In order to restore the human soul matrix for other stations of multidimensional aspects, ascending humans soul retrieval is required in order to restore and recover the stuck souls from the earth grids and in other places. This session shows the requirement to remove alien machinery from the earth in order to recover and uncover this starseeds' body parts. This is common and guardian host projects as part of the paliadorian covenant mean that no soul will be left behind and stuck, all must return to source. Humanity has been under the spell of black magicians, imposter spirits and controller structures which are readable in the planetary field with a prepared consciousness. The new age modalities who perpetuate the love and light are not aware that it is a gross misunderstanding, that good aliens will come and save us. As starseeds, we are learning to save ourselves by dedicating our hearts to knowing the truth of what has happened to humanity on this planet. 

Session excerpt below contains heavy energies, please only continue to read if you receive an inner yes.

German Holocaust, World War II, Germany & Berlin; Soul Retrieval and Support for returning body parts

And today is the 4th of January of 2021. I am here in service as I dedicate our field space in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law working on your behalf. Opening our field in the 360 zero point entirely, connected into with and through the heart, the mind and the body of God. I set the field intension to meet with your Avatar and our families of the Krystal Star Guardian Host, intending to meet with your intensions, known or unknown, spoken or inside of your heart. And, just allowing an understanding as I connect with your energy field today, we have had to wait until the Guardian Host projects and activations, embodiments were able to be more fully anchored into the earth plane and so the session field supports you in a spiral time, you know, 360 degrees of concurrent time rounds in the universal cycle within the sessionfield.

Mental Body & Rod Support, Horizontal Lightbody Sections, German Holocaust Timeline Clearing

What I´m looking at is in the right side of the lightbody, the rod function, the 3-6-9 masculine principle of the body, there are some clearings to be achieved to support portions of mental body to be restructured in their organic format and the bindings that are on the 3rd dimension, the 6th dimension and the 9th dimensional axiatonal lines in the lightbody. So clearing this metatronic spiral implant and Family of Michael, karmic exhaust and binding, which is a heavy influence in your auric field, it is showing up as a reversal arc structure and system on the 6th dimension. Now, what I need to share with you around that is, the reading of your light body shows me we need to recover aspects of your soul that have been bound into different grid systems from experiences of substance ingestion in your current life. So we are going to go ahead and complete the recovery of some of those principles and removal of some of the reversals, so just moving into your 2nd dimensional sphere and in there is some alien machinery to be witnessed and removed. Removing atomic body harnessing through bindings of the reversal sextant matrix. The reversal sextant matrix is an implant that binds the atomic body, the elements of the physical flesh and physical body into the elemental compacted layers of the Baphomet Satanic black magic grids, as these distortions are not our true holy mother in the 2D layers. As our planet has been locked down via the fallen angelic 666 curse of the false alien god Yahweh/YHVH, the sextant matrix was usurped and enslavement of the elements here in our planet: the earth, air, fire and water, and ether. The bindings can be removed and we now apply Aurora re-encryption to your body parts in so to support the organic elemental re-encryption; out from compactions.

What I am able to determine from this portion of your lightbody is, in the German landmass and in the German grid system there is a heavy energy of the Holocaust and the genetics in your template as you´re here to heal part of the German ascendency, if you will. The timeline memories and the connections and the pain and all there is within the German landmass itself is recorded in part of your lightbody blueprint, so I can help here with support and removal of some of that weight, because there is karmic exhaust, it´s like masses of black energy that is bound into part of the, it´s in different dimensions of the auric field, primarily showing on the right side, so clearing these energies out.

I´m also feeling there are pockets of trapped souls that are in part of your lightbody in the 2nd dimension and these need support for being transited off of your body. I actually feel these beings have been in Poland, they were part of like Austria or Auschwitz in the Holocaust in the previous war history memories. So lovingly we are holding a space of transit of those beings out of your field, removing this pain and despair and trauma energy from your own field. Allowing these soul essences and energies to be released from their holding area. I feel like what has happened here is that part of your energy field has held a safe haven for these beings and I also feel the station of your own identity from the past, certainly it feels very World War II and Hitler timeline in the German landmass and basically there is also a recovery of a previous station of your identity out of the grids there as well. So I want to move into, going to Berlin, where there are massive black magic grids unfortunately in there and at this time I can also see a really large planetary implant and I realize why there is a "wait and pause" sequence on your session field timing and to support basically the provision of being able to move this implant out in a divinely guided time. This is often the case.

