Membership Terms

We ask all potential members to consider the following if intending to join with us: 

To maintain a safe space for the ascension path, please read the following notes and basis of our website and community access. 

  • Understand that this site and forum access is based upon a trust relationship, in order to gain access to the forum there may be a short delay whilst we contact you in order to ask your intention for joining our community. This is deemed necessary to ensure that we maintain the website as a safe and supportive environment where members feel empowered, gain education and personal insights on their own spiritual path.
  • Members will not share any personal content outside the OmniLov3 Container that has been shared by any other member, or by Mhairi & Sequoia
  • Members are expected to display levels of spiritual maturity, the ascension path cannot be 'quickly' achieved by manner of attunements or attainment of energetic connection. Emotional and deep behavioral inspection is required.
  • We ask members to be respectful, kind and caring towards each other
  • In becoming a member, you must understand that there may be deep levels of truth, emotional processing and mental body re-orientation that you may undergo levels of ego death or ego dismantling. This is an ongoing process as part of training the mind, into understanding the universal power of the heart, and at times there can be deep deep movements of letting go into deeper layers of the self. For some on the ascending path this can take the form of depressive states, or anxiety states. There is no quick fix for the energy movement required to build consciousness into a loving, caring and kind, truthful example of a human being on earth - which is what we all aspire to be.
  • Each person will decide on their level of participation with the information shared in our container.
  • The use of drugs or substances to expand one's consciousness is not recommended as this causes lightbody weakness, therefore we ask that prior to participating here, you understand that we do not condone this as a method to find higher spiritual links or intelligence. Anything that takes you 'out' of your body, must be addressed in order to strengthen the lightbody and spiritual bodies. No being, entitity or guide should enter or merge into your physical body container. If this has been your experience on the spiritual path there are toolsets within our website and individual one to one sessionworks that you can request as a healing service to support you in healing your own lightbody, to be free of infiltration.
  • Each member must take responsibility for their own emotional maturity, observations and opinions and be kind to other members.
  • The information that we provide here within our website is from direct contact and embodiment of Krystal Star Intelligence, and is not gained through means of chaneling information.
  • We do not operate a spiritual guru-disciple hierarchical power imbalanced model in our lives or in our website. Each person must come to learn self-accountability and the intuitive healing through spiritual maturity. All beings are treated of equal value, no matter the life path or the role chosen whilst on the earth.

Learning the principles of truth, compassion and caring towards yourself, and then emanating that out to others through learning spiritual ethics of the Cosmic Sovereign Law. 

Our site is created upon the principles of the Guardian Host Law of One, and is a living light trinitised form intelligence field built to support the ascending human protoform.

In joining with us, understanding that the website is a guardian host platform outreach in which planetary repair projects and freedom for humanity is being undertaken as part of our task here. The starseed and indigo races, those whom are awakening require to obtain truthful supportive information about the changes on the planet, and our site will support your understanding of the Cosmic Christ Intelligence through the Guardian Host returning the truth and liberation potentials to the human race. 

We hope you find comfort and support from our materials, and know that it is a divine birthright of humanity, starseeds and the indigo races to know their true purpose, and reweave their direct connection to benevolence of god source found within the heart space.