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Here we are
You and I
As we are

Although we have hopes, dreams, aspirations, intentions
These leanings, although important energies of our expression
Experience and learning
Do not define us and should not be used as
This happens when the image idea or ideal
Is experienced as somehow more than or better than
We already are.


This is not, ever the case. And you learn to embrace this as fact
You come to embody a light that dissolves the dark ignorance
Which contains also fear of father or mother, of the shadow, the unknown
A non-factual abstraction that mixes in with our aspirations
And can at times be a force of criticism, judgment, or limitation.

There is no good reason, there is no merit in seeking any reason whatsoever
As to why this construct exists. There is no assignment of blame
For it was neither us nor god that made it nor wants it to be, nor was it our biological parents
Issue, it is as we say a glitch in a system that we have to learn to never once listen to
and come to disengage with
in spite of the fact we do not directly have an ongoing assertive control over.

This shade, of wanting to be, suggests in all manner of tonalities
elseness. Many times the elseness does not arrive as a force or pressure
Like a dominating ego, or narcissistic cut, it arrives as a sickly sweet goo
Which aims to instill a presenting of the self as only the light
A mirror which says you are so beautiful you are that— the image-ideal
You have always sought to be
And so we may become blind to the ghostly hand that guides us into
A lights that is not light
And have to relearn what it means to be fully anchored
In our inner authority
To stand brave and bare
With all our simple stories, our failures, as well as everything else
As we settle into non-judgmental
self acceptance
The puppet games we play with ourself or selves

Do not mistake the shadow for a master
For it can do more than push upon you and suggest.
The gift of our holy parents is to exist free.
Yet me too must learn what that means for at times
It is not what we want it to be or what it seems
We ascend
Only through this process
Of facing within us
And finding the inner fortitude to release, let go, and wear compassion as the sole
Song of leadership and in this gentle and slow circulation
Worlds can be changed

It is not a flash of brilliance, it is not perfected symmetry, or idealized words of magnanimous intellect
Or spiritual ego-pride
It is authentic graceful heart essence emerging
No more no less dense than a butterfly
Touching the outer, touching into you only a golden dust
Of truth
Which animates not the ego to fervor or worship
But which stirs the heart to openness
To peace.

Here we are you and I
Walking, stumbling, on this journey with kind eye, light hand upon the shoulder, and a smile
Learning what the real strength of the spiritual essence we are in fact is.

The days of effort, war, strain, pushing, shoving, fighting, competing
These too must come to an end in surrendering it- in walking away, in bigger bigger than
The thought sand suggestions that there is any value or merit in such argument.

Let “what if” too dissolve
And stand firm in the light that you are
Be what that is without deconstructing your sense of wholeness
Merely because someone else may be “brighter” “bigger” “stronger” or otherwise want you to be “other” which is to say to embrace an idea of “weak” so that they in their weakness
Can end their unresolved pain through control.
This means of grasping for the artificial, the temporarily by controlling the outer
Will never suffice will never last will fail and fall
In each and every case that has or will ever be
This is not the way of fullness wholeness or turret
This is not the benevolent grace and gift of love from our god parents

Thus too will we both, you and I, and others each upon our own path and in our way and timing
Come to more clearly know this
Fact, this eternal benediction.

Let the cascade of light fall, the need for bursts the blush of peacefulness and inspiration.
Even is the mind that knows God for it is anchored in the quietude of the heart.

Thus the cosmic nature we are comes speaks and acts with great equanimity and stillness.
Shifting only in the slightest the ethers around us, rather shining ever so slightly
To awaken us onto our own hidden brilliance.

May you let the striving to be go, may you let the entire construct of but then, what would I be, should I, how can this be, and the many other values arisign from unhealed confusion and wounds that there has to be or should be something better than this moment happening
than this you walking breathing and bringing just the natural sense of yourself to what is.
You may not know everything, you may not be the strongest but without comparison to the outer or the ideal
it is enough, you are more than enough
you are love.

Thus do you leave the ego and shadow behind
thus do you come to realize that narrative
was only a false appearance of opposition
you need not then carry its weight any longer

and so freedom begins, the unhindered spirit
you came to be rises

**elderly man in the art here was taken from a photo on inner critic meditation