So if I were to describe what this architecture is or what it has been doing, it is part of how the planetary brain has been split from the magnetic principle of the grid, it also controls the planetary tilt which is still off at this moment in time, so it´s not in its full alignment, it is still being repaired into its corrections. But this implant is known as a beast machine or Gravitron implant. It´s extremely large and it runs through every dimensional level of the planets auric field. So if you imagine the planet body, imagine like the planet had a massive massive tumor at that location as a form of gyroscopic rounds multidimensional splitter technology. These things are massive and they have created a lot of damage in the planetary grids.

As I feel this energy here we´re working on part of the ley line that intersects the planets body at the seventh dimensional frequency bandwidth and the fourth dimensional frequency bandwidth, so there´s a feeling in here of nested alien implants, they are just beyond massive, and these are also, what would be referred to as Michael-Mary turnstile matrices. So this point in the planetary grids in what feels like Berlin has a massive architecture in there and so just holding a moment here. So this implant has a form of attachment sequence and installation into part of the grid working network, that exists from, it´s close to Berlin, it´s actually larger than the majority of the center of Germany itself, that´s how large these implants are. So in this moment I want to start disconnecting and moving the architecture out of the grid. So in this moment, there are nested architectures of alien grid implants similarly in the German landmass that can be moved out now, so one of these is a Caduceus network implant within the land and planetary grid.

Caduceus Network Dismantle Planetary Grids:These are very large Caduceus symbolisms, that are black snake energy, this one is holding part of the Dragon Moth Grid in place in the landmass of Germany, so clearing red cubes out and the Dragon Moth cubes. I´m feeling also looking glass technology, yellow cube systems, Zeta technologies. Okay, I need to share this out in the session field as it´s part of Guardian Host witnessing for what has been crimes against humanity. So in the capacity of the witnessing and recording the testimony in service to the Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils of the Krystal Star Guardian host; there are some forms of off-planet technology that is related to the World War II timeline, the Nazi Black Sun Drakonians and Hitler, also the Vril connections and energies are in here as well, along with Aleister Crowley [black magician and alien channeller who created many portals to allow alien control and Thothian anti-christ control in the grids, in exchange for sexual misery and possession distortions], Thelema and Ulema technology, and there are dark avatars from the fallen Wesadrak universal matrix that are in this grid and holding it as antichrist gatekeepers at this moment in time, so these dark avatars have to be evicted out. They´re holding a part of reversal timeline architecture which is covering over a wormhole and human trafficking hidden portal system that sits in the land here. So, I am evicting the avatars out and placing energy architecture anchors through the Paliadorian Dragon Kings and removing concentric circle black rounds of energy reversals to the Violet Ray in this location and then eviction of the Astaroth demonic force, which is a very very large demon that is inside of this underneath the land and the grid. Collapsing and removing all alien architecture as noted.

We must have been guided to wait for your session field because the recovery of your own body part has led to this larger work, so I really appreciate you waiting for the divine guidance time, it always is the best timing as per Guardian Host even when we don´t understand, so thank you so much for your patience with that, because although we haven´t recovered your identity yet I can feel a lot of past timelines converging in the land here. Part of them are AI machinery timelines, part of them lead out into a higher dimensional field of trapped Family of Michael body parts and armies. So where you may have heard of the secret space programs or the super soldier energies, there are multidimensional fields in different sections of our solar system and moving out into the universal principles of our time matrix where clone armies of Michael body parts have been machined into forms of robotic army systems and they`ve taken lightbody parts of humans in this timeline they`ve plugged in and installed them into a synthetic body in a future space time from a current point on Earth now. This tells me this a larger piece of Guardian work that is being facilitated here and it´s just to give you context of what is happening and what I`m able to perceive is required. But there are platforms of 10th dimensional false and reversed fields of energy. In the German landmass as I look at it just now, there is not a high level of frequency bandwidth to get out above the net systems of the planet at 7D, ok there`s like still a lot of net systems. This means blocks in higher organic frequencies from above the distortions. This Gravitron (Beast machine) implant once it comes out will support further flows of energy to commence to that, that may mean that you and other starseeds in the location will feel a greater ability to create your shield architecture with greater states of ease because the Gravitron is binding the 7th dimensional field into reversal spin because it´s acting to stop the planets wings from coming online as the planets Merkaba shields are not functioning as they should. This is similar to saying the planetary brain and magnetic field control, through the massive beast machine/gravitron implants in the grid here.

