all who have not figured out
and all who have
but suffer still
be welcomed back to you

by eternal stabilization

may the genuine prevail
and the most meek trail
be easier to spot and follow
as all alive and in wanting are released of
burden, trial, and tribulation

for the way of god
is not won
is not made

it is for everyone
it rises in our being
in all ways and all times
where conditions are not present

It is a kindness
that does not cease
it does not wander
and it will not fade

may the christed alchemy
reveal the emerald
and may all ideas of gold be
dissolved in the embrace of the inner warmth-softness
that both comes and is already present

May your grace
reach the wounded and the wounds
may this line of unlight this energy principle that exist as
"you not enough" be revealed for what it is
an alien origin, seeking to say
a forked thing
"you are not what you should be"
and also "only by being this other thing can you be that thing"

this polarized lie
this false idol
and fathering frostbite voice
suggests "flip into a foreign thing-
be remade in a stolen ideal
because it is what you want,
pointing you to see there and out there
what only it can
the lies it has made
which are validated only
by the ego
it made"

always the heart notes the difference
always the heart quietly tenses
saying no
in a gentleness that shatters
stolen crystals

May I only ever be all that you are
and I am already that
changing becoming
yet more simple and straight forward
in relating to my essence and thus does gnosis
replace knowing
and sovereignty replace
advisors and advice

all godknowings come
from the embrace of the self
not the rejection of parts of it

let all reflections
fade again and again
in each smile, in each turning aside of the cheek,
in each walking your heartway, in every act of true living

May we each come to know
that the heart is ever clear
regardless of the span of vision