Prepare your platinum or rainbow krystal diamond pillar and shield system. Set the spin-command of your pillar and field space to God-Sovereign-Free, God Sovereign Free.

Activate the intergalactic Krystal code to sweep and remove foreign DNA, consciousness inserts, viral loads and anti-hierogamic union technological splitters.


Remove isotopic decay, clear foreign genetic strains strands, brands, qi siphons, and mental body inserts. Clear holocaust WW2 and Atlantian cataclysm timelines, Clear Draconian invasion memories & armageddon software programming and the Pestilence program, the 4 horsemen inorganic pulse waves and related Nephilim grid reversals, clear traumatic personal timelines and their miasmatic loads, as well as karmic superimpositions. Remove carbon static fields and light body compression sequencing. Clear our individual relationship to the planetary leylines. we call forth our Holy Mother to aid in transit and removal all accumulations related to the body as gird worker and portal station.

Activate the Azoth field and spin elemental re-encryptions rays from within he Godseed extending to the auric Radial and Nadial levels. Allow the light bursts to saturate and be absorbed into the meridian systems until all organs feel full of transdimensional liquid plasma.

We now ask to apply core soul protection to any aspect, fragments, personalities, and identities into and through the genetic source field applying Krystal Star imprints and upgrades where needed and necessary. We ask to be free of all alien genetic modification and hybridization clearing all viral and genetic mutations across all levels and layers of our multidimensional body returning our Source living light consciousness & Christed DNA into its original and no-time configuration in structure and in function.

Inner plane guides and guardians please scan, locate, remove and repair any taggers, trackers, portal jumpers or remote viewers as well as any AI systems involved in neural mapping, mind control, or that are otherwise inhibiting the organic functions of cellular respiration, biospiritial cleansing, circadian rhythms, brainwaves and natural expansion into source.

Resequence the breathe from incarnate into soul, soul into modern, monad into avatar through the medium of the Krystal river currents and my own Krystal Platinum Pillar. Establish a direct relationship to God within each and every cell clearing any and all demonic house residues, detritus, entities, and attachments, clear astral and etheric webbing goo & clouds, clear all subtle black substance locked in the shadow spaces of the self and the cellular-spiritual matrices. Please clear all accumulations of qlippoth current, and eliminate metatronic spiral spin sets and mental body splitters. 

Clear all artificial viral loads and related viral overlays that have been put in my genetic record along with any false memories false or fallen timelines involving torture, death, mutilation or the abuse of the christ code in any way, shape, or dimension, density or form. I do not consent to the anti-christ matrix, I do not consent to Black sun or Baal collectives, I do not consent to Archontic deception or  the cosmic parasitic consciousness forms in any space or place I AM.

Avatar Christ, eternal liquid light  I AM seal the field in the fullness, power, and glory of One Source, One Spirit, and the One Father-Mother God that I AM. I affirm I Am the Eternal Self, I am one with the Eternal Body of God, I AM One with the fabric of Truth and of Creation One with the Diamond Sun. I am shimmer and shine of the Divine I am this I Am.

Within the stranded DNA matrix may all codons be light and sound re-sequenced into and through the Aurora to re-establish the organic rainbow spectrum set of relationships at my highest expression in this Here-Now moment. May all mitochondrial production be detached from AI dark mother baphomet & reversal elemental energy systems.

I am the breath of Krystal Diamond Light, I am the living Rainbow Sun. Visualizing my unity body vehicle, intending, and co-creating now the Peace of God within. I am the harmony of the spheres, the sanctified and aligned 12 tree grid and diamond hologram, I am the power of and love of creation here-now returning to the highest order of resonance known now. Dear Father-Mother God and Guardian teams forever perpetuate this command-intention. It is my Krystal Star essence, my truth, I am this I Am sealed completely and entirely. I am God I am Sovereign I am free.



May all beings in need be so blessed in equal measure from the heart & mind of god from the very essence of christos itself may all places and spaces where truth, healing, and wholeness can find root thrive May all beings within my family and extended family be blessed to continue upon their god sovereign free path which is individually and collectively of best benefit and aligned to the highest purposes of the will light, love, and power of our Creator

May the omniloving compassion of Sourcefields shield and help all in need to be released of their burdens, sufferings, pains, misfortunes of threats, trauma, violence, and harm May the Mother's Holy breath, sound, and springs of Krystal star waters arise where love and comfort are asked, desired, wished for, or hoped for May this prayer amplify such efforts a thousandfold & In each sacred space of self may the cosmic sovereign law reclaim alight and aid the harmony re-integration and oneness of the body-mind-spirit as only the Eternal Christ Knows So be it and So it Is  


Note: for any individuals afflicted with Coronoavirus I strongly recommend additional treatment through Chinese Herbal therapy. Please visit a local herbalist or you may book a session with me to talk about symptoms, patterns, organ systems, and ideal herbal responses to any stage of imbalances created by CV. For prevention you can reduce sugar intake, increase trace mineral supplementation, skinbrush the neck, face, head, and chest to stimulate the lymphatic system, when going out into public spaces use an antiviral essential oil or blend like eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, or clove under the nostrils, take an herbal formula like Liu Jun Zi Tang or Thunder Pearls to boost the immune system!


The 12th Dimensional Shield is the original architecture, the organic template of creation, which is sacred union of masculine & feminine within.

It is in building a relationship to Source that we install, activate, and embody this blueprint into our multidimensional being, allowing us to know our true form; always directly connected to source.

The Essence of Peace is only realized by sustaining effortless intentional focus in merging with God through the heart.

It is in working with this God-technology and the 12D series of techniques that we begin to restore our awareness to resonate with and establish integration in with and to the Unity consciousness fields of our highest expression. To live as our true form; always directly connected to source.

The Essence of Transcendence is only actualized by repairing all forms to their Eternal Kristiac Design.

The Diamond Sun DNA Template is the human tree of life, is 12 spheres which in each dimensional level provide access to that dimensional frequency band. The guardian host support the rehabilitation of the hologram, to build, resurrect and repair the template to support humanity become knowers of the god source.




Galactivation Holy Mother Arc, Aquamarine Ray

Mother Arc, Aquamarine Blue Ray 13D

The planetary templar, grid networks and access points to and from the Mother Principle of the tri-wave god source energies, are known as the 13th Dimensional Mother Aquamarine Ray frequencies, or Mother Arc. The planetary body was reconnected to the Mother frequencies in around 2009, by many guardian starseeds and lightworkers who were working to rebuild the architecture and therefore supporting the planet connect back into her true Mother. The energy is available to those who wish to connect and the 13th dimension is the access point out of this universal structure we reside within on planet earth. Guardian Teams support starseeds to connect to the pillar networks of aurora or tri-wave architecture, built with living light fibres of eternal essence.

Connecting to Mother

The Mother Arc can be connected to via a transharmonic pillar or gateway which is built within the individual lightbody of a human being, through intended connection to one’s Mother Source energy. It is suggested to first connect with and build on the internal vertical channel (hara line, staff energy) with 12th dimensional christ platinum ray frequency, and Mother arc currents. The vertical connection in the human lightbody is the connection that builds into Mother Arc. This is required to be built in order to feel Mother frequencies.

Cosmic Holy Trinity

The mother arc aquamarine ray is the first emanation of mother god into this universal time matrix, and access point is termed as the 13th dimension. Mother Arc Aquamarine Blue Ray is the Mother aspect of the Cosmic Trinity of the God source. This tri-wave ray frequency makes up the 3 fold flame, which consists of 13D Mother Arc Blue Ray, 14D Christ-Sophia (Child) Gold Ray, 15D Father Arc Magenta Ray. Together they make up the holy parent, the true ray frequencies that belong to this universe. Starseeds template the recoding of the earth body and all portions of creation with the trinity waves of cosmic parent.

Humans on earth have not been able to feel the true loving eternal essence of the godsource, and thus, in the ascension cycles more humans are awakening to know and understand and feel the true mother essence on the earth.

Safe Passage Mother Arc Portal

For humans passing their bodies at the end of life, the Mother Arc portal or 13th dimensional ray, is suggested to be held open in divine service to allow the safe passing of soul energies at the transition of the physical body from this earth. This is the route home to God Source. 

In the ascension context of embodying higher frequencies of our own energy sources, through the direct integration of light frequencies into the lightbody and physical body connections of our own stations of higher identity; we are learning that in order to support that organic process, we must be willing to look at thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, responses and our own actions and intent. We are learning to become more loving, heart oriented humans and return more of the love back to humanity whilst living our lives on earth. We are learning what it is to embody the law of one, the law of god and unity. The Universal Law of One is a reality field and the only true organic divine timeline, it is also a way of being that anchors into embodiment harmonic resonance with God-source. This way is not an abstraction, it is the recognition of Oneness which ignites the inner God-spark in man to emanate the eternal spiritual living light, love, and power of Christ.

If we can understand that there have been [negative ego programs] installed into the planetary body, and within the human lightbody context; we each hold patterns of those and these can shape the lens of our lives as we live them. Some people may call these karmic influences. Not all of them are karmic. We see these forces of energy patterns run in the wider global context on the day to day. We see these forces run in ourselves and family members. We could call these Archetypal influences, of positive, negative and neutral association. Many of us are here in bodies right now in order to support the removal of these energies, or removal of our lightbody from being impacted by these energies. To support the building of planetary architecture and our own personal connections into the godhead. Essentially it means that we are all here to share our ascension experiences for those who come behind us, and awake one morning to the knowing that there is a bigger purpose in life.

In spiritual awakening phases, for those on the ascension plan there may be contact from cosmic forces, attacks from invisible energies, and thought streams that attempt to cause harm and destruction/doubt inside the mind. This can cause fear, imbalance and yet more fear. Many spiritual teachings do not address this side of the energetic terrain, as some spiritual teachings are not aware that the forces of negativity exist as they do. Anything that seeks to inflict pain suffering or trauma is not connected directly to god, because, when we are – none of that exists in human intention. Regardless of what it looks like out there in the global landscape. It is always worse when we cannot see the negativity at play, for then we do not realise that there is something else in the mix. Starseeds on the path at this time may come to this knowledge like a short sharp pain in the side that leaves us bewildered and feeling fearful. There is no need to fear these forces in any way. There is, however, a learning curve in the understanding the nature of what we are all here to support, or do.

That which is hidden cannot be allowed to fester and create further pain or suffering within us. It is in the realisation that a multitude of forces exist that we may address the cause, the behaviour and the affect on our energy. We can begin to ‘free’ ourselves from these energy forces. We have the ability to do that with intended dedication to be shown the way. We can begin to take command over our own energy and direct our consciousness for the highest outcome or win-win for all. Many of the great sages and spiritual teachers spoke of great darkness, to be overcome. They also may have spoken about becoming free, enlightened and knowing themselves as god in all ways. This is part of becoming god, sovereign and free. There are many ways in which to describe this, and it may be seen to be trying to be a more heart based human, in all ways that we can be. To be trustworthy, truthful and open to change. To discern connection to inner knowing, and use that as the only compass to life.

Within our omnilov3 group space here, we are guided to provide a level of support for individuals who seek to know themselves more deeply, to support that embodiment process and to come to understandings about how that may be experienced from an individual perspective. Through the seeking on the internal connection (meditative practise) we can each be shown in perfect context what is right for us to know or understand in that moment. It is personal on the internal of our awareness so that we come to know our intuitive guidance in every moment. We share context here of conscious coding artwork, which is formed from many many multiple layers of texturing, and sacred livinglight code krystic geometries. It might be that one day you feel guided to look at a particular piece of artwork here and find that your energy field clears and resets itself back to a more balanced sense of peacefulness. Or to be drawn to participate in the group meditative medicine spaces to aid you in your own process of freeing yourself. We are all journeying into the knowing god source as part of ourselves, in ever deepening senses and knowing intimately that source is here now. Always. We are all connected to source, but knowing and feeling that in every moment; is life changing, and is a potential that each person has.

