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Dear ascending family, 

We have reached another stage of Cosmic Holy Mother's returning in which many of us may feel the pressures of changing matter, in our very bones again at this time. Teeth in particular are highlighted, including the entire skeletal bone matrix as the planetary body is undergoing clearings and evictions from the lower harmonic universe in the 1D 2D and 3D bandwidths, of which the alien nets and fields of 666 curses and death seals which were placed into the Albion Body structure, core of the earth and thus, the human bone matrix are being cleared now more in depth than was previously possible. 

In our bones, we received the curses placed on Ezekiel's monadic body as a part of what is known as the Curse of Yahweh, the reversals and enslavements which were one of the ways to keep humans from understanding their multidimensional nature and placed death seals into the bone matrix instruction sets of our planet. The bones of the human body are harmonic resonators, which receive and transmit through peizo-electric compressions, and some may notice now that the bones are receiving various different waves incoming from the cosmic godparent domain fields. We have been experiencing the Cosmic Mother's White Sun, and the emanation of her Sun inside the planetary body through the Mother's White Ankh body, which is running frequencies into the planetary body and clearing our bones from death seals. Once the death seals or paliadorian seals are removed from the bone matrix, the bones of the physical body can start to accumulate the ray frequencies and change the body to the crystalline instruction set for the bones. 

At this time it is important to pay attention to your body, as the spine and hips can feel out of alignment. In females right now the continuation to receive the celtic triskelion and triquatra transmissions can push the body through a deep process of purging of the lunar energies and is a necessary process to restore the solar female inside the body in sophianic body corrections.  The earth's magnetic field continues a process of depolarisation as the cosmic holy mother's white rainbow dragon body is seated into various sections in the earth. Our holy mother has restored her white plasmic suns into the earth into the 4D Giza Stargate, the 10D Iraq/Iran Basra Stargate and the 7D Peru Lake Titicaca Stargate. These locations are some of the guardian host restorations in the returning of our crystal temples of the earth. These temples are the temple of Elodeah, or the temple of one from the heart and core of Andromeda Matrix, Aquaelle in Aqualasha as the tranmissions of the original diamond sun and holy mother temples of the holy houses of trinity reside there. These stargates now host the mother's cosmic white diamond djedi pillars of which lead into the houses of holy trinity inside the godworlds realms and Aqualasha, Aquaelle the mother-daughter Mother-sophia restored as one. 

Session Excerpt from 2017 during Paliadorian Dragon Activations Starseeds lineages in the earth. 


1D Bone Clearing, of Death Seals and Miasma - Support for Paliadorian Activations

Moving in to look at spinal column and feeling to clear the spine, from your tailbone and moving up with the application of rainbow round energy and Celestine fire in order to support all inorganic architecture and kundalini flows to be at their most optimum, moving up through the spinal into the nadial complex, clearing out forms of debris of inorganic energy. There is something I understand to be the caduceus implant which stops the flow of the microcosmic orbit joining in unified male and female channels, I was going to say there is a Tibetan reiki symbol that is called the Tibetan fire symbol I can see that in your spinal column, so in the seeing it I understand to remove it because it’s stopping the flow of kundalini and the caduceus implant – removing this architecture now and applying. Clearing through DNA fibres transmitters and receivers, the nadial complex and capsules, moving into the back of the neck and there is a form of miasma in there that seems to be compressing portions of the spinal column at the top where the head sits on the spine. Now, I see that as a kind of residue miasma, feels related to the atlas-axis, I am asking for any further information about that if we need to understand. It takes me into the timeline but I cannot see the content of the timeline, asking for all energies to be returned. Removing a spike implant, and inorganic architecture, collapsing forms of clone energy, shadow self energy, negative form energy and Celestine fire energy being applied with the intention of cleansing and clearing.

Let the emerald ray frequency, it’s carrying out a form of reclaimation of what feels like a reclaimation of your 9th sphere, feeling to clear through the auditory nerve function in the body, also the optic chiasm itself, being guided to apply the aquareion pastelline orchid lilac whiteish energy and now that is being applied into the sphenoid bone, into the actual cranial bones in your head, if I were to describe to you it’s like saying at the back of the head there’s 3 portions of bone of skull, it’s like the tectonic plates on the skull, this frequency amplifier is running through the bones and removing forms of dead light miasma, something that I want to call death seals, or 666 sextant matrix through the bones in your head. If you feel guided I would ask you to take some deep breaths, feel into that energy as it is flooding your entire bone matrix, moving down from there into the facial bones, the jaw bones, moving into the spinal column filling up the left and right hand side of the arms, the spine, spiralling round the actual bones themselves and moving inside the bone fibres and there is a sense of porosity of portions of bones there and this amplifier is almost like – I want to describe it as clearing out as porous points in the bone, there’s a sense of this moving down all the way into your tailbone and at the tailbone there is a form of stretching or re-orientation of the bone, degrees of the way that the bone sits in alignment that’s the best way that I can describe what is happening here. It’s like moving through the bone structure, moving it now through pelvic bones and sacrum, every single bone in the body, holding this space and observing the amplifier carry out some form of function of removing the 666 sextant matric and death seal and connections to trumpet pulse technology, death broadcasting technology, Yahweh curse system and Ezekiels’ body was bound into the earth in temple mount area, so there are these harnesses that were in your energy that have connected you into ezekiels body and are being dismantled now. So what I am allowed to understand it’s like reclaimation of the 1D atomic body through the bone structure, the amplifier is being joined by the aquafey (pale pastelline jade emulsion rays from Aqualasha which remove reverasl and black plasmas) energy and the mother-daughter codes, the father-daughter codes the mother-son codes, these are being run through the structural matrix the physical bones, the blood, the nervous system, all soft tissue, the venous system, the arterial system, every structure in your body is being flooded with these amplifier and what is happening is a form of collapsing memories of abuse, and trauma, and removing archetypal overlays of forms of black magic grids and reversal black heart systems, anubian black heart seeds.

The intention to connect directly with the bones of the body, sending them your love and gratitude for holding your structure and form in the body, intentionally filling them with the light from the cosmic christos or through your 12D shield building technique, and playing loving harmonising sounds to your body can support the process. Additional supplements such as Boron/borax and calcium may be something to consider in bringing strength to the bones undergoing this pressure. Symptoms can include waves of energy coming and flooding through from below the feet, in the 1D location and sweeping up like giant freezing colds waves of chills and feverishness, this can be felt in the back of the body for a while in stages. Then the front of the body may undergo a similar process. During these stages some deep emotional memories will possibly surface, and this is a positive for purging and allowing the energy to move through the body. Remaining connected to godsource and out from fears that will be raised in the body is helpful to the process. Meditation, warm baths and gentle environments can support the body process. The bones of the ascending human change to light as solarisation in the process of the solar embodiments. This process is happening at planetary levels now and will influence humanity, as such symptoms of this bone clearing process can feel like flu. 

The Cosmic Mother Solar Oroborous dragon leys in the planet, which are Mary-Sophia and Christ-Michael in the Michael-Mary ley line which were seated and ignited into the planetary body last year in their hierogamic dragon king pair, are supporting the activations and act as an amplifier to the planet in the holy flows of elemental re-encryption for the planetary body. 

With love,