Sequoia will be hosting a live interactive group gathering series starting October 2020. This offering has emerged in part as an extension to the Amethyst Sun Awakening which is supporting the masculine consciousness to regenerate it's vertical connections in ways never before possible. 

The series of live classes will take place 3 times a month over the span of 4 months for a total of 12 classes. This has been designed specifically for those who are willing and able to commit to the entire series. This will aid in fortifying the foundations, help harmonize group connections, and streamline spiritual growth. We will be emphasizing the Spiritual Synthesis of the Sonship of God. This is both a re-education and energy healing course.

The orientation will be given through in-depth alchemical consciousness transformation series. The dialogue will contain components of live art, analysis of meditative techniques & field spaces, as well as a visual discussions of energy architecture or consciousness technology through screen sharing.  We will also be building a unique toolset for the development and expansion of personal practices through systems, techniques, and group synergy. Fieldspaces will be spontaneously opened and guided by the Krystal Star Guardian consciousness teams.

Arise from balance;in harmonytrue strength is found

We walk as one

It is time to unveil the further recesses of our consciousness and make movements that transcend the limits of our current paradigms, beliefs, and reality experiences. This is your identity, you alone can recreate reprogram and direct yourself upward, inward and into alignment with Source to then unfold outward all of the power, genius, and love that your spirit is and that your unique purpose has guided you to participate in and with on this journey of eternal consciousness.  

The consciousness fields of the mind require our attention and mastery if we are to become free, cosmic citizens of the multidimensional human star body.


The rightful King returns

In developing clarity about our inner god spirit we then develop an ongoing line of direct communion with unity intelligence and so begin to express our highest self, our heroic path and god-sovereign-free timeline. The consciousness programs of the hero savior, victim-victimizer, and armageddon timelines must be understood and fully dismantled if we are to exist as a pillar of peace to reclaim the parts of our spiritual body and serve as a transit station, elemental re-encryption lattice or gridworker. Our unique path arises when we live in authentically, this cannot occur if we are weighed down or controlled by artificial technology, negative alien inserts, implants, or otherwise enslaved to the energy and narratives of inherited karmic miasmas.