In our meditative spaces we use word commands or descriptions in order to ‘say’ out loud, or provide a label identification or context to what the energetic recognition is. Then, the intent and direction of christ or krystic consciousness in order to dismantle or remove the energetic negative impact from having an effect. We could generalize this and say that we are each able to begin to recognise these different types of blocks when we are working with the intention of removing them. The guardian host teams support us in the achieving of this in order to experience more energetic freedom, in alignment with our each individual path of ascension. Energies which are blocking us from knowing god source can be identified and felt in the energy bodies, it is when we don’t know that they are there – we cannot feel or know source in the most optimised way. This is part of the removing of negative, reversal, implanted or lower energetic densities from the lightbody, aura, mind and multidimensional expressions; allowing a space in which to be filled in with our own higher expressions and love-light filling up the body mind and heart. This brings us closer to knowing and sensing and feeling god source energies on a more permanent basis.

This is part of our aim here. For each person to understand that there may be unhealed trauma within the lightbody through multiple cosmic timecycles, in this current body or within the multiple stations of self out there in the time matrix. We each can support ourselves by firstly identifying patterns of response, triggers or behaviour that we would like to alter in our lives, that we feel would ‘free’ us to feel more – happy, free, loved, supported, or something different. Each person has different ideas of what freedom may mean or look like to them. Essentially, this is clearing of the negative ego – those patterns that bind us into not feeling free, content or peaceful.

For time immemorial spiritual information has been kept in mystery school teachings, hidden or filled with disinformation. We each must discern what is most supportive to us as individuals and not get caught in the holding on to any narrative, story, timeline or belief. Yet, the unhealed aspects of ourselves which may lay dormant or up front have to be addressed in order to change the experience our consciousness has this lifetime and beyond. Coming to know that there is no fast route, no quick hit gratification on this path will allow the journey to unfold in an increasingly more peaceful way. We believe that each person has the right to understand and know how to heal the self, dismantle the chains of the negative ego in order to feel more love, unity and heartfelt peace this lifetime.

Solomon Shield

June 2018; Recent themes surfacing at this time have included further Emerald Ray Holy Father energy corrections, as the planet receives support for the divine masculine rod function, through the holy father cosmic monad which is coming online in connection stages in the planetary body, with the 2D grual points receiving corrections and ongoing guardian repairs. A guardian host buffer field to support with this healing is the Solomon shield. The Solomon shield is a guardian host technology which supports the healing of the masculine horizontal rod function essence, in order to return the laws of the rightful truthful loving masculine energy to be expressed (repaired and returned for planet body) and through the physical human body vehicle this lifetime.

We may have been noticing patterns of behaviour that occur in relation with males in our lives, and the releasing of negative ego traits associated with the behavioural interplay which has infiltrated those interactions. As we each return our life experience into a more loving recognition of the inner masculine essences within ourselves, and within males and females on the planet may we each remember and experience the loving vital essence that is the divine holy father emanation. A christ principle of creation, which belongs to each human being as divine birth right.

Part of the Guardian Christ Forces mission is to support the unification of the masculine and feminine energies on earth and beyond, inside of our diamond sun template and in the micro life experience into the macro - universal levels of our existences. This can happen in stages as we dedicate our lives to continue in the perpetual building of the diamond sun body (universal 12 tree grid) and connection to the trinity wave of godsource. For each of us, this may come via different life lessons, patterns of learning in order to unify and transmute that which has appeared in our day to day life patterns as a 'wounding' or pattern of observation. At this time the planetary body is going through stages of wing building or masculine/feminine merkabic availability, in the repair of 6d Michael masculine and 7d Mary feminine planetary energy fields and connections. Many guardian teams are supporting these shifts, as the healing of wings allows further stages of inner masculine-feminine principle healing to take place at this time. For each of us, we will note shifts as per our individual personal ascension plan and inner relationship with source. This may also be referred to as heart twinning and is a lightbody shift that allows the re-uniting of levels of rod and staff in the principles of inner sacred union or marriage of gender opposites.

Historical Galactic Info on Father energies; still present on earth today

On earth, we have been subjected to false architecture which has perpetuated the controlling systems through cycles of patriarchal domination. This has meant that when coming into a body on earth, this false system has been placed in the architecture of the human lightbody as part of the negative ego construct. Starseeds contain the templating which contains the correct father energies, the loving, benevolent kind-hearted and eternally secure and safe masculine emanation. Many have come to earth in order to live and express some of the more negative father behaviours (controlling, domination, fear based direction) in order to see what must be broken down, to be freed of the false lens of the false architecture, and heal the heart space from the same. It is in the experiencing and witnessing of these behavioural traits being expressed through a physical body which allows us to transmute and remove the lived in experience of these emotions, projections and characteristics. Which, in turn, allow the true masculine loving, benevolent kind-hearted safe and secure essence to be the primary characteristic to shine out from the life experience and live in harmony with the feminine inside and outside.

When considering this information, please know that this affects men and women of earth because we each contain the feminine and masculine principles and are expressions of both simultaneously.

Understanding the False King, False or Reversal Father Energy; Patriarchal Domination-Wounded Male

In order to identify the false father energies, it is helpful to know how this can manifest in day to day exchanges with others in life. This is also a key to understand our own inner awareness of how these programs have affected humanity, and the way in which we can seek to heal and be released from them; as we allow the truthful holy father ray frequencies to come into the body, through the connections we have on our internal heart space. It is imperative that we do not judge or punish others for their behavioural choices, and yet when we can see them for the false programs that they are; we can rise above this and apply unconditional loving to all situations. This does not mean we become a doormat or tolerate the unacceptable behaviour from others. When we feel aggrieved or hurt by another's behaviour we can call it out and witness what is being intended in the moment. We can use all perceived behaviours as ways to analyse ourselves, and to shape our own behaviours into refined expressions of more loving, heart based creations. To be the change we wish to see in the world.

Men (and women) have been wounded by receiving the programs of the reversal father energies; which seek to control, dominate and in extreme cases use violence or force as a means of control and/or defence mechanism. Men have been taught that in order to be a 'man' various different belief systems or behavioural traits must be adhered to, and in some cases, is a direct perpetuation from the role models that we have had as men on earth. Sometimes it has been easier to act as we have witnessed rather than to bring forward our true inner spiritual heart based selves, as we forge through the terrain of becoming a role model for others; in the face of adversity.

True holy father expressions of divine masculine do exist on this earth, but the healing that is required in order to allow that expression to fully blossom requires a loving presence or real life role model examples of true loving feminine and true loving masculine essence to support the healing of both men and women on this earth return their expressions of source to a natural harmonic in effortless being.

When we are aligned to our inner purpose and connections to our source, this process will be revealed organically and things may show up in order to highlight which parts of self still have to be transmuted into letting go of the old expression or behavioural pattern that was attached into the negative ego, being false father or false mother. 

This energy archetype is referred to as false king energy or reversal/distorted father. It is named as such because the true father energies which exist as part of the cosmic holy trinity do not contain any of those controlling or painful violent woundings. 

True holy father energies are ultimate loving, transparent and feel extremely safe and secure. As we reunite each our individual selves to the holy father, we begin to feel the safety and security in the root centres of the body, and we can feel held and safe to allow ourselves to know that we do not have to feel like we have to 'control' or 'demand' in order to achieve our needs being met. We may have to reveal to ourselves, through meditation or self enquiry where the wounds from men, or masculine have impacted our own life experience in order to feel the deeper levels of love frequency from the cosmic holy father.

The issue we have had on earth is that the dynamic that has been playing out between masculine and feminine, or males and females is one of 'keeping us separate' from each other, or 'competing against each other' or 'defined in roles of woman is in servitude to the man who always knows better' or 'female forceful warrior vs male forceful warrior'. There are many scenarios in which the masculine feminine energies have been put as opposition forces to each other, instead of unifying in divine grace together, which, allows the inner neutral compassion to come online and be harmonious.

The gender principles of these false energies has been set as reversal architecture (identified by behaviour patterns and choices) and starseeds contain the corrective patterning in order to embody and become the outward expression of the correct, divine, loving being of both male and female, and are proto-typing these embodiments on earth through inner sacred unioning as the alchemical perfected marriage within (male-female balance in neutral trinity) or with a partner as a union to hold the templates of perfected female-male balance in divine partnerships.

Michael Consciousness Gold Ray Seraphim- Divine Masculine Emanation of Holy Father Principle

The families of Michael are an energetic consciousness which is a planetary expression of the masculine principle. Architecturally, the masculine energies have been reversed or superimposed as reversal energies and held in that reversal state on this planetary body; meaning Michael energies have been abused, traumatised and held disconnected from feeling the true Mother and Father energies which exist as the truthful loving parent energies.  This is akin to a child being parentless without knowing what happened. Michael has to fend for himself, and does so as a warrior energy which is bound into cycles of trying to do too much and fix everything in order to feel the love from the parent, or escape the abyss in which 'he' has been abandoned within. It has been a never-ending cycle for Michael consciousness because, anything that is attempted from the state of disconnection just seems to perpetuate the same cycle of disconnection. This is a closed loop system and trap.

This planet has endured distortions of the Michael 10:10 energies, primarily through mind-thought control of mental body/masculine/horizontal energies in the grid systems of planet earth. The epicentre of this grid system is the 10th stargate, in Iraq/Iran and this holds the family of Michael almost as a prisoner, stapled down onto the grids of earth and affects the mental body of humans on earth, keeping them stuck in patterns of deep wounding and trauma and the belief that they have to use 'survival instincts' to war between the male-female or keep on perpetuating the false wounded consciousness that is victim/victimiser.

A subset of this programming is the hero-saviour complex which sees many starseeds be caught in the trap of attempting to feel as if they have to do 'everything' themselves in order to fix; their personal lives, perspectives, the planetary body, other humans. This can have starseeds follow into patterns of forever doing, and not feeling like anything has been achieved. It is important that we observe this pattern, as it is effectively an energetic drain which is a consciousness vampire that has been set in those reversal energies. We want to see this for what it truly is: a reversal pattern that is being sent to humans so that they perpetuate the separated state of wounded female and wounded male, who cannot understand each other.

Another subset of this victim-victimiser reversal patterning is the spiritual enlightenment program. This has been set as a false program in the planetary body, through the false ascension matrices in the 7th dimension of the planetary body, and has kept starseed individuals inside of programmed belief systems about what it means to become spiritual enlightened and at one with god this lifetime. This is also a trap system for michael consciousness, and can have some individuals be caught in the perpetual doubt that god source is actually real or viable, and has set conditions around 'what it is to be at one with god'. Many trickster spirits will attempt to hijack the starseed lightbody and insert programs of doubt, and fear, which purport the feelings of starseed not doing enough to be enlightened - or that to be ascended means certain conditions must be met. One of the most insidious inserts is to have a starseed feel as if they have to let the body go in order to be at onement with source. This can be the remnants of previous life experiences being used as a holding pattern - where the body had to be dropped to 'ascend', leaving the distorted elements on earth. The integration of all spiritual aspects is the revealing, forging and expression of the true christ identity, which cannot be defined and is an aligned amalgamation with christ-god-source. The in-sension of these spiritual energies when mixed with the biology produces a life experience which is more calm, and can be palpably different to the experiences of the negative ego running the body-mind. We are ascending inside the physical body this lifetime, and it is important to know - we need our bodies!

Anything which keeps our mind too busy, overactive and feeling lesser than or greater than is a negative ego program which expends energy on the 'doing' and also serves as a distraction away from the current life experience, which holds gems of awareness in many flavours. It is in the acceptance of the current awareness, and all understandings as they are taken into consideration that allows for the energetic synthesis of the energies into a unified field of perfected patterning. Yet, in the reversal architectures that we have been witnessing to require the release from - these keep us locked in a mental prison, almost of our own making.

Those with Michael consciousness connections may feel a heightened sensitivity to these patterns, and have come to earth to know of these negative programs in order to reconcile and remove the energy reversals from the lightbody and the planet's body. This changes the life experience here as the connections to true holy father benevolent King is felt in the heart, mind and soul.

Michael family as wounded abused consciousness

Starseeds (male and female) who have Michael consciousness as part of their lineage, are used as targets in order to stop them from embodying (or knowing themselves as the true embodiments of) different harmonic layers of the true Mother-Father, or male-female balance in the lightbody and physical expressions through behavioural traits. This reason for this is because the Michael consciousnesses in various expressions (through the multi-dimensional/parallel lives/expressions) is still held in pockets of time and space where god-source has been inaccessible to those expressions. When we are embodying the christ energies of source, and integrating within ourselves we can move through space and time and into those stuck pockets of energy in order to witness, face and release back into ourselves those stations of energy that have been trapped, abandoned and abused.

