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Resolving to resign

The foundation for change is being present but this can easily be misunderstood. It does not mean to be more or less or different, it means being who you are right now without trying to correct, without having an open ear to the ego mind or any other non-core aspect of your being. You are here to be you, you do not need a guide to do that but most of us have learned to trust a false or imaginary authority and do not trust ourselves to make decisions when there are conditions that make us feel small, weak, uncomfortable, or afraid.

Having the courage to stop taking on board judgment or criticism can be challenging but it is deeply rewarding to stand up for yourself by doing nothing other than what you love or by persisting in being as neutral as you can and moving on from energies or influences that do not hold you in high regard. No matter what reasons are presented internally or externally, when we listen to our heart we get direct and clear guidance through our feelings and it is this relationship that we need to build and refine not any outer kind of conditional relationship.

We matter exactly as we are, but as externals to all others we can only do our best to hold a space of neutral loving support without becoming one of these voices of control, correction, advice, critique, as these are all being sourced from a position of authority which does not uphold sovereignty. Our sovereignty has to become non-negotiable but we cannot achieve this by an act of focus or by a force of will, step by step, day by day we must do our best to live in accord with our principles and liberate ourselves.

Regardless of your individual experiences, there are positions of consciousness that exist in stagnation, entropy, or pain and disempowerment. Each of these locations or pieces of the spiritual self require healing, we must cultivate a space of support for these aspects so that the roots of experience and interpretation held or locked in a past pattern can be dislodged or dissolved  so that the pure energy you are can reintregrate with your core self. Much of the times these experiences of retrieval are not full of desirable information streams, perspective, or feelings.

We learn to be more flexible and fluid as we resolve these past pains or issues in our past or present. We also learn a deep compassion and a devotion of harmlessness because each of these pieces was unloved, rejected, oppressed, or abused into separation and so as we heal we realize we will never again accept the conditions that created these states or disowned consciousness parts. This wisdom and heart-based experience is what enables us to widen our neutral, to hold a compassionate space for others, not because we are trying to make this happen for them but because we have healed ourselves.

In the act of trying to be neutral more often than not we are assuming a false front without realizing it. We cannot merely lean into neutral, loving, or supportive aspirations, we have to be authentic. The first step is to just listen. The next is to share only what you have experienced that is felt to be beneficial without glamourizing the event or your role in it so that person can feel their truth through your sharing of your truth.

Healing is mostly about a change in perspective and that shift is generally mistakenly interpreted to be the result of more knowledge or special knowledge from an authority. What actually comes from is an unfolding of the heart through authentic living, breathing, and being. These sharings do not exist as an information exchange with a hallmark of clearly superior knowing, they come with the softness of the unseen, with a gentle hand that delivers a feeling of the unexpected truth, for this and this alone is the way we generously share how transformative union has come to us. In this way we serve to perpetuate unity consciousness rather than our own value and merit in images, we instead serve to deliver God as God has come to us and how we have received that through our feelings.

In both cases we learn, but in the former we learn to try to follow, in the latter we learn to trust ourselves and Source itself both indirectly and directly. Many people have an added difficulty because some of us are in positions of leadership, the hope is that the leadership is a default or has been arrived at without any desire for it. The reason for this is because leadership that has been attained has been won and this narrative exists to glorify the ego it will not liberate. thus enslave.

Unfortunately much of the modeling we have received involves authorities who are then positioned to lead. The reality is most of these cases is that the authority is falsely given and earned through abusive means and the leadership that exists serves only to perpetuate the system behind the person. This is how many well meaning people get lead through ego blindspots and astral glamour to lead people nowhere, because they are caught up in the loveliness and do not want their shadow to be seen so they mask it and assault others for overstepping the “authority.”

There are many spiritual entrepreneur types out there that do not understand many of the levels of authentic spiritual growth and are not in a position where they can exist in anything other than service to self. Having attained special knowledge they must deliver others. This usually involves a manipulated use of that knowledge to maintain “a position of power” stemming from a distortion of the actual sources or authentic experiences they may have had and/or a fixation on external energy as means of connection or value through the worship or praise of others while lacking the connection with universal consciousness that they believe they have.

Although this may seem to suggest a very specific kind of person, this theme is involved in power abuses on a microcosmic scale through the interactions we have within ourselves and with others even if these relationship are not full bore. We cannot lead ourselves through love and light, desire to attain, a force of will, a superior intellect; we lead through humility, integrity, and heart feeling.

There is an issue we all must address, which is our ideas of perfection. Everything I have shared is a consideration, at its root, of the differences between an image and a reality. When we have so many images though it can seem overwhelming or stimulate a “mind first” response which inevitably leads to over-thinking or trying to be perfect in spite of the fact that you already know you do not need to be more or less than what you already are. Upon our path of learning we have to learn to be very skilled in dropping images no matter how accurate, beatific, or profound that they are. If we do not learn to do this, when we increase our knowing we may also increase a dichotomy within us and create cognitive dissonance.

Silence is always the master teacher of this kind of relationship to our thoughts which can otherwise be easily be pushed into a crisis or affliction. If we are to come into greater union we must not participate in creating an imbalance of any gender principles because these are also positions with a limited range of consciousness strategies. When we can identify and view ourselves more neutrally we enable ourselves to heal the splitting or dichotomies in our belief systems, the imbalances within our spinal column, brain hemispheres and heart-brain relationship.

The spaciousness of the heart must lead not the cleverness of the mind. You can always find faults that lead to inner conflicts if that is what you are trying to do. Sometimes we do this unconsciously trying to be perfect or to somehow show God we are hard workers and should be rewarded or given an out from the conflict. This is not a resolution, we can instead let go of this stream of predatory intellect and trust our heart, deepen our inner relationship, hold ourselves in softness and live our lives free from control, first by choosing not to control ourselves. This choice is not mental it is a movement of our attention and an active engaging with our heart which opens our senses to the life fields without conditions and liberates us from polarity constraints and causation.

You have got this. You are only here to be humble, this is an act of heroism for it means you are putting down the auspices of power to be with your inner child and letting that unity experience be your guide. You cannot attain what you already are, if you can slow down and allow peace to be present, your control archetypes can be become instead the sage healer or just the integrated self. You do not need to understand more you only need to let go of conditions and burdens. May you emerge in the tenderness of the holy parents, accepting only unconditional love and support as you exist free, sovereign, and aligned in unity.

I AM Unity, I AM, May the Christos Rise within you as you.