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Dear family, 

Guardian host highlight themes at this time, as the 11D Stonehenge Stargate and the UK portals are under intense spiritual warfare at this time. We are preparing and supporting the seating and sacred marriage of Arthur in the Albion body, and his beloved wife Guinevere-Merida-Brigid-Mary Magdalene-Sophia and their unifications are underway at this time. As beloved Guinevere is also the aspect of female solar christ in her triple goddess triple sun and she is Cosmic Mother's White Sun as Merida of the Aton Cosmic Dragon Mother:  their unification heralds the planetary timeline shift into the Emerald Order control over the 5D timelines within the planetary body and Solomon shield rod networks which govern time. The second coming of Christ is symbolised by their returning sacred hierogamic union, together as they take their place in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons,  through Earth-Tara-Gaia in the Albion Dragon Body of our Planet, heralding the birthing of the Christ Child, overseen by the Three Wise Men, the Magi or Maji. Together they wear the Crown of the Maji in Emerald Rose Rings, and emblazened Emerald Star which unites all Northern Stars inside their Ancient Dragon Eye. This star aligns and unites them through the Emerald Heart Networks pointing into the godworlds, through their Emerald and Rainbow Heart Highways leading the planet all the way back into her Solar Path, returning Home to the Godhead. Their symbolisms are as the Celtic King-Queen who embody the principles of the Holy Mother, and Holy Father essences inside the earth. 

The UK grids in general are, and have been, and continue to be extensively filled with black magic, satanic ritualling, thothian black magic grids (aleister crowley death blood magick rituals) and massive amounts of alien controls including Draconian Hive Nests, Black Dragon eggs, Black Warhogs as Moloch blood tanks, Thothian Zephilum creatures, Kray Mantid beings and Wesan (parallell fallen universal time matrix) Black Dragon Collectives and Black Pillars as alien strongholds appearing as 4 pillared houses in demonic or antichrist controls through Pindar. Black flowering antichrist networks and gender splitting has been the hub of NAA controls in sections of the earth through the preferred controller bloodlines. Pindar is a 3 headed hybridised creature which appears in sections of the planetary grid networks to be the upholding of the cabal and human enslavements through controller structures upon the earth. Gridworkers may encounter this being as appearing in shapeshifting ways, such as an emanation of a grail king or knight, a female black scorpion queen, a black crocodile upright bi-pedal being and can hear the screechings and screamings of this with its underlings which have ruled in the inner planes and ley lines across the earth.

Gridworker Supports

It may be helpful to understand that this level of architecture nor creatures are not commonly encountered by those who are not here on a galactic warrior or guardian christos gridworker role, and thus, many spiritual groups have not been able to detect these creatures as they do also emanate as elementals or some enticing imposter spirit, masquerading as the light forces. These antichrist forces have been able to remain hidden through applying etheric weaponry, cloaking themselves and in using psionic abilities to deceive humanity. They are not easily perceivable to the average human upon the earth. If you are aware or become aware of these forces in your periphery, dreamstates or awakened consciousness, it can be devastating to experience this as a part of your reality. Many awakening starseeds can be in shock to encounter these realities, it is important to stay sane and to know that these images, realities, and experiences in consciousness are being encountered by those here who are participating in the energetic clear up, the removal extraction and witnessing of the heinous hidden underbelly of our planetary grids in the various dimensions of timelines. Those here in Galactic Warrior Gridworker missions are experiencing a heightening of demanding ego dominated entitled human and non-human weaponised targeting to increase personal life pressures and to employ predator character assassinations with the intention of inciting fears or persecution traumas. 

If you find yourself being in the midst of these experiences, and have not known about their existence before, call upon your personal 12D shield, and krystal star guardian families, your starfamily connected with the emerald order guardian host or directly to and with the godhead only. Call upon the Holy Mother Arc and transit functions to support the process. If your body is utilised in transit functions, please know that the process can carry on for several hours, interupting sleep and feel extremely uncomfortable to cope with. More seasoned gridworkers know that the servicework in this way has a timeframe, of being called into duty and then being released for periods of sporadic divine time. Thank you for your loving service to the benevolence of our creator families of guardian elohei supporting and returning their aspects into the land. 