When interacting with stuck wounded Michael consciousness 'he' is wounded, does not recognise the true Mother Arc frequency (divine solar feminine) as readily or easily, and may also be suspicious of the divine feminine woman in her true expression of holy mother energies. On the face of earth this is also true for men who are divine masculine expressions and when they encounter a female embodiment of solar christ holy mother energies, it is hard for them to know or trust this energy, because they first have to heal those wounded parts which know the female as either a sex object, or a fierce manipulator or controlling force in some guises. Potentially, this is due to men being raised in environments where the dark mother/false lunar mother energies have been the primary expression of women in their lives. This has been hard to navigate and come out from the underneath the heavy understandings that this expression of female consciousness is a direct reversal of god source. Woman have been forced into using these reversal (dark mother/lunar force) expressions and as a result have felt abandoned by the male energy (which has also been experiencing wounding of trying to figure out the female energies, and to trust them with open hearts).

Men have been inadvertantly feeling abandoned by the true mother energies, and thus, have to come to learn and understand how this might look in a female on earth who has embodied these qualities. There is a process of rehabilitation and correction that must take place, in a gentle, consistently revealing manner. If a man has access to a true christ female principle, there will be a recognition inside him of this essemce, yet, the recovery of the dark mother or lunar force energies must be healed within him in order to come to know the truth inside of his own heart, and the understanding of healing, building trust and transparency; and revealing himself fully and totally in the love of source. For women, the same is also true.

Guardian mentorship through sessionwork, reading the human lightbody reveals that men on earth today more readily recognise false or dark mother/lunar energies as the female principle - because this is also the distorted female/mother energy which has been subjected upon the face of earth and is an expression of the way females behave on this planet, as (wounded) females who lie, cheat, manipulate and attempt to control men to have their needs met (finding love based in non-equality). The power-play which has is hidden within through sexual interactions is one of the harshest division and destructive forces that have been placed upon the humans of this earth. This perpetuates a cycle of not being able to get out of the reversals as easily, and must be gently understood in order to heal both principles on the internal unioning of masculine-feminine expressions. This further plays into the separation of masculine and feminine through sexual misery, which is a large issue on earth. The healing cycles we each undertake are healing us from all levels of masculine-feminine separation and sexual misery programs. The sexual energy of the human has been distorted in order to keep men and women in stages of misery around sexual interaction.

The Restoration of Rod and Staff, Divine Union

In order to re-unite with holy father, we first must know who our mother is. Many men and women have been denied that experience, and can intend to connect with the holy mother frequencies in order to support the healing within.

The reflections of life path choices, behaviours and thought patterns reveals to us in divine right timing, that which we held onto as a belief about male-females on this earth. As we each courageously take steps in trying to understand where we have been hurt, wounded, or held 'inner stories that contain untruths/lies' we can drop the masks of separation from our internal landscape of male-female, and we can learn how to keep our heart open in every moment in order to be the loving, safe space for each other as we heal the gender schisms that all of us have had to live, endure and change; through the desire to express the knowing of heart based, loving, transparency.

Keep the heart open; unconditionally

As the planet shifts through rod and staff building phases this next onwards cycle, we are reminded to keep our hearts open to each other. Moving through the cycles of allowing the false king energies to be witnessed inside of yourself, changes the landscape and the energetic expression that you allow to come through you as an ascending human on earth. Be gentle and loving and kind to yourself and others. Keeping an open heart, forgiving the self and others assists each of us in the reveal of re-inviting the healing of the masculine principle inside ourselves, and reflected back to us from the male bodied masculines in our lives.

In cosmic service,

Mhairi & Sequoia


The Emerald Order is a stream of god worlds unified field galactic consciousness existing in atonement with source. This is true despite that the representatives exist in multiple stations of identity and within distinct body-intelligences in given time periods. Many individuals on the planet are aided by the councils of higher identity to serve as representatives of the Law of One. This is an embodiment process, and cannot be created through will or desire.

Among the groups of starseeds, indigos, oraphim few have regenerated an ability to review and translate the energy-information this group consciousness directly communicates to us sometimes on the planetary level and sometimes as a smaller group field or as an individual. I have had numerous encounters with this collective and so represent the consciousness of the Emerald Order and Greater Guardian Consciousness Fields of the Avatar and beyond.

This can be viewed through the lens of the ego-mind as a specialized relationship but it is no different than stating that we are all embodiments of higher consciousness and some have integrated this and become more at one with the streams of unity consciousness than others. This is not a one time event nor is a complete translation; it is a rebuilding of light fiber connections and a streaming of consciousness that systemically effects the mirroring, lens systems, energy-architecture, patterns, and identity of the personality which lifts it gradually into co-resonance with higher order of structure patterning and functioning.

Many members of the higher light councils including those of the Emerald Order have had parts of themselves stolen, cloned, and machined. The hijacked pieces and parts have resonance to alternate timelines, reality fields, and consciousness that are not a representation of Law of One principles. This theft has included memories and portions of texts from sacred manuals including morphogenetic ascension sciences. It was explained to me that knowledge when divorced from heart misleads and can easily be usurped by controlling forces. This has occurred throughout the entire spectrum of Ascension teachings. The most prominent example to my me is through the example of the fallen Melchizedek group who disseminated information of a highly technical nature which was dependent upon an intermediary to God and whose emphasis was upon higher frequency energy without adequate grounding emotional heart based development or integration. This is not an authentic Emerald Order or Krystal Star Guardian sponsored transmission stream.

Understand that negative forces constantly work to underride or subvert Emerald Order transmissions and awake representatives. We all must continue to work together to remain open, our authority aligned to our inner God Spirit and increasingly free from mental body orientation and dependency upon words, concepts, techniques, and illusions of spirituality.

Those who step up to speak must continue to question where their authority is being sourced from, and to continue on the process of removing self serving agendas and hierarchical viewpoints which do not serve the unity field.

Understanding this is no more than a reiteration that no matter who is speaking or how intelligent they appear you cannot know what they are sourcing even if they believe or convey that they know absolutely. We all must source our highest expression which is not knowledge, it is a timeless truth existing in the neutral field within the monastery of the heart where God is directly experienced.

If a teaching brings you further into your heart then that is a good result but it may not be a Christiac teaching. Your own heart has the capacity to override negative ego or false light thus we follow others until such time as we learn to embody living faith and direct communion with the forces and sources of Divinity. It is learning to trust your inner God spirit alone that will bring empowerment. All voices from the outside can, at best, serve as clear light channels to mirror the open heart of the universe to lead you to your own heart giving you the power never giving knowledge power over the heart or dividing your own relationship to yourself.

Individuals whom have assumed a representative role should become less and less self-important, less adherent to stories of grandeur because those who are on the path of the heart Know that we are all One and so stories are relevant only to the extent that they empower others toward self-liberation, healing, and wholeness.

The holographic fields are re-opening and memory is returning at a rate which is graced, guarded, and guided by your own higher consciousness in conjunction with embodiments of the One lineage of Christ-Sophia we are. There is a patience that exists that many of us have opted to disregard believing that we need to do more or be more. Nothing could be further from the truth, any action that takes you outside of self-acceptance is an action of energy-attention that exists as a rejection of your inner God Spirit.

I am here now with my aeonic partner to share our individual journeys in all ways that are appropriate to help others. Between us we have worked as energy healers for over twenty years and completed several hundreds of advanced Hieros Gamos healing sessions. We host meditations weekly and have an extensive history in meditation extending beyond twenty years. This information is not meant to wow anyone it is meant to state very clearly that this is a continual process of clearing, reorienting, refining, and expanding. We approach each day with the beginner's mind because this mind is an outer representation of the inner heart. We exists in the same place of Now, oriented only to the heart sharing whatever comes through when it does. We require nothing more and desire nothing more than this perfect place, time, and space of heart-mind.


Meditation is the principle of gaining control and focus over the thought sequences in the mind. As the mind is in receipt of multiple false thoughts from planetary grid control mechanisms, EMF frequencies, radio waves, and technology to control the human body and mind; one can learn to free the consciousness from the negative ego construct which has been installed into the human lightbody in the personality layers.

Meditation supports a person to create and experience the observer consciousness, to allow an understanding of the internal landscape and inner principle of the contents of the heart. He who controls the mind, and soul controls the human body. In the gaining of a sovereign body and vessel, to reclaim and build and embody the soul matrix, a person can learn to meditate to understand consciousness of humanity is based solely in a loving expression, removed of all suffering and controlling pillars of society. Obtaining consciousness freedom is possible on the ascension path, to step by step feel and embody the love of god (not the god of religion or teachings of christ as a single man who came to earth) as a person can embody into their heart awakening phases, and through the emotional healing of sexual centres, mental body layers and heart resonances along the way. Spiritual lessons and consciousness expansion go hand in hand with dealing in real life emotional experiences, to open one's heart out from the deception which has been placed upon humanity.

Participation in Meditative group space with us:

We have found that personal meditative practise is an effective tool for self healing, realisation and connection to inner source. We present meditative space held with the intention of upholding, sharing and utilising living light intelligence spiritual knowledge, and deeply supportive healing space.

If you decide to participate in meditative space with us, please know that this may contain elements of the following self-empowerment practises:

  • Creating an Energetic Container as a safe space to do energy work
  • Understanding Energetic Self-Mastery to Self-Sovereignty
  • Multi-dimensional holographic lightbody architecture support
  • Clearing/Healing energies from multidimensional lightbody and integrating energy returns
  • Evicting lower forms of energy (spiritual attachments, inorganic energies, blocks, emotional goo, psychic attack, demons, et beings, etc) from the lightbody multi-dimensional architecture
  • Removal of inorganic architecture which stems the livinglight flow
  • Cultivating higher heart based loving-living-light connection with source
  • The reclamation of soul fragments and spiritual body parts which have been held in reversal systems and in planetary ley lines and black magic grids
  • Personal and Planetary Emancipation Gridwork
  • The potential to support own embodiment process
  • Dismantling EGO programs through emotional self awareness
  • Aligning to your highest expression at all times

The Cosmic Christ or Christos principles and natural laws of the universe enable a human to directly connect with the godsource inside of their heart principle, and to know and understand what the god source truly is as a benevolent loving creator, as an actual personal relationship which does not require worship, sacrifice or repentance for sins. The natural universal laws are being returned to this earth through the Cosmic Christos representatives from the guardian families of starseeds and indigoes, whom are embodied as wayshowers, working with the non-bodied star families and galactic, cosmic emissaries for the sharing of the freedom of all of humanity to come to know the truth.

The following information has been lovingly copied from under the creative commons license and is the organic natural law of all humans, as a life force love and living light principle upon the earth.

From Lisa Renee,

Law of One Practices Law of One

  1. Unity Consciousness

  2. Love Yourself

  3. Love Others

  4. Love Earth & Nature

  5. Service to Others

  6. Consiousness Expansion

  7. Responsible Co-Creation

When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer (whether they realize it or not). As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self.

The Basic principles of Service to Others include:

• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,

• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,

• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,

• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,

• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for satisfying their materialistic ego needs or satisfying drives of the houses of ego,

• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,

• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth. World Humanism

In the interpretation of the Law of One in Spiritual Ascension context, it is a egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity towards humanitarian goals. Ascension study is made as an evolutionary model for our planet and humanity to achieve spiritual freedom. The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study and reflection made upon the personal commitment to expand one's consciousness and benevolence towards life. As we expand our consciousness we shift perspective to feel our interconnection with all Life and become orientated to be of service (Service to Others) thus, reflecting inner truth. When we experience this all encompassing spiritual-energetic connection, we inherently desire to practice human kindness and seek to collaborate with developing higher structures that place value on human beings, a value system of a World Humanism. Human Rights

Human Rights are moral principles that describe certain standard of human behavior, they are the same in God's natural laws, the Law of One:

  1. I have the right to take care of myself, and protect myself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

  2. I have the right to set my own priorities and choose the manner I express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.