So this piece here shows me multiple things that are to be dismantled, so sometimes this happens in session fields but we will come back into your lightbody to continue once this has been done, so thank you, thank you, thank you. So I want to clear out black tree of life nested installations, holding transit and eviction again for, it´s like the lower principalities of the hierarchies of satanic entities of fallen angelics and demons who are bound all the way down into the spaces underneath the ground through the grid system. They`re pulled down all the way and there is a lot of trapped souls that are being held underneath there. This would be similar to seeing temple of Set or Anubis underneath the ground as demonic strongholds. So clearing the demonic house black pillars and strongholds and collapsing all of these reversals in the grid, holding safe passage and transit as the recovery of these soul essences is now free to flow through the session field. Applying core soul protection and holding transit into the sphere of Amenti for these onwards passage ways and back into the heart of the Mother God principle.

Dismantling now the remaining principles of the crucifixion implant remnants that are in here and I want to hold a moment of installation of a Paliadorian King Dragon Shield into the grid system, anchoring that down, connecting to the core of Earth, resequencing to the dark matter template and installing the tri-tones and the KEE RA SHA of the Solar Rishi down into the grid and this removal of all implant structures and installing a cosmic pillar of justice into this area of the planets grid, so just going to hold that for a moment. Resequencing the corrections for the Amethyst God Worlds and Ra Representatives to connect into the pillar system and installing the Holy Father Books of the Law, animating the grids into the Kingship Arcs, installing the Solar King and Queen Arc Ship into this area.

And this Guardian technology supports the resequencing of the Universal Father Laws of the land. Guardian Host have been working a lot with this for a long time but to support the recent shifts and changes with the Amethyst Order families returning the Paliadorian Dragon Kings as part of this help the reclamation of the ley lines, which are Dragon Lines and the restoration of the grids to really emanate out the natural laws of God in this location because some of our beloved grids of the Earth held so much consciousness of war and killing and all that comes with that. So these repairs to the grids will help to anchor in forms of the ascending timelines. So with this, just holding a moment here. I want to repair part of the magnetic field principle for the planetary brain in this location. Clearing out the symbolism of the, it´s basically Swastikas which influence the magnetic field in this area, so there are implants to the 7th dimensional fields of energy that distort the magnetic wave principles.