Guardian Projects 

Guardian host Cosmic Elohei families are undertaking mass transiting and evictions of several alien constructs which have included interdimensional spacecraft, zeta reticuli grey alien looking glass military technology of timeline controls, and sexual misery instruction sets which split human gender male and female inner human principles apart. Themes at this time may include heavy energetic feelings of extreme burden of weight upon the body, shock, fear, sleeplessness or the feeling of being hunted and chased. Those involved in hosting transit through the Mother Arc Blue or White Ray, or the Emerald Ray in the Emerald Ankh may be participitating in holding the load out as the guardian Emerald Order Elohei are securing the portals to lock out these alien invaders which have been in control of the Albion sections. Many Annunaki Hybrids who were being enslaved by higher alien species have come to Guardian host for safe transit and to be rescued from being tortured and enslaved, many whom were being enslaved by thothian annunaki luciferian antichrist forces to do their bidding against humanity hidden in secret space programs, or in terrorising heart based individuals in an attempt to prevent the connection to godsource. 

The guardian host advise that the Stonehenge Stargate is an alien hotspot and hive, in which their presence into the grids has created a massive purging and intensity as the emerald order cosmic dragon king families are securing their 11D Cosmic emerald order dragon timekeeper pillar and various planetary rod and clockshield controls at this time. Stonehenge has been filled with heinous alien abduction sites, and was a favourite for antichrist Thothian-Luciferian Annunaki beings to choose to groom unsuspecting spiritual seekers into the alien traps of the false ascension matrices. However, the guardian failsafe architectures in protectorate functions as massive sound pillars which run from the godworlds and 1st emerald order godworlds creation from within the Amoraea Heart shields emanate liquid plasmic flowerings in their assorted ray colorations of Cathar Rose Pillars, and Copper-Rose-Gold highly refined plasmas. These Pillars were installed by guardian host Cosmic Solar King Dragon Families in which protect the planetary grail networks and nodes, and of which host the Cosmic Godparents Dragon Oroborous bodies throughout the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons. Cosmic Mother's Copper-Rose-Gold Dragon Eggs and Oroborous lines are active in the planetary grid networks running through the UK landmass from North to South, reclaiming and rejuvenating the Triple Rose Line, held and protected by Cosmic Mother's White-Emerald emanation as Merida. 

Creatures such as metallic large spiders, shocking multiple faced entities, teradactyl black winged spindly dragons or gargoyles, white faced demonics or dragony type seducers or agressors are common. The Black Sun Draconians are being transited out through the emerald order's return in focusing to the UK grids, and as such, all structures held in place by their controls or places people and things under their control are undergoing subtle or stark shocking shifts. Black dragon rings are connected to the antichrist underwater controls of the black rose and black womb structures, in which many controller human trafficking networks were connected into. The NAA controls over theglobal human populace hidden deep in the underbelly of the united kingdom mean that in personal awareness, double check your energetic resonance to where you should place your focus in your daily life tasks. These trickster and antihuman entities will attempt to pull you into a trap, and so if a thing appears shiny and attractive or too good to be true, do your due diligence in understanding what feels in heart based resonance to yourself, abide only by that in the moment to moment inner radar checking. 

At this time, for those feeling the ugly and horrific sensations it is suggested to stay steady as this phase of planetary grid networking is undergoing massive shifts and changes, and of which the negative alien agendas operating across the earth using the UK grid networks as their base, are being methodically dismantled now. The outer appearance is ramping up in the fear mongering, spreading lies into the media and to keep humanity on their knees at the behest of poverty fears around the monetary system, the pestilence fears through continual pandemic and new viral strains and general divide and conquer through barraging in psychotronic weaponry. Those based in the UK grids or with memories of the landmass,  may feel the intense psychic or physical pressure, as if something is about to pop again. The large booms sounds can be heard interdimensionally as portions of the grid networks are being cleared out and flooded by our holy cosmic mother's dragon ley line and ouroboros body is appearing to birth forth and flood the grid networks with her emerald dragon eggs, copper rose gold dragon eggs and peach dragon eggs which appear to be clearing out, reclaiming her tributary lines, the planetary rose-grual line, and reorganise and dismantle the alien structures. Her elemental re-ecnryptions are also removing and extracting massive amounts of black alien goo, the dodecahedron bucky ball reversals deep in the earth and matter underneath the surface which have held the alien controls and absorbed the blood sacrifice ritual energies. 