  3. I have the right to express feelings, opinions, and desires.

  4. I have the right to be treated respectfully.

  5. I have the right to create my own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.

  6. I have the right to be GSF and be given the power to be in charge of directing my energies and life force.Practice One - Unity Consciousness

PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God. Practice Two - Love Yourself

PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love. As a manifestation of God’s eternal spirit of Love, one has the ability to choose to create personal freedom without harming others. Have courage to remove the obstacles of pain and fear to become embodied Love, as God’s spirit is always found within. Practice Three- Love Others

PRACTICE THREE: LOVE OTHERS – As you learn to love yourself, love others. Acknowledge the precious life force in others by holding love, reverence and respect for others. Loving others as you love yourself, is the natural state of Self Sovereignty as you give others the same reverence for their life, as you give your own life. Through practicing self-love and loving others, no approval, worth or esteem issues come into question, as all is loved equally. Practice Four - Love Earth and Nature

PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings. Acknowledge the precious life force present in all of God’s creation, by holding reverence and respect for nature. Doing so restores balance and harmony to nature, and the intelligent energy of all of earth’s creations will respond to cooperate with humankind. Humans living in discord with nature create many events that are considered to be “at the mercy of” the untamed forces. As humans learn to live in harmony with earth and the nature kingdom, the natural creatures will align to be in harmony and cooperation with all inhabitants. Practice Five - Service to Others

PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of Service to Others does not include consumptive modeling, such as Victim-Victimizer, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to God's plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force. Practice Six -Consciousness Expansion

PRACTICE SIX: CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION – Learn to develop inner Clarity and spiritual integrity by intending to develop personal Consciousness and/or spiritual identity. To embody one’s spiritual identity, one’s mind must be initiated and disciplined. If the ego is in authority of the body it will repel the spiritual identity from Embodiment. If the mental body creates obstacles to the spiritual identity, the spiritual identity, therefore the consciousness, will not be experienced. The first step to consciousness expansion is becoming aware of Mind Control and the quality content of thoughts and belief systems. The second step is to cooperate with the process of mental and physical discomfort by having patience and waiting in the void of silence. Learn to quiet the mind, sublimate the Ego Mind and be still. Once stillness, mental discipline and ego sublimation has been achieved, listen to your inner spirit to receive guidance. Inner Guidance will always lead to the process of re-education to experience continual consciousness expansion free of fear and dogma. The Inner Christos always guides one towards choosing more love and peace via consciousness expansion of the spiritual identity. Practice Seven - Responsible Co-creation

PRACTICE SEVEN: RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION – As one becomes more infused with the eternal love of the spiritual identity, the intelligent Blueprint activates the divine purpose of being as a co-creator with God. The spiritual identity and the intelligent blueprint of divine purpose are one and the same. Clarity of purpose and direction becomes clearer and clearer as one commits to live in service to the principles of All-ONE or Christ spirit. Knowing and Living our purpose brings joy, peace and fulfillment, even when facing adversity or challenges. Once we achieve “Direct Knowing”, we are responsible for that knowing, and practice responsible co-creation with the All-One. A responsible co-creator knows all manifestations are in partnership with the All-One. We do not possess or control anything, so needs, desires and superimposing will, should be avoided. We are stewards of God Spirit to Serve Others in responsible co-creation with All-One. From this knowing, and living this principle, we are eternally free of karmic exchanges. Spiritual Principles to Remember

The above information has been lovingly copied from under the creative commons license and is the organic natural law of all humans, as a life force love and living light principle upon the earth.

From Lisa Renee,


Timeline history - Pain Body Processing, Releasing and Peacefinding
During the ascension cycle, we move through various positions in the time field within our lives, as walking, breathing and being in our current life expression. Our diamond sun template, or 12 tree grid architecture as it builds frequencies on the ascending scales of harmonics - allows us access to different time space co-ordinates, and essentially, moves our consciousness into spaces to allow us to collect our spiritual body parts, essence and energy unit and memory retrieval. This is what is known or termed as multi-dimensionality. We have had multiple lifetime experiences, and we are connected to all of them. On the lightbody, the architecture which describes a life experience, would be referred to as a timeline. Therefore, when we are on the ascending path, we open up into different memories, realities and timelines; many of which are not found in the earth history teaching books.

Return to Rightful Owner-Soul/Consciousness Retrieval
The recovery of our own memories and energy quanta is a natural function of our lightbody, which is also referred to as the 'return to rightful owner' meaning, that the christ consciousness within your own lightbody template, magnetise their own units back to the current body expression. This is a part of starseed christ (consciousness) reclaimation on earth, yet may look like periods of sadness, emotional processing and the body feeling out of balance through pain or symptoms as the energies shift.

In other teachings, this may be likened to the shamanic practise of soul retrieval, yet; through the diamond sun template of the tree of life we ALL have this ability as a natural function. When this is occurring, we are able to feel, sense, understand and process emotional contexts from other past/present/future life stations of identity. This can appear in day to day life as emotional triggers or pressures in everyday situations, or it can appear as a form of pain/grieving or body sense of something that is entirely not coming from your current life experience. As part of the ability to raise our consciousness, we have to understand that the pain from the other life timelines still exists as an energy substance, in time and space, and is, still connected to your energy field.

When we are able to connect with our own 'other lives' or parallel stations of identity through meditation, to the 12 tree grid or diamond sun template, we may be able to hold a gentle focus space where we are given the opportunity to 'view the movie of' the other lifetime. It is important to not enter into the experience, but to remain as a detached observer of the movie, if it is shown. In this space, the heart of your being takes over and allows for all pain and suffering to be released through the act of witnessing. We cannot hold judgement in this space, regardless of how terrible the life-pain experiences may have been. It is through the eyes of god, in the heart space of entirely clear and pure, compassionate witnessing of a neutral observer that we are able to collapse the lifetime-identity and return to ourselves, the energy quanta of that pain or lifetime and spiritual essences that have been stuck in time and space.

Polarity Integration, across time, Galactic Human History
When working with hundreds of individuals over the years, and reading the lightbody and energy quanta - it is clear that current life pain and experiences - generally speaking, have their root causation point from another point in the time fields; or, another life experience. Many life patterns that we experience here as a physical manifestation of an issue actually started in another life, but this current life has bleed throughs or instances of where we can access the pain memory to collapse that energy which still exists, and transmute and remove the pain from impacting this here and now moment.

Due to the fact that this current human body we reside in, is the one which has applied to love and have the 'ascending' experience, it means that through this current body, we do ALL of the returning, all of the perceiving and all of the intention to become free from pain and suffering, to return our current body state into a love-finder, in the heart of god. This takes time, and through the intended practise of gently revealing to yourself in meditation space, or centring the self in love, of returning to yourself your own energy which may have become stuck, unloved or wounded in previous times or life experiences throughout existence. As a god being, you have the right to command your energy be returned to you - from any space-time location, and your intention makes it so.

There have been many earth histories which are not recorded in historical books. There are many off planet lifetimes we may have also participated in, and again, not much knowledge exists or is available around these occurrences. The human lightbody contains all of this knowledge, and in our natural ascension paths, we will access each timeline for recovery when the time is divinely orchestrated by our highest expression; our avatar god self. The planetary and galactic fields, also contain the architecture which can be read, and shows histories of human lifetimes in other timecycles.

We may be processing lifetimes of isolation, separation and pain from our loved ones. We may be processing lifetimes of where we didn't have choices and were forced into situations that meant we became disconnected from god source. This may be further amplified in the lifetime current lifetime, and also show up as gender separation - in this life, or in the other lifetimes. This might come as intense body overwhelm, unknown feelings of despair, or something which feels like a dark force attack- meaning the body is overwhelmed and anxiety may set in. This is always an ongoing function and process of our lightbodies, and we have to know that this is part of the plan here. It is not easy, it is not an easy task, but when we know that this is what might be going on we can take steps to ensure our comfort and movement through the processing of these spaces and places is met with security, comfort and inner peace, as much as we can.

Wing Building 6d Michael-Masculine, 7d Mary-Feminine Planetary & Personal Activations
As the planet is creating movement in the planetary fields of 6d-7d, Masculine-Feminine gender principles (merkabic functions) there have been ongoing field shifts and changes and we each have access to yet further timelines that may have impacted us. Also, this is rising up to the surface yet more masculine-feminine gender patterns which have been programmed into the planetary body by ways of keeping men and women non-unified with each other. We may encounter thoughts and hurts, reactions and behavioural situations whereby we are being asked by our higher selves to really dig into the reasons why we hold on to certain thought forms, if there is a battle of the sexes right now - what can you learn from it? Where are you willing to see the truth? How can you observe your own reactions, and take steps to see the opposite sex as equal to yourself? What would it take to allow you to come into loving balance, on the inner masculine-feminine as it is mirrored to you from the external relationships and encounters in day to day life? What is showing up right now?

Embodiment of Codes from other timelines/life experiences
Whilst we are traversing these energies and other life-timelines, we may also have to reclaim-retrieve memories from those other lives, and any lightbody codes that have remained stuck in the other life time-space location. During these phases of recovery, there can be heightened negative external forces that attempt to thwart the embodiment of the energies; required in the here and now current body. Once the energies are returned to your person and body in an embodiment of literal energy absorption and merges via your own diamond sun template, then the interfering energies can no longer attempt to stop the process. Once it is in the body, it is in the body safe and sound. At times on the ascension process, this may be felt as heightened anxiety, unusual body symptoms and if you are aware that negative entities and forces use manipulation tactics to keep you off guard; this will be helpful to you, in order to choose who to interact with, and the way in which your best neutral will keep you calm and still. These energies push internal pain buttons intended to keep you spinning out on a loop. Connection to source, stillness and breathing to come back to centre with regularity is recommended. Noting your sensations, emotions and thought patterns during these phases is helpful in the movement towards freeing yourself from being in a spin.

Preventing Fear from Running the Mind and Body Overwhelm

Whilst we are 'processing' the memories of these past lifetimes or timelines, the mental body is likely to become bombarded with negative thought sequences, which heighten the pain felt in the day to day experience. Starseeds on this path for a while now, will know what this looks like and be relatively accustomed to the feelings, and their movements out of the body and mind. It is important that we allow any and all thoughts to pass through our minds, and to not 'latch' onto any negative thoughts that we already hold within ourselves, as this is where the amplified thoughts of a negative basis can begin to cause an overwhelm, mentally, emotionally and physically. This can cause panic attacks, sleeplessness and general body pain and anxiety within the physical experience.

During stages of this, when we are able to identify that the thought or 'feeling' that we are being presented with in the moment is not actually stemming from our current life experience, we can choose to allow it to be released from the body. Ensuring places of comfort, blankets, something gentle and reassuring in the day to day moments in order to anchor us into a space of safety and security. The physical body is the most complex organism, able to feel and sense multiple dimensions of existence simultaneously, and in cases of processing the emotional content or feeling-senses we may have to take some retreat time in order to self-love, care and allow the phases to pass. And to know that they WILL pass. Partly, it is the negative ego pain body based in the 2nd dimensional area of the lightbody (sacral centre) which needs much care to allow the energies to move on the way out.

Emotional hidden wounds

Partly, the pain that is caused and uprising in the body-mind is the transmutation of energies that arise from the hidden and dark spaces of our negative ego, or shadow body. This is a place where fears and darkness reside, and the negative ego thoughtforms that would keep us embued within them. We may have multiple wounds in the current life that have remained hidden, or placed to the side because they were simply too difficult for us to deal with. Many employ coping mechanisms which make the ability of the external experience to remain stable, be a way of life. Yet, when we know that we have inner wounding and are able to assess this without judgement, of ourselves and others; we can take steps to gently understand and directly face up to what has caused the pain.

An example of this is being bullied in the workplace. Or being on the receiving end of behaviour that our soul knows we cannot tolerate any longer, but yet we find ways of believing that we must sustain levels of bad examples of behaviour from others, which are potentially damaging to the heart-soul connection. We can only tolerate so much, until we are able to stand up or face up to the reality of being pushed into situations or being harassed which makes us change our viewpoint. Until that moment comes, we are likely to feel shame that this is occurring and allow ourselves to take the blame, rather than call out the actual problem, bringing it to the surface to shed light onto the non-positive behaviour.

