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We all go through change
We all have unique backgrounds, contexts, and characters
We are all experience ourselves as if on an island to some degree
So in order to first dissolve the illusion of that island
Let me just say thank you
I may not understand you, but I do understand love, respect, compassion or kindness
it starts the process of dissolution
And may damn near explode it immediately in a single burst
Of smile, of laughter, or what I could call the secret
Obviousness of live lived
Outside of mind
Wherein we are already experienced at experiencing at one meant

I think we commonly call that space silence
Sometimes synonyms with beautiful toppings such as meditative stillness
Quiescence, beholding the essence, God moments et cetera
Now I do not mean or intend to cheapen such states, they do exist in subtle infinitums,
And they are all remarkable; I only mean to simplify the complexity
To close the book and the study, so to speak, by virtue of what we can commune in
A more direct presence
Which is not absent mind but the mind existing without gymnastics or emphasis on being, defending, revealing or let’s call it “directed task activity”

As a nice nutshell object which contains the same seed-taste
It is remarkable how many words it takes to convey a thing clearly
And vexing at how easy it is to then say “too much” cultivating then
Accidentally or unconsciously confusion, the illusion of superiority inferiority and the like

And yet also the complexity is fairly entirely resolved with speaking only that which is true
Directly experienced and gnostically realized
Rather than that which has been “worked out” in clever thought edifices.

I think the differentiation is that we require both gnostic and agnostic input
The gnostic being lead by our heart, the agnostic being that which is fact
However the label of fact is a bit dicey because the agnostic genre
Involves a plethora of subjective “fact,” nonfactual references, and it is through the cloudy quality of opinions and beliefs that there are both unintended and intended overlappings
Of agnostic content with truth. No one outside of us is responsible for the nature of the context and experience of such, it is a part of the architecture that exists. That said we do often ascribe blame to a wide range of these overlappings because we have become confused, mislead, entrapped or deceived by our unintended attribution of truth to these objects
Which are not gnostic truths.

Part of the issue arrives from the individual understanding of gnosis. We are heavily guided to utilize or become reliant upon learnings. Learnings though are nor gnostic truths even if a realized person were to shared only gnosis-wisdoms with us and we knew it as such we would then undergo a range of translation and interpretation which would inevitably involve degrees of assuming meanings and probably also expecting certain experiences to arrive under “special conditions.” I think that this process can contribute to a sense of disempowerment at times as we have a gnostic experience of our own and then come to realize that we had accidentally believed things that were not true, seeming to almost absorb them unconsciously to some degree. We can say that there is a particular tone or a brightness that emerges that elicits some associations. If for instance a person says the knife cuts the cheese in a language unknown but then displays it to us, we "know what they have said” which is in part based upon our experience with a knife.

Still we absorbed a multiple layered sets of understandings of what this process does: the object creates smaller parts of a thing of a thickness that then allow us to consume it while maintaining the cheese. Obviously we could do into the parts of cheese, knife, language to understand just how much goes into an event that involves our past experiences and knowledge and be amazed or bored by the detail. For the sake of a relative simplicity this isn’t a gnostic thing although it was “experienced directly” it did not arise from the feeling heart principle. It we ourselves were to be the slicer of the cheese we have another kind of direct experience, no a longer a witness we are then a knower in a kinesthetic way involving more “substances" to deepen the experience and memory. This however is not the same feeling type, it does carry a certain truth character, meaning we know without question what this action is doing for us and in our direct relationship to these objects. This is not to be confused with gnosis, which we can in contrast say is a direct experience which arises from a feeling principle without our doing it, we are not a detached observer nor an active doer.

I find that even in meditative experience there can be many levels of confusion to what gnosis is. That is because until we are beyond the ai machinery and false fields of consciousness we are susceptible to taking in parts of that experience as a gnosis when it is instead an internal event like “cutting the cheese.” It is not the same as an external action but it is also not the same quality as gnosis. What I am describing is that when we do our internal work we are learning to sit with the essence, & we may then add to that things we are intending to experience, things we are imagining, things we are seeing and feeling, things that happening, seemingly to happen in some way(s). These avenues of subtlety require our attention, our space holding, our processing of them to arrive at a clearer understanding. Gnosis in contrast is direct understanding which the essence unveils. Through our practices of activation, clearing, and meditation we cultivate understanding but that does not mean we have much in the way of gnostic experiences. It is assumed that it will happen. It is often commonly mistaken that understandings of unexpected or special character are the same as gnostic wisdom and that is also not so. Although this description may deflating to some it is meant to be elevating as a result of neutralizing assumptions and illusions.

To take in that which resonates is the fine line or sword that can act cut through this jungle of idea-fields but we must learn how to pick it up and how to wield it in many forms or contexts until it is truth alone that guides us upon our gnosis paths. Remember that as an outside voice, this dialogue is to be read as a learned opinion. This is not truth-content for you its character though may lead you to truth. That is its purpose. We all read absorb, and/or listen differently and thus receive differently what is conveyed. What often occurs is that the gems of meaning we resonate with become referents to our own past absorptions, experiences, etc that is to be expected as connecting the dots allow us to forge ahead within and as we forgo holding unto anything like a collection of shiny things or nice and intelligent sounding or enlightenment looking objects we move forth from behind the idea-masks and into the open air where we may have more direct experiences with our living light source.

Regardless it is important to know that it is you who taking this path, it is you who are guiding it, even when mislead you will in divine right order and timing harmonize self-correct and move on, what you need for your experience is not a linear object or description, it is gnosis. How we each arrive there is the same by trusting the heart and learning internally what that is, this is an ongoing mystery which unfolds from within our guidance of the quiet heart and deepens as we learn to listen in. The nature of consciousness is indescribably profound, learning about your own essence is an eternal unfolding, as we come around to the implications of these truths we learn of the perfect peace of God. May you learn of the essence, here-now, unfolding to be witness-experienced arriving on its own side on its own time as God intends. This is a journey, may you find balance and harmony in acceptance of the gift that each moment is.. And may the graceful surprize of this be received.realize.jpg