Empaths and spiritual hearts, starseeds and the indigo families who can feel the death energies as these are being moved out may be experiencing horror filled dreams, nightmares and taunting from invisible forces to bring death feelings and inner dread upon the body. Know that this is the warfare being generated to attempt to stop progress, but with spiritual embodied light and a connection to the God source through the heart, the perfect stillness inner landscape is the ballast point of peace and protection. The zero point inside the higher heart is the space to stay focused on, the thymus gland in bringing peace to the body in forms of comfort to the nervous system.

Megiddo battle, next stage of dismantling and eviction of invading species

Heightened interference or direct attacking may be experienced and thus it is important to keep one's emotional body and responses in check. Know your weak spots, your pain body and your reactive triggers as these will be exterted upon in order to create instability within you. See this for what it is, it's the intensity of the antichrist forces pushing for an energetic creation through the body as they can use this energy to feed back into their structures, thus keeping levels of control over humanity through self-enslavement in the shadow body, or emotional and mental triggers or fears. 

This is the Megiddo battle in reclaiming further grid networks in the Albio body that many christos gridworkers have been working upon for thousands of years across the entirety of the Christos mission timelines. The Megiddo battle requires us to be still and not take the bait of the antichrist forces who want to push, trick, and create doubt and destroy your position. The battle between the guardian host families and the antichrist forces is not a battle to fight, it is a defend position and not enter into hero-saviorism battles as these ploys are played out by thothian controllers martyring starseeds into a fighting to win position. Christos Starseeds do not enter into battle, nor retaliation with the negative entities or alien species they encounter. Instead they call upon the guardian host transit functions or the Interdimensional Free Worlds Council of the Emerald Order Founders to support the evictions and transiting. 

Be strong to know that this phase is very agressive as the guardian forces work to extract, remove and dethrone many of the satanic antichrist architectures, including blood sacrifice, pedophilic networks and black dragon rings. The taste or feeling of transiting blood, observing satanic ritual abuse in meditation or in the awareness of it happening in the multidimensional fields is common. Understanding that over history and hidden in subtle energy fields, the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Blood Sacrifice is made known to Christos Gridworkers, as their tasks for many years have been to observe, reverse engineer and to comprehend what this energy was providing power to upon the earth. If you are sensing this within your inner landscape, be still and connect directly to god, to assist the process through the consciousness. It can feel deathly horrific as an energetic horror upon the body. As we live through more of this dismantle, the physical body in consciousness alchemical transfiguration from lunar satanic dark mother alien forces are extracted, the solar light of the christos and godforces assists in the removal of this. Illness such as fever, flu and bruised skin or flesh is also experienced as a symptom of this work in the gridworker role. 

The antichrist forces are revealing themselves, because they are losing power and they are blindly and interestingly showing their hands and enacting their great "power" over humanity in the madness as they are losing their architecture in the earth at an unprecedented rate. Humanity has not been privy to this secret evil hidden in controller structures, and many starseeds or truthseekers are waking up to see the facts and behaviours which link this to antihuman antilife and antichrist agendas in human self-enslavements. This is the end times show down, as their rein over humanity will not continue. The guardian rishi and emerald order families are working overtime in the fields, of which many of our family of starseeds and indigos may feel the consciousness travel at night, through dream time, through meditation and in the periphery awareness.

Coping tips for the current energetic terrain

*When the antichrist comes for us, it can appear in different ways. It can appear through a situation that is very triggering, or it can appear as a demonic appearing in the astral or etheric planes. The energy, whether in a 3D life situation or an interdimensional level is the same. The trick is to realise that the forces use human beings as their carriers, and so trying to remember that a person is not a demonic force: even if they are being used to create an issue against you.

*Remember that when faced with difficult real life situations, mostly the energy behind the people involved are the antichrist: not necessarily the people themselves. Individuals whom are consubstantial to fallen angelics or demonics will show up in real life to test your patience and strength. Do not let your judgement be clouded by attempting to go to war with any of these human beings. Allow yourself to ask god how best you can navigate the real life terrain, knowing that you have christos-god on your side to help you shine a light into the learning curve or challenge that presents to you.