Soul retrieval (RRO) from Germany grids, planetary grid architectural installations and correctional repairs: So now through the transit there I´m feeling your own station of identity surface up from the grid that was held underneath there. To let you understand this transit is a humongous transit field that will potentially run for a while, ok, which will be my responsibility out with the session field to support that. But this aspect of yourself from another time, which has been stuck inside the grids here is appearing as, you know, she feels Jewish to me in this moment, ok. So in this previous incarnation the consciousness body, well she has a Star of David on her chest, as a form of Zoroastrianism (Zoroaster), it would be a part of the House of David from Lyra. She has a part of that coding inside of her body and I can see that when you came down in that body, whenever you came down in that body, holds the keys as part of your Elohim consciousness. So we´re recovering these lightbody codes from her essence to reunite with you here and now, so just supporting the healing and removal of blood covenant bindings, Black Sun Nazi Germany curses, blood curses, SRA trauma, genocide, holocaust, desecration of the human body, all of these imprints are in her body. So lovingly clearing all of that out as she´s actually now able to feel the heart of God through the session field and through your body as she comes to reunite within you, she holds the staff codes, so this is being returned to you. Just allowing your body to release any feelings through the breath, as all bindings, all enslavement, all pain, trauma, suffering is removed completely and totally from that station of your identity and therefore from your lightbody. Installing planetary clock shield upgrades and recalibrations for the land of Germany as we install a Cosmic level version of the Krystal Cathedral into the lands to support the ongoing repairs of the grids in the German landmass through the krystal compass north of the Maji as Regulus in Leo, south as Fomalhault in Aquarius, east as Aldeberran in Taurus and west as Antares in Scorpio, to the organic crystal cathedral guardian host directions and crown of the planetary to solar plane Maji, into the constellation matrixes anchoring four pillars of the golden cities of the Christos-Sophia back into the land. This architecture supports the ongoing guardian grid repairs to allow for higher frequencies to be received by the grids, and will support the clearing of the blood sacrifice and death energies from that land. This is an architectural install which guardians will utilise to bring the verticals in the grids organic frequencies and to eventual repel the horizontal nets and blocks. Starseeds who use a 12d shield are supporting the "poke through" the nets, and this golden city crystal cathedral will helpthe Cosmic and godworlds guardian families to repattern the grids in the land over time. 

Connecting into the Aurora time continuum with our beloved Dragon Race Lines from Aurora in the next higher universe to allow them to use the portal passage way down to basically animates the Dragon Shield and to support the ongoing re-encryptions for the land and the earth. These shields help the elements to be re-encrypted in a more physical way than was possible than before as these shields also connect into the Sophianic body of our earth which is in stages of rehabilitation at this time. Holding this space here just to complete that. Dismantling 6th dimensional negative alien net systems through 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, clearing red wave spectrum frequency, AI nano tech and reversals, radiation, radiation targeting through the CV viral loads installed into Horsemen Pulsing, which is also showing up in the grids there. Dismantling, what we could call this, is a large transmitter of alien technology, which sends out or amplifies the past timelines of the inhalation of gas. When I feel into what this is, the Black Dragons have utilized these stations as transmitting AI codes, that also influence people to suffer the experience through the cv pandemic of the suffocation through the gas chambers. So what this is doing or what it has been doing is, using the energy which is still there basically from the past timelines related to the pain and suffering and trauma from the execution of humans through the Holocaust, the genocide through the gas chambers, is almost like seeing, because this is really what they have done in this area of the planet here as I´m reading it, they´ve used that energy and then spread it back out onto humans so that they cannot breathe literally.  And it was also originally, I guess, amplified out to stop the wings of humans coming online or starseeds coming online in a form of attack against the activations at that time. Just want to dismantle this technology from its broadcasting, collapsing these pillars of pestilence cursing, four horsemen of the apocalypse pulsing. [The 4 Horsemen of the Apocolpyse are a biblical reference to the plagues and end of days in Armageddon; but is a negative alien beacon technology installed into the planetary grids as a form of reversal 4 pillars and sends out pestilence curses, illnesses, disease patterns and creates illness in the human body]

Moloch Tank Dismantle, Satanic Ritualling, Blood Sacrifice

Ok, there´s an underground part to that as well, moving underground. There´s a lot of Moloch tanks under the ground here, so these are holding, this is similar to seeing, another section of the transit to be supported here as basically SRA Satanic Ritualling Blood Sacrificed beings, held in cage systems and tanks that are part of a Moloch tank network under the ground, so I am just holding a space for dismantling all of that, these are massive structures where souls and humans are bound to the demonic body of Moloch and this is prevalent on the earth in cases of child sexual abuse; their souls are being bound to Moloch to live in hell inside a Moloch tank, which means part of the soul is fragmented and bound into this and used as negative alien battery systems to continue human enslavement through soul binding. Ok, as we are then holding a portion of recovery out from underneath there. Just again applying a loving peaceful healing emanation to those souls that can now return to God Head and so it is.

end of session excerpt January 2021