Sourcing the root causation of any painful wound may be available within meditation space. Asking one's avatar god self to support the tracing of the current pattern to be witnessed, and observed whilst allowing all and any thoughts to come and go from the mind space. If it is in alignment to know of any information, in your inner landscape of space; it will be revealed in the right moment, through your trusted connection with god source avatar self. It is not your place to push into issues where they are not actually arising in that moment - the use of any force is not advised in these instances.

Allowing the body-mind-heart to retain a relaxed position is always advisable. Journaling thoughts, feelings, and circumstances may assist you in the releasing of any emotional pain that requires to surface, perhaps without discussion or interaction. Ensuring the body is allowed to release energy through the voice, or movement, or intentional releasing from the limbs by shaking, or through the breath intentionally can help to move into a place of calm. When body feels safe, mind tends to follow, but it can be a methodical process in order to retain balance.

On this path of christ consciousness reclamation,
May the Aurora Rainbow nourish, replenish and soothe in all ways!

Solar Michael-Mary Heart Twinning, Building Wings

In recent months, the planetary body has been shifting to bring online the gender principle fins of Mer-Ka-Ba merge of the lightbody wings, or the 6d masculine/Michael (3rd layer of the soul matrix triad) and the 7d feminine/Mary (1st layer of the monadic oversoul matrix triad).

During the July-August window, many guardian teams were involved in rescuing trapped Michael/Seraphim Gold, Blue or Magenta Founder Ray genetics from various locations in the time matrix, where the energy had been held in spiritual bondage. In the time window of leading up to October 2017, Mary consciousness had been released/recovered and meant that many people whom this energy belonged to - could receive it back through guardian safe zones and the return to rightful owner command that can be used in meditation space. This would incur a natural organic embodiment of the Mary or Meritaton archetypal female or mother energies. Guardian teams have referred to the Meri-Mary energy as the feminine solar principle, part of the christ family lineage.

6D-7D Heart Twinning Activations, Violet Ray Holders

The Michael-Mary heart twinning process is an activation that is supported through the paliadorian covenant, or god worlds activations that are being received by christ families since the Ophiuchus galactic zodiac transition in December 2017. These are ongoing phases of planetary activations which allow the planetary lightbody merkabah shield of gender principle merge to come online. To fortify the possibility of this for humans many steps and stages as we, as a family group consciousness work to heal ourselves and the path to find deeper layers of love for ourselves.  The activation allows the rod function to come online within the lightbody, essentially the gender principle merging of male-female in perfected states of balance. The Feminine staff runs on the vertical and the masculine rod intersects and allows for rod and staff in action, holding balance of sacred marriage within. The 6D brain pineal centres of the soul matrix, can unite with the 7D crown centres which is similar to saying the soul triad of 4-5-6D merge in a triad to the 7D first layer of the monad.  As this occurs, it results in merkabic function or lightbody 'wings' returning to allow further consciousness movement through time and space.

Many starseeds may be processing galactic timeline memories of the 'wings' trauma, which include separation from divine counterpart, or masculine-feminine gender splitting painful off planet histories, including Aldebarran, which seems to be the source of multiple timelines of sexual misery and where 'Michael' consciousness were abused, and traumatised and used as sexual pets by negative alien forces.

In order to reach this stage of heart-twinning, there must have been a dedicated effort to clear the pain of the inner masculine and feminine within, which ideally means looking at patterns and triggers that cause you pain when relating to the opposite gender. The goal is to re-unite the masculine and feminine within, so that there is no difference or inequality that is felt in relation to others. To support the uncovering of these patterns and triggers it is suggested to know yourself deeper, and to list your own triggers in relation to the opposite sex. Remembering that both sexes have received levels of insidious reversal programming on planet earth, recall yourself as a divine expression of the body you are in. Attempting to exhibit the best of who you are, in the heart space.

When this activation is occurring there are extremely heightened dark force aggressions sent to stop this from being embodied and actualised within spiritual couples on earth. Dark forces would much rather that the couple break up and not continue their ascension path. Despite the dark force attempts, christ families have been successful in the building and embodiment of the rod and staff in the 6d-7d michael-mary heart twinning. This holds fortitude for the planetary body and ensures that this potential stays available for humans on the ascension path. Many celebrations for our christ families returning the hearts and wings of the lightbody.

For spiritual couples it is imperative to remain centred in the core of the heart. Many times, dark forces will attack the very weakness and unhealed pain that you are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously; and it is through attacking forces that the pain body will be manipulated. Spiritual couples must ensure that all transparency is maintained, and must do their emotional healing together. Be fearless and speak truthfully to each other without taking anything personally.  Share every thing that you feel you can, and open yourself up to the heartspace you share. This alone will support you to negate some of the affects of the transitions. Anything which is hidden must have a light shone upon it. The only way to effectively have ultimate transparency and heal all aspects of self, individually and together is to ensure that hidden parts can not be used against you. Nothing remains in the shadow, and all is brought up for each partner to hold the other in the loving movement they share. Every single thing that you hold in your energy is a part of the relationship, with your partner. This means everything that you do affects the other, and you are learning to unify your energy so that there are no weaknesses in your relationship container. Sustainability of your eternal loving relationship is a living possibility, and a gift from the holiest corners of the god head.

Masculine Healing, Further Rod Functions

As a result of this there have been greater abilities to heal the masculine principle, as the christ-michael consciousness is released from spiritual bondage, it allows the embodiment and is the supportive override to the reversal masculine programs that have been so inherently running on the planet and in humans. Starseed men on the ascending path may find that there is a great processing through heightened mental body overload at times, which is almost like an attacking force. For men, it is imperative to understand that all false ego programs can drop from the mind-body connections when you focus on knowing where your weaknesses are. It is time to drop false identities, or who you thought you were; for exchange of who you actually are. It is time to listen to the voice of your heart, and let that be the strong inner guidance.

Ancestral healing is heightened with the influx of further father Emerald Ray and may mean that you are able to clear a lot of old inherited 'father' patterns. This extends to behaviours, impacts of the father in life (negative effects or positive effects) and the healing of body or disease patterns that would have been a part of the Father line. Through meditation, and intention, ask your avatar to guide you in the support of the father line, and know in that space it shall be revealed what is required. Through the intention to resolve all with the Father, your personal Father, and the holy father you will receive a greater awareness of the divine masculine on the inner and outer expression.

Starseeds who are clearing the genetic line of the family of origin, may note physical symptoms relating to father healing, or father ailments through stages of releasing the impact from the bloodline at this time. Be still, patient and go within. Holy Mother Aqua Ray, Holy Father Magenta-Emerald Ray will support the healing process.

Timeline Access

With the rod function coming more online in the planetary body, it means that we are able to access further stations of identity and we can then collapse timelines (alternate stations of identity or past, present/future lives) to return to us, our own consciousness units. It also means that you may have experienced shifts in the way in which you are accessing time, or that you have been 'moved' in your station of awareness. As guardians continue to clear timelines from the past, and work to heal the golden eagle grid there is further corrected access into egyptian timelines, and yeshua/Jesus christ mission timelines - part of the previous paliadorian missions. These are ongoing and as part of the progression on the path, your own inner christ will guide you in meditation for recovery of parts from these timelines.

In Cosmic Christos,


The planetary lightbody is made up from several interlocking intelligence grids, which are purposed to run the the lifeforce of living light cosmic frequencies for sustainance of lifeforms. These may be referred to as ley lines, power spots, vortices and stargates and of course, sacred sites such as stone circles and temples. The planetary body has been hijacked by negative alien intruders for many millions of years, which have terraformed the planet body, and reversed the organic creator code in the ley lines and power vortices to take the resource of our planet and humans for their own purposes.

Much of this has remained hidden to humanity, and so the guardian races cosmic christ families of the krystal star regained planetary hosting from early 2013, from Melchizedek hosting was retired; as part of returning the universal laws of the creator forces back into this planet. As the alignment of the cores of several universes; through the Milky way and into Andromeda opened up more readily in 2012, this allowed a time when the solar system gates, the universal gate level of access was able to begin to restore the natural alignments. These repairs and alignments continue on our planet today, as a very long term mission to remove the negative architecture from using the ley lines and vortices which have directed human energies off planet and stopped humanity from knowing or feeling their own one source god source connection.

Christos gridworkers know that this planetary body has been defaced to extreme degrees, and have returned at the end of the ascension cycle to restore natural order and to repair the planetary architecture. To fulfil the Paliadorian covenant, the RA confederacy teams are supporting the mass transiting of human souls, body parts and demonic gestalts out of the planetary ley lines, returning the connections to the diamond heart flowering networks upon the earth. Many intruder forces of satanic and luciferians have used the reversed architecture as their food supply to keep humanity locked in a prison. The bi-wave installations of polarity and consumptive modelling is sequentially and methodically being replaced with the original diamond sun blueprint of the earth. The restoration of the tri-wave eternal feedback flow of life energy from our Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Christos Child, as the Cosmic Trinity reclaims its creations in this density. As our planet undergoes these long term repairs and shifts, humanity is awakening to see the reality has truly been rigged here for death culture and the anti-christ agenda can no longer be tolerated.

Guardian forces from Omniversal and godworlds including Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils, Paliadorian King Dragon Lineages and many Krystal Star teams are enacting out God's plan for the earth. Intruders and anti-christ forces are being evicted, and removed from their access that once provided their food source. Universal Laws are being woven back into this reality, for all humans to come to know god source as one source benevolent creator. False Alien Gods can no longer stay in this realm. Humanity is being freed to knowing the truth of this reality.

Many Imposter forces try to pretend to be krystal star guardians, whom are controlled by negative alien factions to entice awakening starseeds. These beings act out a glamorisation mind control program filled with 'spiritual glamour' 'spiritual bravado' and much hero-saviorism to force and intensify the mission failure thoughtforms into action. Starseeds whom are naturally here to gridwork will be led through a natural progression if 12d shielding, and will have to work very hard at finding emotional and spiritual maturity before being able to access the planetary grids effortlessly and without the use of force. Before embarking on any gridworking for the planet, ask yourself if you are able to determine manipluation from a dark force intelligence, or imposter (masquerades as the christos family, or of the light) guiding you. The Thothian influences permeate the ego structure and send starseeds out on 'brave, warrior, urgent (you are the only one who can save the planet, you MUST take action now' and continue to feed starseeds with false luciferian light holograms to make them feel special and important.

A starseed with an open heart, and no expectation but to live by the golden rules of love will work in service to humanity and the planet, after going through life lessons and trustworthy initiations will blossom into divine service at the will of god. Egotistical ideas are necessary to remove from the personality matrix, to continue to build the spiritual bodies back into wholeness. This means working on trigger points, wounds and blindspots until no button can be pushed to take the starseed out of balance. The gentle and natural forces of lightbody activation, along with a dedicated spiritual practise to know god and the absolute truth, through stages of learning will be supportive for the unfoldment of the heart-based inner gnostic path of service.

In cosmic service,

Mhairi & Sequoia




Dear family,
increasingly when we have been used to working with 'spirit' guides, or energies which represent themselves as forces of the light, we may come to a point of understanding that not all is what it seems, and some of the forces we have been taught that are light spirits, are not that.

Many involved in methods of healing, spiritual healings, or new age systems are being taught to call entities into their bodies in order to 'merge' or invite in the power of that entity; being, angel, archangel, ascended master, cosmic healing team, or some other label that has a 'powerful' name, or just a plain old guide who is a discarnate soul. Usually, this is a misplaced understanding and disbelief that we have the power within ourselves, and just because something is from an offplanet name or angel or amazing healing modality; often we don't believe or fully know that we actually have more heart based intelligence than some of these energies. Many times people will say 'but I am led by spirit. Spirit told me what to do.' Sometimes the 'spirit' is a presence with an agenda that we are unable to determine. Generally speaking, humans are of the understanding that beings without bodies must know more, because they are 'spirit'. This, is not the case. We are just waking up to remember who WE are.....

Here in OmniLov3 we are learning what it is to be sovereign and in full control of our own energy, in this here and now moment. Part of that is learning the hard understanding and sometimes bubble bursting of the energies and entities that have masqueraded themselves as healing forces on earth. This means, that under no circumstance is it advisable to allow any other energy into your body or mind. We are tricked because sometimes as an energy connects into our auric field, it provides a feeling of bliss and wonderment. When we are able to identify this as non-positive, it becomes easier to understand the ways in which we can be tricked. It's like being given a bliss pill, and the body feels woozy, drunken and almost like a spiritual 'high', and this can be interpreted as 'god'.