*The power of the christos within you will harmonise without having to fight, but you must hold steady and observe, observe, observe.

*The antichrist will reveal itself as it begins to posture and it will send trickery messages to your mind: doubt, slander, jealousy, oppression, mind tricks, it will hit you in your weak spots, and it will tell lies mixed with truths to ensure you are confused

*Do not listen to its whispers. Do not take on board the thoughts of self-sabotage, self-doubt, the fears. DO not listen to this force. Observe it.

*Stay in your diamond heart, your permanent seed atom, thymus and higher heart area. If your body is shaking with fear, or pressure or a horrible death feeling - Lie down, breath, use your shield and try your best to relax every muscle in your body. Let your consciousness intend to access your higher heart diamond heart in the zero point. Stay there. Your higher heart and 8D portal inside the lightbody connects you to the neutron window as the zero point access outside of time and space. This is your place of power, an outside of time observership in absolute neutral.

*observe what you notice and watch, carefully. Do not make the first move, just wait until the godforce allocates the time for this face off to take place. God is inside your body, god has your hand, all you have to do is stay strong in your understanding that the light of christos inside your body will be the peaceful warrior without you having to force anything to happen.

*When the time comes, when you are faced with a body pain that is unrelenting, meditate or hold the space in your lightbody and shield power-up. Be as peaceful as you can and call for god to help you in the moment. Ask god to show you what you need to know or to understand about this energy of the antichrist that has revealed itself to you in the moment. Observe, observe observe.

*as you observe the positioning of the energy and the demonic/alien blend force, it will be "witnessed" through your body and consciousness. This will provide transit for that entity from its position of enslavement in its time-space location, and your consciousness will be freed and healed from the influences that it was creating from its dimensional bandwidth or positioning.

DO NOT BE SCARED, You are a child of god and your diamond sun body is a gentle powerful force of love within this creation.

As stated above, we will have to face up to the antichrist in many forms during the course of our lives in the ascension path, and these forces cannot harm us when we understand how they operate. We have to see the energy of what happened to creation, we have to see what happened to the mother's body or the fathers body within our planet earth or the fallen enslaved and stuck consciousnesses and their influence over our realm, our planet, our fellow humans.

In these megiddo battle, you cannot "fight" a demon or antichrist force: the godhead conduit and zero point cannot be used to create damage, the inner christos cannot battle to create harm or retaliate and it will not work through a person who wants to "kill the evils in this realm, or to save humanity by fighting the antichrist" only the peaceful heart (even if its scary in the moment) will prevail over the antichrist forces. The christos and godhead energies are much more powerful in tranmuting out these beings, but many of them do not want to leave their seat of perceived power. When the eye of god through your human body looks these forces in the eye, they cannot stand in the same place as the christos does. This is true for all levels of the antichrist and alien devices in this system.

The predator mindset of the naa has installed fighting and war consciousness into the planetary body, if we engage with the fighting or we give an energy exchange, the bait hook is set. We each have to be careful of not retaliating or trying to fight; this is an alien trap system of which many have fallen into this patterning and it is very very difficult to correct. As christos peoples restoring the human experience into this realm, we can only defend our light. Defend can sometimes mean speaking up to take action, or in energetic terms it can be a choice of non-engagement. When we do not engage with another force, we are holding our own light steady and this can sometimes be the exact action that is required, under cosmic sovereign law.

In these end times of some very challenging circumstances, the Megiddo battle may appear in divine timing and can be surprising if not quite shocking at times. Knowing that this exists, that it is possible to come through these experiences with strength and gentleness can support an understanding of how the godsource can work through us to rise us up closer to the godsource and to continually dedicate ourselves to knowing and embodying that grace within. These experiences can play out in the material realms within your life but can appear as predator targeting from human forces or groups, to create a war with you and another person. Know that the ego mind and antichrist forces want war: humans were never meant to war. There is no force greater that the holy presence of god, but it only defends and uses divine timing and divine action through us, with the purest softest essence of love found only through your inner feelings and heart.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the New Jerusalem the Cosmic Emerald Cathedral City Four Square and Holy House of God, The Temple of Solomon, Forever.