[excerpt from October 2018 Newsletter - Solar Synthesis Return]

360 Time - Zero Point - Relationship to Time

The ascending races of starseeds and indigos will eventually become directly connected into the zero point field and krystal spiral, of the base 12 mathmatics of god code out from base 10 architectural reversals. As we further on the spiral ascension path, ascension first wavers are, at this time, fully located in universal co-ordinates outside of the constructs of the time matrix. This is prototyping the physical embodiment cycle in order to path cut for further lightbody activations and templates to become available, depending on the biology we inhabit and the healing-mission strands we each have come to participate with. During the transition into entire zero point, the relationship to time as a limiting force or movement of energy-expectation is removed from the experience in a human body.

Relating to time as a wave, as a form of energy flow, where the potentials of future timeline trajectory are being created, culminated and refined in each person's movement through this ascending lifepath is governed by the intention to keep into the heart and flow of source of god. This goes hand in hand with the inner hard work that is required in order to know thyself deeper, and to continually meet the spiritual initiations that this life path contains; in order to synthesise lessons and move consciousness into deeper personal alignment with god source on the inside of the heart. Each human must meet the lessons within their lifestream to build into the higher harmonic of their personal ascension trajectory, which can mean deep self enquiry to drop false beliefs and be willing to be in alignment with only the highest power of the godhead and natural krystic laws.

Time based activation codes of DNA accelerations may be experienced as a series of repeating numbers, such as 333, 111, 11:11, 12:12, 777 and so on and so forth. Sometimes birth dates and significant dates will show up in order to catch your attention. The feeling that there is not enough time in one day, as the lightbody is accelerating and positioning the consciousness direction to the organic timeline, for the next stages of soul growth. Time can feel stretched out and slow, and sometimes weeks go by in the blink of the eye.

The rod and staff architecture when built in the lightbody runs the aurora orb body and on the internal intersection chambers of the rod and staff as they spin, in a 12:12 masculine spin rate interlocking into the 13:13 female spin staff; the orb body as the double diamond sun aurora orb vehicle allows for the collapsing of everything in the life experience and movement through the timefields as a collapse into the centre to meet with a sequential higher timeline access leading to an increased ability to experience the absolute of no time or = zero point. The Godhead is reached through the zero point, and is the source of our creation. The sophianic body and keys are the access into the god worlds cosmic consciousness levels of reality fields, which exist outside of the time matrix. In relation to time access and perception, at monadic integration the life path or realised life mission function is inevitably the leading and most forefront assignment and right use of energy - in all parts of life. This can mean that during the phases of transition into further higher and more refined frequency sets, it becomes obvious in daily life where and when and what can be addressed or achieved. When an individual is understanding of the accreted levels of their own spiritual energy and right use, right action and intent; the life path of the ascending human is guided only by the internal heart based in the 'zero point' or 'now moment' experience. This is a far cry from previous plans and projects and stipulations of the best use of time.

This means that for many, the releasing of judgement or expectations and expected goal achievements are swept away within the inner knowing that all that is presented in the 'now' moment, is perfectly aligned for the highest freedom of expression and life force intent through the vehicle of the human body. The body of christ maintains an energetic conservation principle, in all ways that it can be achieved. This means that in no uncertain terms, no energy is ever wasted. The principle of the god sovereign free timelines, requests nothing but to be able to be available, present and internally aligned to god source as the ONLY authority; which does not place expectation upon us, which does not require justification of self or others. This is a further alignment into the ability to be freed from the false narratives of the time construct of which we were born into in the current human body identity.

Many individuals will require to review their daily lives in a way that bridges the gaps between the old 3d time construct and demands set by others through tasking or expectational lists; and the new way of being, which is a literal freedom from the time matrix in its highest available form. This means, that on the ascension path, as we reach levels of embodiment and return of lightbody structure, architecture and connections - our freedom is presented in the moment, as the life path is no longer an A to B linear movement. Instead, it is experienced in simultaneous multi-dimensional (past, present and future) life waves of unified awarenesses. For example, when working in unified consciousness, there is no longer the desire or requirement to meet time scales, plans or expectations in the way of rigid thought sequences that once provided safety and comfort.

With the returning of the holy father consciousness in the solar deity RA complex, holy father emerald ray masculine principle, rod function of solomon shield for the planetary body; the life path sequence is altered through the body of christ and the intention to know the truth, be the truth and speak the truth in all ways becomes a totality of life experience. Which, provides the inner realisation that time serves a purpose in the ways of a construct, but has been abused here on earth to create false reality fields in which the negative alien forces have kept humanity as a slave race, and at this time the ascension path of freedom is underway at what is understood to be an unprecedented rate.

At this time new waves of plasma activations are solarising the matter in sections of the planetary body and are being felt or received by those in their biological age of 33+. The returning Solar Rishi supporting the Angelic Human ascension lightbody as the Golden Body, builds into a plasmic sheath body and luminary body of tri-tones of merged creation which sing as one tone together. This ascension body is being prototyped and when activated gives access into all timelines, 360 orb body awareness, multidimensional multi-point of time vectors at once. This level of being and lightbody development allows a fuller experience of the cosmic citizenship as a free being, who exists inside of time but is not bound into time or matter and can experience consciousness transportation freedom that only the Diamond Sun body provides. The awareness is of eternal now time, throughout all dimensions as a single zero point awareness of all timelines and all multidimensional aspects at once. As the plasmas are building into the Avatar Christ lightbody developments, the heat wave of the internal body transfigures the energies of the lunar forces, the dark imposter mother and false king of tyranny father, to reveal the pathway to build the body of the house of god as a living light intelligence vehicle for ascension. The lunar forces and controller systems must be witnessed to be dismantled and removed, to transfigure through the solar christos egg birthed into the monadic core and solar sacrum. Symptoms observed have meant deep purging through the lymphatics, kidneys, and the bladder, headaches, and bruised flesh feelings including tailbone pressure. It is suggested to seek out support for the physical body water element, and to keep oneself hydrated throughout the day. As the planetary grid networks are shifting to hold the increased rishic triphasic rainbow plasmas, the body can feel very uncomfortable as the higher frequency light is burning off the densities held with the water element of part of the mother's body in the physical atomic matter.

Please take good care as the next stages reveal to the personal truth for gnostic experience,

Mhairi & Sequoia