Christ Force Intelligence Krystal Star- Guardian Host, will never attempt to take over your body, or present themselves as anything other that what they are. In order to feel more god source in the body, the clearer we can be in our energy bodies, the easier this task is.

The issue we have is that people are being taught by others to allow or invite an energy or being to enter the body in order to provide healing. This causes auric field weakness, and can cause issues where the infiltrating energy starts to run inside the lightbody. Essentially, gaining access to the energy life force of the body. The energy/entity presents itself as healing or harmless, and is, in fact tricking the person into believing that they need some external or outside help to come to their healing aid. It's a bit like inviting someone into your house that looks and presents with something you might be interested in, but then when they get a foot in the door, they start to attempt to change the decor in your home. However, sometimes this situation also can occur when we have not understood or known what has happened. This can be as simple as attending a spiritual group event and turning up, this is implied consent to gain access to your energy field. As insidious as this is, it does happen.

When we learn the 12D shielding process, we are boundary testing for imposter spirits, and when we realise that we may have worked with other energies over the years then we can take back the authority of our own energy, essentially evicting any residue or connections to these imposter spirits from having a seat inside our spiritual home. We have nothing to fear about this. This shifts our consciousness and awareness into being more centred, and we learn to call back our energies through the OmniLov3 Core Soul Protection Meditation.

There are a million entities out there who masquerade as the light, also the same for the humans who are being led by them and believe them to be entirely positive. In the teachings here, we can segregate 'groups' of consciousness forces into 3 main groupings, satanic, luciferian and christ. The issue we have had on earth is that the satanics and luciferians have been running the show and pretending to be christ forces. This has been the case for a very long time, and it has meant that in each our own personal ascension path we may have to walk through the contact with different imposter spirit forces until we understand what that means. It's a bit like when we can be seen in the field for popping up into higher harmonics, a bunch of entities make contact and provide information or appear friendly and a lot of times, we cannot tell, because they 'feel' a certain way, or we just think its amazing that these beings want to speak to us. Really, they want to keep us off our path and from discovering the christ light is inside our human bodies, and we are here to build that connection on the vertical out into the andromeda alignment, to reconnect ourselves with the godhead.

Building your 12D shield; it really does bring you into commanding your own space and from a space that you have built the intention for - you will find beings cannot enter that space anymore, particularly those whom serve the negative agenda. As starseeds, many of the new age and spiritual teachings out there are actually being hosted by negative aliens and the human front person doesn't know it. It is very painful and insidious to witness but it isn't something that is judged because there is no right or wrong, in the end it's resonant or non resonant with your heart. The shielding, the negative ego tools are going to help you get to deeper levels of your own discernment. Also, there are frequency fences in the planet and personal lightbody, with a mixture of mind control that sounds like our own inner thoughts - these things take time to get out of the lightbody, but all the tools are here within the es foundations site.

If you imagine that you are actually only intending to work with your own personal 12d ray-avatar god self, then you are really making a connection to it with your intention to do so. It might be that you have to ponder on the type of information you are in receipt of - through humans and non humans, in order for you to feel your own resonance with that. Any time we become dependant on a source of guidance from the spiritual realm, that is being fed, sent or attempting to be channeled to us - it is not coming from the cosmic christ teams of krystal star.

In cosmic Service,

Sequoia & Mhairi November 2018 Keynote

Gentle healing without fear

The alien love bite was a term coined by others in the new age, and the guardian host have provided support on the understandings of the relationships which are purposed to capitilise on human wounding, which keeps pain in relationships alive. Some individuals on the ascension path have had to endure these types of connections, not knowing or understanding that there was a different agenda operating underneath the surface of the seemingly 'amazing' connection or relationship-attraction to another person.

As you read this information, we ask you take on board only what is most supportive to you. For those who are in healing phases of these scenarios, being the most gentle with yourself is imperative, and healing can be achieved. Sometimes it takes time to regain trust in the self and the heart, and with god. Healing is possible. Lessons in energetics and finding deep unconditional love is helpful to get through the process of understandings.

Some information here may be challenging, and please know there is no need to fear any of this. It is shared with transparency to support starseeds in protecting their own energies, through the 12D shielding, through the energetic intention and discernment of who you will share your life force with, and when it is not suggested. As the planet undergoes even more levels of 'reversal' dismantling, the architectures which have held these potentials in place is in further stages of releasing. Yet, as individuals we can gain strength through the knowledge and wisdom of the deception and tricks that have been put in place...primarily to stop starseeds from merging the inner masculine-feminine within. All of humanity has an inner male and an inner female principle, as this reflects the actual creator; yet this has been messed with on planet earth so that no one has known the truth.

Sexual Energy Reversals and Distortions

The sexual energy centres of humans has been targeted by negative alien racelines, and has remained hidden in the belly of the beast of the grids of the earth planes. The human lightbody centres in the lower spheres of the diamond sun template and energy body parts of 1D, 2D and 3D and into the 4D heart matrix (astral heart, astral planes, physical heart) are assaulted by spiritual warfare on a daily basis. The technology that is used to ensnare humanity is named sexual misery programming. In the ascension path, learning to regain control over one's actual lifeforce energy is a task which requires gentle healing and understanding, as this hidden technology has been used to siphon lifeforce out from the human body, in "hidden in plain sight" ways.

Guardian Sessionwork, Human Lightbody Impacts and Observations

There is a wider theme witnessed in energywork sessions as the 'lovebite' can have multiple implants/layers in the lightbody that can lay dormant or be active, but are energetically recognised as splitter tech or anti-krystic/nrg grid forms of inserts, that are literal reversals of krystic lightbody parts that support the running of unioning plasma currents and their spiritual body parts.

At this time with guardian support, the 4D heart matrix and planet shifts there is a larger capacity for people to feel that they may have been involved or affected - even if they didn't enter into an actual relationship with a bitten person, or were on the receiving end of unwanted attention. The taking command of our own energies really comes into play when we can see it works in many many ways.

Spiritually Aligned Relationships

For those who are understanding of being aligned to a 'vibrationally matching partner' there can be alchemical union type of relationships that occur as a natural, spontaneous and organic part of the ascension plan on earth. This allows individuals to come into contact with a soul extension or monadic extension and to exchange coding in the communication or connection that is experienced. These relationships can appear out of nowhere and are designed to support each person complete a karmic pattern, or to heal a gender based pattern or to provide a space for unconditional love to show itself between the two.

It is important to not become overly 'hung up' on these types of connections, because only some of them are purposed to become actual partnership romantic relationships. In some cases, we may meet a person who is older or younger and have different life circumstances in which a platonic connection can be made, for a reason, a season or until the connection comes to its natural end.

In no way will these connections test or imply that if you are in a relationship already, these connections will not be a threat to your current relationship. I repeat, no spiritually aligned relationship for intimate love will break up a current relationship. The higher self of each person is the guiding force. The Alien love bite scenarios placed below generally happen in order to keep people in states of thinking that 'the grass is greener' and create the feeling of having to leave a relationship in order to pursue the next instant gratification that is being created by false states of intense connectedness. Please know, that with a fearless and loving heart that all christ energies and human intentions to love each other; is upheld by the guardian host. We are learning that on earth humans have been kept in sexual misery and this includes being broken hearted and not understanding why. When a potential partner comes along, it can feel like god has given you the gift or perfect relationship that you have been longing for. The truth is - this will only happen in divine timing once you have healed yourself in your current relationship, and energetically tied up all loose ends to individuals. The negative alien love bite architecture is highly misunderstood and is the primary causation for the 'twin' flame movement of runners, chasers and general deep misery that is being perpetuated in the new age on earth at this time.

The love bite architecture is in the planetary body, and the 7D ley lines, and the 7D stargates of the earth. With krystal star guardian projects of dismantling reversal architecture, and recovery of consciousness units and dna codes, individuals who have come to heal the energies of these 'separations' from a divine partner, have more support now on earth than before. The Guardian host call the ascension plan the hieros gamos, as each individual person on the ascension path has to heal the inner masculine-feminine energies and merge them into wholeness on the inside, which may then eventually mean a spiritually aligned relationship is assigned. If this is in the god-plan for the person this lifetime.

Characteristics of False Union/False Twin

A false union is often mistaken for a real 'soul' mate, or 'monadic' mate or divine hieros gamos partnership. In guardian hosted energy sessionwork, the inorganic implants which create physical body reactions and over the top feelings of love or electrified intensity between individuals can be seen, read, and removed. Please note all information here is to support starseeds with this and the 12D shielding technique is suggested to keep the inner god source alignment, which means - the heart can always lead the way.

sometimes clones of our holograms can be inserted into other people's bodies etc and are tactic to have the actual potential alchemical/sacred union partner fall in love with a false 'you' - this means that even if you are not in a relationship with someone at this time - your hologram might be out there inserted falsely without your knowledge (and the receiving person also has NO clue)

it thwarts a potential spiritual union because the person you may have been lined up with is bitten and off somewhere else loving the false inserted hologram that was inserted unknowingly into a random non-vibrational partner

Nadial complex siphons, and harnesses to the 'false partner' directly inserted into the nadial - harnessing your nadials together in reversal plasmic implants

Sexual implants and siphons

on meeting the person (or you can be bitten without meeting them!) there can be electrical spiky charge in the body

holographic inserts and visions about your future together
the urge to send all of your energy across the ethers to this person, sexually, through masturbation in the astral realms
sexual urges and intense sexual feelings towards the person
obsessive impulses that this person is 'the one'
intense feelings of trying out sexual experimentations
head squeezing physical sensations of telepathy and other sorts of amazing synchronicities

skin contact may have produced an electrical charge, like being plugged into 1000volts - this is a prickly, exciting, sexually arousing feeling and is set to keep you addicted to the touch mechanism with the person. This energy frequency is a reversal lunar female frequency called the baphomet which is a satanic energy in the 2d layers of the earth body. It is a repository for all human sexual energy siphoning, and creates reversals of the gender centre to keep the male and female internal circuitry needing to 'be fed' from mismanagement and misuse of personal sexual energy.

an attempt to keep loving this person because they might be the 'one' and extreme highs and lows of bliss then utter devastation at their behaviour (consciousness traps on the lightbody and false holographic realities and inserts on the timelines)

usually the root/sexual centres are targeted to incite extreme sexual attraction and in true organic christ spiritual alchemical stages they are generally speaking more heart based and mutually respectful

relationships will have flaws of power imbalances, and may make you feel very unsatisfied with what feels as if it should be the 'ultimate spiritual union'

partners are kept in sexual misery with each other, playing out gender roles and falsities to keep reversal archetypes in place

Partners in these situations are being manipulated by dark forces, usually it is not recognised or understood as it feels so 'good' and almost addictive

partners in these situations may potentially be able to walk this path and learn deep intimate life lessons through the pairing, but if spiritually abusive behaviour continues for a long term and is not recognised between the two as an unhealthy relationship; lightbody damage can occur causing heart and sexual wounds that will have to be carefully dismantled

these are unions of imbalance, power plays and confusing happiness-sadness extremes

individuals may attempt to hang on for dear life, truly believing that god would send a partner to 'save' them, and some starseeds are held in states of misery because they want to 'fix' what seems to be broken, or hold themselves in a state of waiting for the partner to change or love them more

partners will receive astral communication from negative entities which they mistake for the other partner; this keeps an electrical 10:10 and 11:11 false masculine binding in place between the partners, and even if they are not actually suited into being together, the trickery used with the tangible energetic connection is powerful and many cannot see past this, because it feels so 'real' or like something that hasn't been experienced before


Observing human energy fields and understandings that the love bite is to siphon life force energy in an anti-krystic union relationship. It feeds the consumptive model of energetic vampirism and not the open source version as a directly self sustained feedback loop between the partners and god as a holy alliance in trinity. It recycles dark force energy and perpetuates same and does not allow for a source influx or self sustaining lightforce creation in the relationship.

