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with the movement of the cycles

we individually,

and as a collective,

learn to more gracefully receive

what is given.

There is, in this provision, more than is needed

an abundance but one that engages us as well in the process of release

in the act of letting go of the past

and invites us ever so gently to the dawning light

which is a new path that has opened

and as such which carries within another access

another opportunity to choose again

but this is not in many respects a choice

that involves a shift in where our energy is going

and the conditions which we are generating

and maintaining through, by, and with the structures

of our beliefs

as they exist intwined in the expectations, seeking of answers, rewards,

personal glory, or special notice, salvation, and other such

suggestions of the past.

It is these subtle suggestions, that became over time

admixed with a direction

or a method of existing, a drive of intention

which serve to perpetuate suffering

in a multitude forms

of separation

from that which we are here to participate with

our source

our heart

our inner god spirit.





The qualities that most aid us in the reclamation and restoration

of personal freedoms

are the virtues of patience, trust, truth, generosity, kindness, compassion, openness

and above all


It takes only willingness to listen to the still small voice

and honour it with simplicity or most minimal interpreting of expanding

letting that direction

whether word, image, or feeling-essence

to be enough as an answer to the inner calls

for God, for this is the means of guidance.

Not orations on the mount, not intelligent articulations of cosmic description

but gentle loving truth resonantly

resounding in a special way to you, for you, and with you.

We do not need much

to remember to love, that we are love, that this is our  best expression

and that to do this does not require

great effort or knowledge,

nor a great mind or endless givingness

it requires only a willingness to participate with

our eternal self guiding us not to what we want

but to what is needed most

for us to grow and change

in order to be reformed to receive

what we most what to receive

but moreso to see ourselves

as we are

instead of what we have been told,

and then took on board and improvised

into various forking monologues and narratives

of what we should be

so that we can surrender these scripts or books

and allow what is to be

which to embrace ourselves

in that moment of solitude

to the deepest depths imagined

to embrace without end

and to realize is was not so hard

it did not require special techniques

nor learnings

but it has happened


it nonetheless did happen

and it could not have happened any other way for us

nor would we have , if we really look into

changed anything on our journey

it is a sacred path we walk

for we too are endlessly beautiful

and divine





this is not some fluffy cloud

of bliss

this is a gentle gnosis

that arrives

if and only whenever

you abandon

conditions to loving yourself, accepting your life

and being willing to live it

with an all in attitude

this is our one life-essence

although it is multidimensional and ever-changing

our gift here and now

and it is up to us

as individuals

to liberate ourselves from patterns of control

by doing the work to see what thoughts we are thinking

that are limiting us,

what beliefs we carry that are burdening our spirit.

We cannot sustain flight without healing our wounds

unwinding our systems

until they become alchemized, distilled into relationships

which we can then approach more heartfully

and heal our behaviours and attitudes and approaches toward things.

For many of thus this does entail

knowing God isn't out there

in that way

God is here within us working as we work with our hands

our lips our hearts

we do work to cultivate this relationship

but it is not made built of maintained

by outer meanderings or a quest for

perfect doings, relations, special avenues,

it is a horticulture experience

of finding out how best to nourish your soil

so that in this process

your soul can be birthed.

Its not out there, its not waiting for you,

its a wind of warmth, an utterly kind loving

that is inviting you

yo slow down, to relax, to let go, to listen

and attend to that which is sacred

without trying to establish it on our back

the personal willingness

easing off

moment by moment at times, or at times,

in waves or swells of conditionless allowance

in all of that there is the dawning light

both being experienced and accumulating

into something else which is also more

but it is a mystery and surprise that blossoms

when it is meant to.

There is no forcing the door

there is no building a false portal here

attempting to enter as an ego

you really do not want that

what you want is already being supported

here and now, it is the nourishment

of your heart and the support of God

co-creating healing for you and with

leading you to wholeness

to understanding yourself as

always enough, always worthy of and conditionlessly loved

by the true creator and by

our innermost heart.

Thus in the calm

with this budding, and sometimes wild,


you are perfectly positioned,

not a hair needs to change

the bluebird of happiness

coming and going, making the rounds

meanwhile another one in the from of the peaking upward of the rising sun

is right outside or just around the bend

behold then

the gnosis of this

we are, you are children of god

we are being embraced by our holy parents

daily, more than has ever existed before,

and because it is true

we are enabled to heal the impossible

but it must be looked at and witnessed.

I know it hard, that it isn't desired, and it is sometimes painful

and provocations of fear aren't absent

but you can hold space for this, you already are that space

or it would not be happening for you

when it is happening be comforted by this

take solace in your knowing and do your best to 'give the rest to God'

anything you need to say, you can sat it,

anything you need to express you can express it,

thus you can do this, you can feel these feelings

and still know you are ok

and will be ok

it too shall pass

and you definitely do not want to miss this moment

even at a shadowed corner or cul-de-sac

there is something calling you back to center

to the experience unfolding now

so as we ease up trying

to arrive at an end

such as a full healing, an enlightenment,

really it is coming about

letting of this construct

[{to know the creator} in our way(s)]

for in this there is

the gift


that we come to learn

through direct experience

what our creator truly is


from now, until then,

may you be blessed by your avatar path and the light and sounds of the kryst-krystala

of the one god, one sun

in which we are a part