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In the eyes of the mother we are perfect

In the eye of the father we are perfect

amongst the activities of living we may lose sight of this


But when we return to feeling, its fountain and foundations the true

remains; pure, tender, eternal, and warm

Through the lens of the ego we are not perfect

But a lens is not our eyes, our eyes also we accept and love ourselves

We are not confused by this

But we can at times be brought into an intellectual debate

A justification or defensiveness which

Does not change the fact

But may obscure our ability to feel it.

When we cannot or do not feel it there are times we feel

Lost, confused, vulnerable or at risk.

We are not an image, we are not how others see us, we are not particular qualities

We are a whole being which is experienced differently by others

And sometimes we also experience ourselves differently

These conflicts, games, processes, states, stages occur as possibilities or cycles within cycles becoming less varied as our sense of self returns to center, to source, to god.

Regardless of how we feel, it is always wisest to first

Acknowledge the fact

We are love, we are loved

In spite of what we may think or how we may behave

These things thoughts and actions, are not who we are

At most they are an expression of us

We cannot focus ourselves into being different

We cannot muscle it or intend it, we cannot avoid it

We remain who we are, acting in various ways

In various states of acceptance of who we are

and what we feel, what we are experiencing

Much of that challenge difficulty, joy bliss or experience is based

Within expectations and conditions we knowingly and unknowingly

Apply to ourself and to our experiences

When we have nothing to defend

We are at peace, when we are at peace

We are residing in our center

Remaining simple

No longer debating

or putting ourselves up to some kind of test, judgment, or criticism

No longer providing space for ourself

to come into contact

With violence

Comparing and contrasting ourselves

With others can lead to an overly mental orientation

That sows

Judgment and or superiority

These energies and principles are not

the respect, love and appreciation

Of the true father-mother god

Of the inner self

When we cease the measurements we exist

In freedom, living in relative peace and ease

In harmony with the universe

It does not require more than we are

It requires only that we honor who we are

Sometimes in spite of contrary or oppositional intentions or actions

From an outer

When we know this we have tremendous peace

And power, when we understand how to be eternally friendly

To ourselves

we lack nothing, we want for nothing

Much of what liberates is no longer seeking in the outer

What is already within us, to uncover we must also let go

of what we think is there, and allow ourselves to be led into stillness

Silence and calm so that we may listen and feel

In our feeling is revealed many things

As we refine our relationship to feeling

We cease treating our hearts like a treasure chest or a place to gather tools

We want them, our feelings and our heart

show us who we are in the voice of our parents

Which also becomes the voice of the holy parent’s when we have healed

The way we came to know love through our birth cycle

We come to know god directly as we lose the intermediary

of what we have learned

Of who we are, when we received felt or experienced love

This is a way of talking about it, but the consciousness that learned this is

Us, a christ child, who we must also lead beyond the boundaries of

Where it was made into the heart of creation itself, which is really though

Just being received by us, with our love, without conditions

Many of us have receive or learned that we are damaged something faulty or wrong, or otherwise incapable of the perfection God wants. If we let that line of thought go, we already know God does not judge, we are already loved, we must merely

Extend that love to ourselves

Because we can

Seeking reasons to love or not is a fools game of shadows

We cannot learn who we are but studying shadows

In spite of the fact that we do also get called to clear them and

Must at times also understand how we got to be entangled with them

Neither more nor less than that.

Trying to unravel the mystery of what you are not, can cause much suffering.

What that also means is just accept what you know of who you are even when unexplainable experiences occur or difficult feelings arise

Since there are always

Forces that do not want you to be free.

We have to be willing to walk away

If we want to end the struggles.

We not wait for approval from the views states of oppressors in our lives

We let go and walk on, no matter what we feel like

Because we can.

Freedom may not be the thing you think it is

But you will not get to experience something more than what it is

By waiting for a specific sign or state to arrive

What can also be a difficulty is letting of needing a kind of finality

It is not heroic, but we are not here to be heroes

That though does not diminish who we are

Who we are is more than any image or idea

Thus we cannot allow ourselves to seeking ourself in the images of aversion and pleasure

Avoiding and seeking what is not us for a taste of a thing

We already have a fountain of within us

Flowing quietly as we connect with our source

Within our core

We already are and already are

enough, loved


and love itself

Merely learning how to express ourselves in this world

Which is too waking up

along with us

There is tremendous beauty in knowing togetherness

In knowing also that many shadows

are not are own thing and need not be managed by us

In living we come to know ourselves

In forgiving we soften

The gift of growth, when we trust this

We get to know god

We do not recipes, formulas, rituals, or gurus

Devotion to our own heart-path

Is all that is needed