These reversals play on fears of being alone forever, and not finding the one. They can make us wait out forever wishing someone would change and they just do not. The victim victimiser software is used as layers to this and is not good. Then we find the 'one' and it's too painful for words, or the 'one' finds us (is not the 'one' is a bitten person) and continues stalking or crazy based behaviours. In that case, it's a kind of command such as "remove any false hologram of other people's energy from my own field NOW, I do not consent to being inserted with any other person's replica" it's the insert that the bitten person is attracted to, and is cloaking their ability to know the truth. It can feel like 'love', but love is actually only able to felt organically in an open heart - and felt firstly in the heart and not a sexual impulse to the sexual centres. This is part of the deep wounding and insidiousness of keeping male-female loving unions from occurring.

False Identities

In order for humans to continue playing the game of unhappy or unequal unions, our DNA has been stolen and replicated and inserted into false partners, essentially to cloak us from being seen or seeing a potential vibrationally matching partner. When we dedicate our life to God Source, and be loving to ourselves in all ways, we can understand what it is to dismantle sexual misery programming from our lightbodies, minds and hearts. Part of this allows for the correct hierogamic or masculine-feminine energies to become united in the human form. Guardian gridwork shows that human dna has been projected into other humans, and this creates a resonance or 'alien love bite' which hooks two partners together at their sexual organs and nadial heart complexes with black magic architecture.

This creates an energy waveform that remains alive for the amount of time that the couple interact with each other. It should be known, up front and for transparency that alien love bite architecture is set to break apart partnerships, where people are already married; to have the run off and be with their 'twin flame'. A god source created union, alchemical union of organic god-source alignment (as per the Christ Krystal Star Guardian Hosts) will never break up existing relationships unless each partner has already disconnected from each other energetically as part of a natural break in the connection. Alien Love Bite, will play with starseeds to mess with their minds in order to have them see the 'grass is greener', and in the doing so, many starseeds confess to their existing partner that god has sent a union to them- which effectively breaks the current partner's heart, creating yet more sexual misery and disconnection and extreme confusion.

A Loving God

Many starseeds have been impacted by this agenda, particularly those who feel a deep yearning to be with a soul mate or partner who understands them. It must be understood that although there are many configurations of relationship learnings on the ascension path, that god is inherently good and does not create havoc within marriages or partnerships. The Alien Love Bite is set to keep starseeds from aligning to a potential vibrational match partner, and stuck pining after a partner who they have been paired with through the alien architecture; keeping them in states of misery.

If you have been affected by this, you must be brave and ask your heart to show you and lead you to your own inner truth. The lightbody can be cleared of hooks and implants and inserts through the heart space dedication to heal.

Suggested Actions (only if and when resonant to your heart)

Set 12d personal christ shield, intend to connect to entire energy field in all dimensions available, through ALL Timelines, call in 12d ray or mother arc or celestine fire - you may call upon your own Krystal Star Guardian Host to support you in the following commands:

Ask god to show you the truth around the relationship, connection or experience.

Forgive yourself, Take responsibility for your own actions or interactions

Ask god how you can heal yourself, keep your heart open and listen for the answers inside yourself which are made from the truth frequency only

Trust your inner heart realms implicitly

Once you know it's time that you are 'done' with the pain and deceptions and manipulations, set your intent to understand in divine timing, in a safe way for you to become freed of spiritual warfare in the body-mind and heart:

Saying inwardly or outwardly, you are commanding your energy field to be in alignment with god source as your ONLY authority, and once you understand this, within your 12D shield,  you can state these commands towards your own lightbody, to obtain spiritual freedom.

"From my tailbone, microcosmic orbit, I remove all reversal plasmas and flows from accessing my body"
"I collapse all holograms of my energy, I do not consent to my energy being replicated and inserted into any other being, place or thing/object"
"I collapse all inserted replicas or holograms of any other person place or thing from my energy entirely. I AM my own energy"
"remove all anti-HG AI technology from ALL timelines and realities"
"collapse false inorganic timelines associated with relationships with non-vibrational partners"
"remove all consciousness traps, relationship curses through my entire multi-dimensionality"
"Clear my skin memory from touch, senses and remove cellular memories through all of my senses"
"Clear, and reset my orgasmic response, through adrenaline and spinal fliuds, all fluids, align to my Christ Avatar Self"
"I dismantle from my 1D sphere all memory records of false holograms, false monadic twin, lunar force energies"
"I consecrate my life force energies to only be accessed by ME and (my loving partner) in all realities, to build my diamond sun template" - I recommend anyone in a relationship to each do this, or apply GSF Blessings prayer from the ascension glossary
"I dismantle and remove all previous partners, interests or connections with any other person to be removed entirely from accessing my life force flow in my body, and sexual organs, mental body and heart matrix. God, repattern my energy field to be in alignment only with my own internal union"
"I resign from sexual misery programming, and ask that all of my DNA that has been shared with any sexual partner, through physical contact be returned to me now, and cleansed through the krystal waters, celestine fire of god"
"All sexual fluids, I return the name of christ to mine and cut all etheric cords that remain between me and any sexual partner, through our shared sexual fluids. Return to Rightful owner now"
"From 6D and 7D timelines, I wish to RRO and dissolve all Michael-Mary or masculine feminine warring timelines and the memories of same"
"all timelines where I have been with a non-vibrationally matched partner, RRO and collapse all timelines fields etc"
"I ask god to show me the way for my own relationship path, I surrender all that I am to my god source connection"
"RRO and align me to my internal inner sacred union connection with god source in all ways"
"dear god, heal my heart and please show me how I have been manipluated, and what I need to truly understand or learn from this event"

I call back my self sovereign god power now! and so it is..

Healing from these scenarios - Gender Separation

The understanding that men and women of this earth have been kept from being in complete balanced union with each other certainly shows in the vast majority of peoples on earth. In some cases, it is most important to know that heart healing can be achieved and that the most important note is to be very gentle with yourself, and others who may have been in this situation. The heart of a human being can be fragile and the pain endured through these scenarios is quite real, and can take time to release, recuperate and heal. Building trust with the inner heart space and the reconnection and remembrance of god source, is helpful. Prayers for peace and to reveal the lessons or the truth are sometimes the best healing. People who have been in these types of connections or relationships may have also learned very deep steep boundaries, and may also have been able to glean first hand knowledge of how these deceptions are being played out.

Equal Divine Alchemical Unions to achieve inner sacred marriage eventually leading to a potential of a rod (male)-staff (female) Sacred Union

Partners are brought together spontaneously and revealed at a divine timing, when both partners are available to be together without extreme disruption to other/previous relationships (no Christ relationship imposes on another not yet completed relationship)

Partners feel the heart complex first and foremost, with some sexual energy running upwards in the body on the vertical perhaps as gentle strong loving currents to the heart.

God Source brings partners together to share and expand in loving growth together
Partners activate energies together to unify the forces of the male-female as a unit. Understanding the gift that has been given, means that the couple will work together in all ways and not hide anything from the other which could cause pain or hidden secrecy

Partners must know and treat each other as equal, and identify with the mission of love to respect, care and blossom together without controlling

Partners work together in building ultimate transparency: with communication, behavioural traits, and to drop false projections of self (in order to appeal to the other)

Partners hold a neutral and loving space in which each can express themselves to each other without fear, to be held by the partner in building of a safe environment of trust

There can be no sexual controlling or dominance, or physical violent play in the sexual intimacy (sexual violence is created by satanic forces, and is an extremely high risk and dangerous activity to the soul and body consciousness)

Partners heal their emotional centres/sexual centres together and are willing to speak about difficult subjects in order to come to understand each other to deepening the intimacy

Partners open their hearts to the other, holding deep reverance and recognition of the true loving space that they are responsible for

Partners identify together anything which creates a ripple in their energy container of the relationship, and seek ways to better understand and communicate as equals

Partners who are spiritually activated in this way will endure unfathomable dark force resistances which can come through forms of other humans having negative opinions, fears and past emotional wounds coming to surface in the relationship container. This may also be felt as extreme dark force attacks because as the couple are loving each other, they are removing themselves from being connected into the bi-wave negative alien black magic architecture.

For spiritual couples it is imperative to remain centred in the core of the heart.

Many times, dark forces will attack the very weakness and unhealed pain that you are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously; and it is through attacking forces that the pain body will be manipulated. Spiritual couples must ensure that all transparency is maintained, and must do their emotional healing together. Be fearless and speak truthfully to each other without taking anything personally. Share every thing that you feel you can, and open yourself up to the heartspace you share. This alone will support you to negate some of the affects of the transitions. Anything which is hidden must have a light shone upon it. The only way to effectively have ultimate transparency and heal all aspects of self, individually and together is to ensure that hidden parts can not be used against you. Nothing remains in the shadow, and all is brought up for each partner to hold the other in the loving movement they share. Every single thing that you hold in your energy is a part of the relationship, with your partner. This means everything that you do affects the other, and you are learning to unify your energy so that there are no weaknesses in your relationship container. Sustainability of your eternal loving relationship is a living possibility, and a gift from the holiest corners of the god head.

Loving couples who truly love each other in the heart are returning the templating to the earth of divine masculine-divine feminine in balance, within each person. Any loving couple upon the earth may feel judged by others, but the truth of the unity and unified connection, through true shared intimacy is the spiritual marriage between the persons and god.

If you are encountering a relationship which is difficult, or providing you with lessons and challenges in this now moment, connect to god within your heart and ask for guidance in how you may continue, what is right for you to know, and comprehend all you need to know to forward your healing into self-sovereignty.

In loving Christos-Sophia Heart Path,

Mhairi & Sequoia


Spiritual Emergency For Immediate Self-Care

If you are experiencing an overwhelm of deep painful emotions, out of control mind looping and negative movies running amok in your mind, external or inner voices, demonic or et beings chasing or influencing fear – you must take action for your own energy field and body.

Extreme states of imbalance, negative entity interference and fear, terror and physical life disruptions. States of mistrust, panic and experiencing alternate realities as if they are happening now. Unable to sleep, fearful of being hunted or experiences with demons or aliens, abductions.

If you are experiencing extreme states of imbalance, such as negative alien/demonic interference, unable to sleep, feeling physical body jerking, seeing alternate realities and experiencing deep, extreme states of terror, voices outside the head and inside the head as ‘guides’ or beings whom are creating torture circumstances for you, Or, you can see technology and implants inside of your physical body – it is important to comprehend your responsibility for self care first and foremost.

In this case, it is suggested that you understand that healing from this type of experience can be a long term situation, and will not resolve overnight or after one or two energy healing sessions. For individuals to self-support, it is suggested to utilise the tools from Lisa Renee at and use the toolsets on a daily basis for at least 60-90 days until you can regain some peace and more control over your daily life experiences.

We know how frightening it can be to deal with dark force attacks, or negative alien influences and terror states. Also, spiritual awakening phases and negative ego healing can appear exactly the same. It is important to understand that not all attackings are coming from an external source. As the kundalini starts to rise inside the spinal column, spiritual blocks, emotional blocks and past-future memories can run inside the mind. Negative architecture and warring timelines can also create fear based realities in the here-now, which overlay the current 3d reality perception.

To heal into wholeness and obtain a better perspective on multi-dimensionality please understand that the healing responsibility lies firstly with the individual, it is more beneficial for you to understand how to first take steps to integrate the core, to heal soul layers of the lightbody into balance. Most states of fear are created from unhealed emotional and mental beliefs, and when dealing with spiritual awakening; no stone is left unturned. The spiritual ascension process is not a battle, but it can be felt as such. A healer may offer to remove attachments and demonics from your field, which can be helpful – but the goal here is to learn how to do this for yourself. All humans have lower forms of energy attachments in their shadow/pain/emotional body, but most have not gained access to toolsets to deal with this, and to take the fear out of it.

There is nothing to fear once you come to understand you are here to learn deeper states of human consciousness, emotions and to become the highest expression of yourself. Expansions of vision into the astral plane, contain negative thoughtforms, holographic movies (lies, manipulations from friendly spirit guides, star family who order you around or place fear or grandoise thoughts in your mind) which to some individuals feels like an enlightened state. This planet has astral mirrors as a net system in place, as false artificial christ light; locking much of humanity into false reality fields of which they cannot move through, nor discern that this is so.

