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We are awakened starseeds. Our purpose is to perpetuate the God-Sovereign-Free timeline and Universal Christos-Sophia through embodiment and direct revelation. This involves sharing of tones, words, images, and meditative space-holding in personal and planetary servicework, gridworking, and energy healing.

We believe that when we create with and through love, existence is recoded (repatterned and architecturally aligned) in the essential resonance of God-Source.

Our Spirituality is not a disembodied sense of self, nor is it a separate part of life, it is an ongoing state of eternal life flow. It is the intent to develop and listen to inner guidance with Love, with the unity intelligence field of Mother-Father-Child God. It requires dedication, discipline, observation, detachment, and truthseeking to reveal the force of love and unity.

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The support to help cultivate individuals gain their own deep emotional & spiritual healing, the dismantling of the negative ego false construct and the expansion and refinement of the heart through devotion to gnosis via compassionate living, meditative peace, & balance are the aims of omnilov3. Becoming the highest expression of self, through a heart emanation leads to at-one-ment and endless peace with source connection.

This is not an idealized vision, nor is it without difficulties, it requires deep inner work to learn how to become clear about the endless pitfalls of spiritual glamor as well coming to a place of inner balance with our relationship to the presence of negative forms of experience and negative consciousness.

In becoming a heart-guided clear-eyed neutral observer an individual will come to realize that our consciousness evolution involves continuously cycle through phases of dissolving the negative ego and all that is inorganic to our self as we are gently guided to recall our multidimensionality through rebuilding the interwoven connections we have to other times, other selves, and the larger grid systems of the planet and beyond in a myriad of expression and universes.

I have been a meditator for most of my life, spending long hours for many years developing focus, peace, non-body awareness, and inner core alignment. I progressed through the worlds wisdom traditions during my learning process. In 2006 I experienced an intense kundalini awakening where I found myself operating in a completely different dimensions of perception.

I awoke to the realization that all previous information I had been operating on was not adequate to encompass starseed ascension dynamics. I discovered that many versions of the earth were being impacted and controlled by nonphysical entities through advanced consciousness siphon and distortion systems. I began spontaneously time traveling into alternate realities and assessing future outcomes. I was attacked without end every evening by hosts of beings using techniques and technologies I had no prior reference of.

This movement of consciousness took place for nearly a year and progressively revealed information and understanding of an entirely different context for spirituality, human history, and the involvement of many other stations of identity, and other dimensional beings. I eventually had a walk-in ground into my awareness which helped to effectively protect and integrate this level of immersion in multidimensionality through soul integration.

Shortly after I discovered others who had undergone a similar stage of awakening and found an immediate kinship with a spiritual sister, Lisa Renee, and the Energetic Synthesis group. I started hosting meditation classes and generating images based upon consciousness transmission which I tend to experience in abstract form of geometric frequency patterns whose information I then read. I began several small online groups during the next few years as I finished a post-graduate program.

I had a second kundalini event in 2015 that lasted about 8 months which involved a complete shift of consciousness to another density level and an understanding of many ongoing galactic level events. It was this range of experiences and the subsequent whole heart-resonance connection with my wife Mhairi that further activated and prepared me to extend my servicework to the group container of Omnilov3.

At age 11 I had a spontaneous kundalini energy awakening which catapulted me into depressive states and anxiety, also known as soul integration levels. At 16 I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome and had excessive energy fluctuations and thought I was dying. In 2002 I experienced another intense kundalini awakening where I was aware of alternative dimensional spaces in the future Lyran Sun-Star Solar Logos layers of the time matrix. I actively sought out paranormal, new age teachings and ascension channelled information in many failed attempts to support me to understand what was happening to me.

Through continuous starseed activations I had a future self from Sirius B walk-in (merge in consciousness) support me to stabilise my consciousness in my body. I then knew directly that all previous information I had gathered via new age teachings was in fact not in alignment with my own inner starseed compass, and I began to share more of my awareness online to support others.

During these phases I was being forcefully attacked by beings I could not see and became aware that my lightbody had been implanted to stop the flow of organic currents from GodSource. After repeated darkforce attacks I understood that there was more than the astral bliss of love and light, and it was now being revealed to me so I could understand my purpose here. Seeking support with this phases of my awakening sequence, I was delighted to find spiritual sister Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis.

Through the walk-in process I was activated to serve in planetary gridwork repair and rehabilitation, and intricate advanced etheric surgery and DNA repair in the  body and lightbody matrix system healing work which I had no prior knowledge of. This began my intiation into enlightened ET contact, from the guardian host beings of the Cosmic Christ Families. Shortly after that I began "Galactic Heart Healing" under the name of Indigo Intuitive, holding monthly group field spaces to anchor in Cosmic Christ coding and building the communication links in the grids of Scotland for the Krystal Star Guardian host celestial Christ management teams. This would assist the rehabilitation of the diamond grids and to offer starseeds a truthful connection to source fields of the 13D Mother Arc Aquamarine Blue Ray through the Mother Arc of the Covenant,

Perceiving levels of multidimensionality and reversal systems, anti life force beings and false spiritual teachings on earth I endeavour to provide context and support for our starseed awakening family. Bearing witness to galactic history hidden and recorded in the planet and in human lightbodies to support timeline overrides, supporting others to awaken to know their own inner truth; I continue on the path of inner truth and resonance with heart based intelligence through my own inner work and that of providing healing and guidance to other ascension path walkers. 

Further integrations and consciousness shifts of inner sacred marriage allowed me to prepare this group container with my husband Sequoia through our unified heartfield with complete resonance to live our servicework mission which is entirely built upon eternal lightfibres of Omnilov3.

In the 3d realms I have training in personality parts conflict resolution, hypnotherapy and past life regression, body emotional memory release, spiritual attachment (demonic, possessions, et or discarnate soul) release and inner child soul fragmentation support. Using advanced methods of etheric surgery to obtain deep levels of alignment to your heart and soul; lightbody/physical and emotional healing can take place. When an ascending starseed or indigo can connect to the source fields more fully, without implants and mind control, one is able to live their direct purpose more easily and with more support as a directly connected person to the godhead, with no intermediary or imposter spirits.