Planetary Heart 4D Giza Solar Temple & Astral Plane

The physical body heart and the auric layer of the astral plane, are connected to the 4th dimensional stargate system of Giza, and the Solar connections that the planet aligns to. Currently, there are many shifts and changes as the planet is in further stages of records being restored, the wing building phases of masculine-feminine merkabic functions being altered, aligned and updated.

For those of us who have been on the ascension path for a while, our heart centres on the astral have been undergoing yet more healing, as the planetary heart connects directly through the staff, into the diamond heart of Andromeda-Aqualasha diamond configurations. There is a bifurcation of astral energies which means that the ray frequencies change to either align into a more unified masculine-feminine balance pattern, or, digress into something more painful in order to show the individual where they have to concentrate on soul and heart healing as a priority. This signifies something very healing for each of us, and provides a deeper transition to release painful gender separations that were a part of the soul matrix on 4d being pulled down into the 2d pain body level of collective consciousness. Through the last phases of July, to August there were increased movements of healing the gender splits, as the contents of subconscious mind and hidden pain body (2d sexual centres) triggers come to the surface to be healed. As we look at the pain triggers or emotional patterns we have held within, we can reveal to ourselves what needs to be released to grow more love inside the self.

The key in the healing process of anything and everything, physical, mental and emotional is always in the inner sacred balance of gender principle between male and female.

In recent posts, we made note of the heart twinning, the michael-mary solar embodiments that are occurring through the onwards paladorian covenant christ reclaimations, that are always ongoing in gridwork and guardian projects. This has meant that the inner balance of solar masculine-feminine is becoming an embodiment potential for many on the path, and is a celebration indeed.

There is repeated ongoing gridwork in the Giza platforms because timeline access is further revealing portions of black magic grid and artificial intelligence that had held consciousness units of christ family members in the grid space. Black magicians have used this area to control the planetary body and steal resources that would otherwise be directed to the diamond heart networks of the planetary body and tributary ley lines. Many guardian teams are supporting the rebuilding of the Michael-Mary Solar Temple in the Giza Gate, that is required to support the planet to merge the soul matrix feminine principle with the monad matrix masculine level, also known as wing building and merkabah spin. This is a part of the inner sacred union process for the planetary body.

The Albion body, or the world soul diamond sun template is in phases of further restoration and awakening and repair alignment through the UK landmass grids. This gridspace in the UK is heavily laden with anti-hierogamic (male female splitting) code, and is the epicentre of anti-christ codes and black magic grids that have kept humanity in reversals or non-union states of being, causing the pain and trauma of separation from source energies inherent in the life experience. Guardian teams have access to many portions of the grid, through the several years of starseeds and indigos support for the rehabilitation and reclaimation of the grid access. The Albion body is being repaired and aligned, so that many more humans can feel the ascending repairs of the lightbody and receive corrective frequency sets. As we heal the albion body, we heal the human template system for incarnating souls.

Identities Return

At this time, black magic grids are continued to be accessed, straddling multiple time sequences, in order to gain yet more access and get pieces of lightbody, dna and consciousness back. This means, a recovery of time vector or stolen DNA codes from other timelines, where christ beings were used to power the black magic grids. Essentially, through guardian projects, we witness that the original christ identities that were stolen from those DNA codes, were sending out false images and holographic cloaks to individuals; hiding their true identity, or projecting a false identity from their soul matrix. This is also known in guardian language as clones, or false identities; pulsed through the planetary body and lightbody through sexual misery programming, or gender separation trauma.

Essentially, for many of us, (and unbeknowns to us) our dna has been obscured by a false holographic image that is not our own, and this has caused confusion when we are attracted to others, or a potential partner. The negative controlling narrative for earth is to stop sacred union from occurring, on the inside as individuals and on the external with a vibrationally matched partner. When union occurs inside a person, direct marriage with god occurs, or with a partner the healing ability and love that can blossom from the union is an intensely powerful and healing experience. The negative agenda, has, and always will be to keep states of sexual misery and confusion on planet earth so that individuals continue to play the game of dissatisfaction, gender splitting and wars between the sexes. For those with heart based inner knowings, the heart will always guide the way, and so this information is not set to cause fear in any way.

For many on the ascending path who are here to heal the inner sacred union within, the male-female, or with a partner; this is an important step in the ascension plan. As we each heal our own pain and trauma, into more hearted states of being, our true christ identities can merge back into the body and we can be recognised for the true christ identity we are. This action of recovery of correct time vector or cellular alphabet means more individuals can recover and embody their true identities, and re-integrate that part of themselves in the here and now ascending body. Consciousness can 'move' more freely through the meditative state or time matrix movements, in dream time and awakened states.

As the giza and astral plane are under yet more clearing and reconstruction, it allows for more humans to experience heart awakenings on the wake up cycles of starseeds and the indigo races to obtain, build and reconnect with their organic inner connections to the solar planes of the seven higher heavens. The Cosmic Christ consciousness is a Solar consciousness, the Diamond Sun Body of which is the organic template of the original human being.

The Omnilov3 community is a living light field of unity field consciousness, and through the shifts and upgrades to the architecture the group shield has access to support soul integrations, the solar template recovery and support, seraphim angelic human founder race consciousness of michael-mary repatterning to heal the inner masculine-feminine christos-sophia connections into the omniversal god worlds level of creation. This means that for those who participate relevant support is available the meditations to re-acquaint each individual with their corrected template level as needed and necessary as per the god, sovereign free timeline potential. Continual upgrades are always ongoing and part of the guardian host direction to support the guardian races.

Thank you for your presence on this shared journey,

With the love of the holy christos-sophia,

Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community