As a starseed or indigo goes through activation stages of their own DNA through Kundalini activations, they rise into the ability to determine altered states of consciousness, such as being able to see dead people, interact with the spirit realms, see beings and shadow creatures or demons of which were not perceivable before their awakening. Part of this includes accessing into the 4d astral planes of the planetary body and 5d dimensional planes which are filled with booby traps and damaged architecture to create either feelings of extreme suffering and misery, mental body looping; or feelings of high sexual bliss, drunken woozy bliss and love and light syndrome. In some cases the movies of the end of the world, armageddon programming and terrible horror scenes are sent as holographic inserts to frighten the awakening human into being so fearful that they cannot cope with what they are perceiving.

These places create pain to pleasure cycles, where spiritual discernment is manipulated and is not an enlightened plane of consciousness. The lightbody of each ascending human must be cleared, emotionally, mentlaly and spiritually in order to remove the false constructs, implants and mental body mind control which has been hidden from truthseekers keeping them bound in astral bliss, extreme fear or seeking instant gratification and pleasure. The energy field must be gently supported through gentle means of understanding as the higher consciousness veils are lifted per person, in divine timing.

To heal from states of extreme anxiety and fear based feelings of terror in the body it is suggested to utilise the toolsets from Lisa Renee, of for a daily dedicated practise. This website: KRYSTALAEGIS.COM is a guardian based toolset offered free for those individuals whom are awakening. It is a self-study practise of daily spiritual and energetic integrity in order to take back control of your own body-mind, and to free the self from the controlling states of fear which are embedded into all humans, in the deepest lightbody layers.


Navigating Climactic Spiritual Events

Spiritual Emergency, Mental Physical Emotional Overload, & Traumatic Events 

Mental body imbalances, and extreme states of anxiety are often caused by the lightbody opening up in stages of Kundalini awakenings. This can bring up emotional states of severe confusion and seeing alternate states of reality, being attacked by negative aliens, or demonic beings as part of the awakening cycles. Use of recreational drugs, such as Ayahuascha, LSD or other mind and consciousness altering drugs, including overdoing spiritual practises, overdoing energywork, overdoing meditation to reach bliss, chanelling entities or trying to speak with ETs without first having knowledge of the dangers that exist (negative aliens masquerade as angels and guides and try to trick humans into believing they are helpful) is a high risk behavior and can cause mental and soul fracturing. These are not spiritually enlightened methods, and create holes and tears in the auric field which mean a higher susceptibility to entity attachment and behavioral impacts.

To regain mental balance and states of comfort and safety, you must be willing to address your life from an energetic standpoint. 

This means looking deeply at current life trauma and being willing to re-educate yourself in the context of what ascension and spiritual connection truly is.

With the current landscape of new age love and light on planet earth, many awakening humans lack the proper context for the war over consciousness which is happening in the inner realms and other dimensional bandwidths through human enslavement via negative alien influences.

Healing from trauma & Dark Nights of the Soul
Firstly, the use of the term mismanaged is purely a personal label it refers to my individual perspective that psychic, spiritual, or technological attacks can occur and be weathered from a state of internal centering that does not subside or dovetail off into a form of digression.

Some of the chief symptoms related to these attacks is body disassociation, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, over-stimulation of the brain, imbalanced mental continuum, sensitivity to electronics, sounds, vibrations, hearing voices, seeing intense images, & feeling unable to control the mindstream. Seeing or feeling “bleed thru” or overlay of other dimensional reality fields on your daily experience. Extreme depression. The general prescription I would suggest to anyone regularly suffering from these forms of attack is a combination of chinese medical herbs, homeopathic remedies, and meditative practices.

Support for the mind

The root of the problem is the mind itself as emotional and mental instability is a gateway for negative energy entities to target and "latch on." There is little in the way of exterior assistance for recreating a balanced positive relationship. Being around loved one’s participating in service work, walking in nature, and meditation form a resonant holistic response.

Generally speaking developing and maintaining awareness of the breath, such as fixating on the abdomen and letting all other thoughts fall away. Preserve only one focus and sit with it completely until your body senses darken, waver, and disappear. You may instead choose to chant a mantra or hold a single image in your mind. Regardless of the object of attention let it be only one thing and allow your singular focus to serve as your anchor allowing the attachments you are unconsciously or consciously energizing to dissipate.

Combine this mind clearing practice with an emotionally supportive technique such as tibetan loving-kindness meditation or metta. Daily exercise. Listen to devotional music. Dance, Sing, Create from your soul-spirit. When you do this do not do so as if you are seeking love seek instead to remove or better yet to let go all that obstructs love from filling you to the max. Read love material such as The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life by Shantideva, The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Paramanhansa Yoganada.

Return later into meditation and begin probing the reality of mental events; how do they exist? In what ways do they exist? Is an agent required for these thoughts or do they simply arise? Are they stable or do they fluctuate? Investigate the origin, mode of abiding, and dissolution of these events. Is that thought even yours? If feelings arise don’t attend to them allow them to exist, where are they located? If they are in the body such as the “guts” don’t give the somatic/body response any more attention let the energy-awareness disengage from identifying with the sensations. Thoughts, emotions, images, feelings, positive, negative, indifferent will arise and fall away the best approach is neither suppressing, preventing , or avoiding them but instead allow them to move through the consciousness container of “you” without grasping, protecting, or empowering any of these. By sustaining this focus all your energy-awareness will begin to coalesce and shift your state to resonate with the natural ground of being, a nondual state. This is where the negative ego/psyche grows out from to participate in all of these other activities. It is nothing less than “entering the stillness” where you is a higher state of consciousness exempt from these issues. This state is healing , harmonizing, and will promote realizations that will serve to move your perceptual range outside of the 3D mind continuum.

Spiritual Reprogramming
After this tranquility practice continue on the active side with spiritual reprogramming. Participate in meditative healing and recoding such as those created by Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis Create and affirm your positive spiritual space or internal eternal ex:"I consecrate and dedicate this sleeping space to the authority of God's Natural Laws and that of the Eternal Living Christ. I bless and sanctify this space in God's authority and in Christ name. God is the authority of my body, consciousness, and being in this sacred space Now and Always. Krystal Compass of the North, South, East, West--Earth, Sky, and Heart: I direct the Four Corners to be sealed in Light of Unity and Oneness. I am Impenetrable and Invincible. I ask the Aurora Forces of Christos to anchor this space Sacred and in service to the Law of One of which I Serve. I invite my Consciousness and families and whatever is the highest expression for the purpose of my sleep this night. I consecrate and dedicate my body, my mind, and my consciousness, and my entire being to serve the Eternal God Source, totally and completely Now and Forever!"

Utilize frequency therapy, uplift and redefine your self, open and expand your expectations beyond the physical and preconceived limitations to begin again in this new-now moment as the highest self you never imagined you possibly could be.

The physiological side of the equation can be addressed by utilizing a different range of healing modalities than what I have recommended here but this serves as a general template for the principle actions and medicines to be administered.

Chinese Herbs Formula 1: Grounding and rebuilding core integrity
Modified Chai Hu Mu Li Long Gu Tang

Sheng Di 32g
Zhi Gan Cao 8g
Gui Zhi 6g
Long Gu 6g
Mu Li 6g
Ci Shi 6g
Chai Hu 16g
Huang Qin 6G
Ban Xia 16G
Sheng Jiang 6G
Da Huang 8G
Fu Ling 6g

3x a day, 4.5 grams/3 scoops, after meals

Homeopathic Remedy

Onopordon Comp.
Mygale Aganc.
Core Gerbenne.
Viscum Album.

See a local homeopathic doctor for a custom formula or utilize a variant of the aforementioned group for a month or two.

Supplemental Homeopathic

You can utilize epsom salt and an essential oil of choice as well, aim for later in the day as this will clear much of the day’s negative energy.

Boswellia Serrata
Rebuilding core integrity and reducing sensations of pain
1-2x a day

Cell Salts (such as Hylands)
A combination of cell salts will help restore energetic balance, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation.


Extreme imbalance or emergency states of mental activity including psychosis

This most commonly occurs during heightened Moon Lunar force energy, or during July-August, and October as this is primarily a dark mental energy. Satanic Worship Days or holidays are also felt energetically by starseeds as the planet has heightened death conjuring energies activated. Starseeds who have been involved in channeling practises, substance use to expand consciousness or have had a surprise kundalini awakening can experience extreme states of imbalance, which needs to be addressed as a long term healing issue.

Uriel Aurum Onopordon can be taken orally for longer and less intense response or as am ampule injection for immediate relief

Lithium Orotate (may require Naturopathic doctor prescription, depending on state laws) 5-20mg pair 1-2x/day (in extreme cases you can take as much as every 2 hours) ideally with omega 3, 6, 9 to counteract toxicity. Lithium slows brain function down without scrambling your energy signature/cohesion. It takes a few days to work into your system so if you or your loved one is starting to feel a “ramping up” or influx cycle coming on and is intuitively guided to begin physical preparation than this is good option. If people wait and experience a full blown attack which they are unprepared for it may lead to hospitalization in which case Zyprexa or olanzapine is the most likely pharmaceutical to be prescribed which scrambles brain function anda has far more aggressive side effect/imbalances than does Lithium.

For Sleep Aid

(you may substitute another composite formula aiming for 5-HTP, theanine, GABA, melatonin, l-carnitine, valerian, passionflower)

Returning to natural sleep cycle is essential. It is not uncommon that attacks occur with greater frequency at night on account of the planetary frequency and the unguarded nature of the subconscious mind. Using a supplement to help fall or stay asleep can create a complete reset of any connection but it can also leave you unable to swiftly and vigorously respond if you are awoken in the middle of the night on account of dreams of intrusion, actual intrusion, etc. Ensure that you lock down your sleep space, using the 12th Dimensional Shield technique; repeated use creates a relative safe zone where intruding entities have less impact on the home advantage field.


It is a good idea to begin some toxin clearing, at the very least limit exposure to GMOs, gluten, sugar, alcohol, or any kind of drug. Moving into eating more vegetable and fruit sources as well as hearty digestible earthen foods like sweet potato, lentil dal, butternut squash.

Diagnostic Notes Many of the clinical manifestations that western medicine attaches to the label of bipolar can be addressed by chai hu jia long gu mu li tang (CHLGML). Many of the symptoms (stagnation, rising liver qi, wind-heat, ying wei disharmony) have a distinct relationship to the shao yang channel. I think the tendency is that the shao yang to jue yin circuit is most commonly "hit first" followed by a shao yang-shao yin phase when heart yin and blood has been damaged or is/becomes deficient. It is also true that the GB system is connected to 4th dimensional energy which further suggests to address it as a primary source.

The overall effect of the modified CHLGML is to begin the process of harmonizing the inner and outer, upper and lower relationships so that the energetic sensitivity moves in the direction of becoming more balanced/less reactive and more anchored/greater energetic depth. Part of that is a spreading of qi and a removal of stagnation the other aspect is clearing and supporting the intestines as a source of function- the immune response, a physical position at the core of the body- and emotionally as an area that resonates to holding on/not letting go.

Ascension Symptoms

Much of of the "ascension symptoms" involve shifting a portion of the bodily quantum to a higher dimensional frequency when that happens portions of identity must let go of the old ways of seeing-thinking-feeling to move into the soul identity frequency band or matrix. One of the issues is that when we shift states we also have "spiritual experiences" which is primarily connected to recovering "other time/dimensional/incarnation" memory. These memories for most people are difficult since the history here is connected to unnatural distortions of the body, mind, spirit, planet, universe etc. There is also difficulty connected to enhanced creative power because it draws to it enhanced negative feedback so the memories which activate have to be processed to a point of relative neutrality as they hold the roots of our innate ability to maintain coherence. It is also true that many nonphysical beings out there will immediately attack those who are activating which creates additional fear and confusion. All of these are suggestions that the inner christ or eternal spirit center has to become more anchored into as the point of identification.

For conflict of energy that causes intense oscillation between the shield centers of "sacral" area and the "throat" area which will ramp up during emotional instability and either become an upward force/powerlessness which goes to the throat and heart, heats up, and then rises to the head or a downward pull/overcontrol clinging that will lead to heaviness weakness, energy loss, and depression.I would start with a different formula for initial grounding purposes or during the more intense phase and then shift to the CHLGML after a coping balance has been reached. That said if you only chose a single formula CHLGML addresses both acute and chronic elements of this kind of emotional/mental imbalance or attack.

Seek Support from an energy practitioner: see OmniLov3 Healings