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elohei 2022 08 13

In the last few months, the Cosmic Suns of Creation of the Godworlds realms, outside of time have been reconnecting into our eye of god from the top of our Universal time matrix, in the Lyran fields of future time. These Cosmic Suns reveal their consciousness as aspects of the holy parents of creation, the 1st godworlds creational realms and the Cosmic Ankh body of our Holy Mother-Father-Christos Sophia offspring, and have reconnected their bodies into the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons. Through contact with these Cosmic Suns, we learn that our Holy Mother Blue Aquamarine Ray in tones of Blue, Sapphires, and pastel Blues was in her higher aspect a Cosmic White Sun Body. As she shines her rays down into the time matrix, she emanated her ray through the Blue Ray Aquamarine, or what we have been connected to as the Ark of the Covenant, her arcing rays of light or the 13D part of the holy trinity. As the Cosmic White Sun in her Rainbow White Diamond Ray is present, she connects into our time matrix through the 18D Cosmic God parent source domains. She does appear to connect through these portals, in her Aton Sun Disc Solar pathway in emanating her consciousness into forms through her White Sun newly birthed into the Lyran Matrices, connecting into the Houses of Holy Trinity in Lyra, and the Rose family lineages. The White Rose of the Cosmic Mother is the Elohei Creator Dragons as Lions and feline beings that the holy mother has chosen her expression inside our time matrix. 

As the Cosmic White Elohei Feline Lion Dragon Mother in her Dragon Line Oroborous planetary ley lines, is reclaiming her body parts and aspects of creation, the recent field activation which is coming into view within the planetary body is the Pancreas of the human form. The Pancreas in our bodies is responsible for the digestion and aid of fats, proteins and enzymes in which the pancreas creates the hormonal fluid and excretions to ensure the sugar content of the bloodstream does not become too overly sugared. Our holy mother is restoring herself into the planetary body in her white cosmic dragon emanation in the waters of our earth and she is working with us to assist humanity restore and release the metatronic reversals and death-programming placed inside the human organ of the pancreas. 

The Pancreas organ has been placed with organ polarity reversals in which we have discovered include the lunar cording through bi-wave siphoning to connect directly to the biological birth mother's body. This creates a cording connection of receiving the life giving support and essences of the mother's elixir nectar and sweetnesses which is showing up as a polarity into the baphomet fields and addiction matrixes. Our own birth mother's biological forms were born into a planet with a broken Dark Matter Body, and without the fullness of the holy mother arc in her 13th pillar aquamarine blue ray emanation and her white ray cosmic emerald order 1st godworlds creation. As the guardian host focus is restoring of the planetary body and elemental structures through the Mother-Daughter or Mother-Offspring, Mother-Mary-Sophia daughters of god, these trinitised formations throughout the planetary grids and substances of the physical elements are being cleansed further from the lunar inversions of lunar-moon magnetisms. Holy Mother's White ankh in her Cosmic to Universal body, inside the Albion body is placing golden-white dragon eggs through her principles of embodiment in the Emerald Ankh and to the grids of the earth. 

As she interfaces with these lunar moonchain inverted magnetisms, she immediately deletes these death-programs from the satanic baphomet false dark machined alien mother, and replaces them with her actual physical manifestations of the songs of her creator god body, returning herself to earth's children and forms, to reunite with her, our holy mother. This is the restoration of the mother-daughter (sophia triple sun goddess) and mother-son (christos triple sun masculine) in the ongoing reclaimations of her offspring. 

The pancreas of the earth has been showing up in fieldworking in the lower South American - Chile Regions, and of which is being restored into its higher expressions through the mother's white staff djedi golden-white diamond pillars, the universal staff which is part of the carrier of the mother's holy rose trinity of flowerings of her watery song and krystal living waters of light. The human pancreas is undergoing corrections which are neutralising the acidic nature of venomous black rose and scorpionic expressions of satanic mother in the black rose atlantian alien clone harvestings which was taking space underneath the water and being used for human trafficking networks on the earth. Holy mother in her white diamond cosmic elohei river or waters, Azothian waters and perfected elemental forms, is pouring her range of living light waters into the earth, and into our pancreatic function. The pancreas in the activations is being experienced to receive the sweetness and purity of our holy mother, and she is restoring the pancreatic 6D-7D right side axiatonal lines in her particle-antiparticle ray merge, which is the restoration of organ neutral polarity, to receive unity flows of triwave life giving principles. 

The human body is a universal template which came from a cosmic dragon sun and of which the cosmic organs, cosmic creations godbody returns the principles of the human body formations from the cosmic template, entering and restoring its zodiacal principles through the cosmic clock of the aeons, the magnum opus and 13th zodiacal signs which receive the returning solar light and restore god's alchemical cosmic to universal laws into our universal time matrix and human body forms. This is the continuation of the cosmic dragons of god, emanating their cosmic principles to the created timefields, and is moving the constellations out from their lunar controlled moon cycles, into the solar clock of the cosmic clock of the aeons. Pisces constellation transmits to the earth the gender perfected Christos-Sophia, the offspring laws of god. 

As a result of this recent planetary activation, the following symptoms may be experienced:

*dizziness and hunger pangs, low blood sugar faintness feelings and sweating, magnetic or EMF field sensitivities, including headache, eye pressures and solar flare back of the head or frazzled central nervous system feelings. 

*excessive thirst, as the solar mother replaces the reversed sugars (bi-wave addictions) with her pure essence of joy-sweetness

*organ pains or stabbing sensations as the organ sheds the lunar magnetisms and reorients to the supermagnetisms held in the planetary ouroboros white dragon mother's pisces ouroboros ring

*taste sensation alterations, changes in food consumptions and the healing out of the physical connections with our birth mother, as the organ drops the lunar bi-wave cord to our birth mothers and resets the connection in each of us to our cosmic holy mother principle restoring to the organ instruction sets

*alterations in the acids and neutralisation of substances such as in the digestive tract, the imbalances of salt-sugar-sulphur within the body

*hunger or no hunger and the sensation of being taken back to previous food choices for comfort, and then the spontaneous release of a co-depency with food or beverages which no longer serve for the current body transmogrifications

It may be supportive to research additional mineral supports for the body. We have had comfort in electrolytes, and in liquid minerals such as zinc or copper to support these symptoms in the body, as the Holy Mothers Cosmic white flows, flames and lights are bringing her Supermagnetism and altering the magnetic field of the earth, in consort with the Holy Father's Pink Cosmic pink and lilac flows in organic metatronic electrons. Holy father is changing the electron spin rate of the planetary fields to continuing in marrying into wholeness and unification with Holy Cosmic Mother. 

As we live through the stages of the cosmic mother returning, may we each be comforted by her pure essence and blanket of love in recreating the organic functions of our pancreas, in dropping density and 666 metatronic sextant matrix bindings, to the reclamation of true holy mother essence, sweetness, purity and love for our true holy mother. Her song and comfort supports us heal out from addiction matrixes which provide only the pain-pleasure cycle in seeking instant gratification through material gain and value as the animator of life. Holy Mother reminds us all she is the eternal comfort which cannot be sought nor found in sexual addictions, satanic hierarchy, alcohol addictions, drug substances, consciousness altering substances, ayahuascha, spiritual attainments through false beliefs, compulsive shopping to fulfill one's desire for good things and comforts. In the human ascension, we must come to know and love our holy beloved cosmic mother in her arc of the covenant and vertical inner staff corrections, which lead us out of temptation and seducer forces and into the true arms of the one who loves her children. 

In cosmic loving service, 

Mhairi Arayas