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Diamond Rose-Grail

The Rose line is a universal antakharana flow through the universal staff in the time matrix, which supports the diagonal mother to solar female sophianic flowering of the diamond heart networks upon the earth. These hearts circulate organic trinity wave liquid light forces from the godhead, throughout the tributaries in the planetary grid leys and links circuitry. This architecture is part of the mother's body and the Cathar codes which create chalice grail cup trinitised forms in the merged black and white hole spin points of the planet.

It is part of the grail line and runs throughout the planetary body across the globe.

The Rose Line is a resurrection of original divine union flows. The Rose line repatterns and restructures the relationship of the sacral centers to the heart and higher heart matrices. When the architecture is completed Golden Peach White Christ child energy emerges in the body partners to be more fully embodied. Intersects with the lightbody rod function, the centre point is in the 8D thymus higher heart. It is responsible for supporting the rising of sexual energy into the heart centre, through healed sexual centres into sealed wholeness, freed from lunar and reversals and siphons.

The Michael 6th dimension-Mary 7th dimensional wing points are required to create a heart twinning movementwhich meet the rose line in the lightbody creating a form of rod and staff intersection between the eternal original 3d 12 tree grid and the 5d lightbody 12 tree grid of the Krysthallah 12:12 corrected masculine and 13:13 corrected feminine principles in the lightbody. This signifies an extensive reorientation and transformation of lunar forces and the sexual misery programming related to and running in the lower dimensional energy centers.

It means that the solar sacrum births the Christ child, requiring the rose line and the rose breath to have been created in the union. The rose line is what allows the sexual energies to be felt and experienced inside the heart center. Guardian representatives reclaimed the planetary UK rose line, reactivated, and returned resonance of it to the blue dragons who originally installed the lines.

Reclaiming the Rose Line

The architecture in the UK landmass has been usurped in previous timecycles and holds reversal energies and codes. The Rose line ley tributary originally connected into the organic diamond heart intersections of planetary lightbody architecture, from the UK into the France stargate system. Guardian teams through Krystal Star have accessed the line and retrieved the consciousness units which were being held in reversal on the line. Part of these energies binding the roseline in a reversal current are bloodline and blood sacrifices of the Cathar and Essene lines, who held the alchemical knowledge and gnosis of becoming a 'Christ' embodied human. The blood record of humans holds the entire consciousness record. Upon death, the Cathars and Essenes who were tortured and killed for their knowledge by negative aliens were stapled into this grid line in order to mock the mother and christ-sophia essences. Guardian teams have also recovered human soul energies who were bound as part of freemasonry false luciferian light rituals from the rose line. Part of the Christ Reclamation mission is the intentional recovery of our spiritual body parts, consciousness units and DNA codes which have been bound into the planetary body and held in reversal.

To know oneself as a christ is the divine birth right of all humans to understand themselves as 'a christ' body, that the human form is. This information has been hidden from humans and is distorted through various teachings on earth. All humans are built in the mirrored perfection of the Christ, as humans are a Christ body - which is synonymous with saying a Diamond Sun Template.

The Rose line is a 12D connection into the planetary body and out into the natural stargates to Lyra, and Andromeda. It intersects the Michael-Mary 6D-7D line in the UK and is accessible through a pure heart intention to recover consciousness and release memories of torture in previous times. The Rose line is further supported via the planetary staff lightbody connections into the correct alignment at this time through Andromeda, and into the heart of AquaLasha, and Krysthl Universal system, which is transmitting frequencies into the planet at this time to restore the truth to humanity.

The Blood of the Christ runs within the rose-grual lines, and is coveted over many centuries as part of the luciferian and satanic forces on the earth comandeered this architecture to create crucifixions, reversals and siphonings out of the earth. Many secrets lie within the embodiment of the Rose line, as the template is returned to humanity through the inner sacred marriage of the male-female of the risen solar male and female christ as the christos-sophia in hierogamic union. It is the at-one-ment with god source and eternal breath of the living light and mother's breath in the body rising the inner principles of the holy spirit to reencrypt the atomic body and matter elements into their krystic format. Guardians in previous times attempted to return this to the earth through the Holy Ruby Order, and the Ruby Crystal Body from Lyra, as the Mother lineages contained the Rose Cathar coding required to retain access into the 11d Edenic Planes of the Avalonian connections, to the organic Eden codes. The flowering principles of the lightbody are attained in healing the heart matrices and sexual organs into wholeness and are a part of sacred sexual embodiment.

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