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Dear family, 

We are undergoing a momentous ongoing solstice gift from our loving creators as the restorations and unification of the Elaysan-Melchizedek Solar Union as the Cosmic Holy Couple are united through the emanation and merging of newly received triple sun transmissions from their point of origin in the godworlds.  Their rays and crystalline body has recreated the monadic shields as solomon rod holy trinity spherical domains within the Gaian matrix, the 8d cores of the clockshields and rods inside the 8th dimensional fields and solomon shields which are directly connected to the Melchizedek Blue Sun, and the Elaysan Rainbow Mother's Sun at this time. Together they are restoring their Logos as a unified solar union, in which the great blessings of love of our holy godparents are being felt in this phase of their emanations into various triple reisha solar female grid nodes upon the earth. Their returning cosmic flows is correcting the time matrix and monadic layers of those with the genetic family lineages on the earth. There have been many ray distortions and implants to deter these families from comprehending their blue ray descendency from the mother matrices, including golden seraphim gold ray genetics overlays and false identity installations. These families have had their genetics reversed and installed into imposters of their names, in which the NAA used their false prophets and false maji king-queen union architectures to control humanity. As many ascending starseeds move through their soul and monadic corrections incoming through the corrections from our Mother's Cosmic Matrices, many deceptions will be revealed, as the truth must be faced in order to embody the divine personal blueprint, out from the glamour or spiritual ego bravado. 

These Ascended master lineages have suffered an intense painful past, in which many of them became cloned and genetically mapped into Azazael black AI constructs, and split apart during the Hyperborean timelines. Their bodies and spiritual parts were held in many satanic ritual abuses in the parallell draconian matrix, and cloned out to create false maji structures to deceive humanity in red cube AI architectural structrures which would appear as false rainbow and false mother structures. In the monadic timelines many imposters and antichrist alien love bite cloned energies and an assortment of separation memories are able to be healed into wholeness as the solar bodies are locating and finding their lost aspects in a guardian recon and rescue mission. These Melchizedeks were separated from their aspects in Elaysa, the rainbow opalescent diamond ascended master families whom are the protector embodiments in the emerald sun body for the cosmayinas founder records outside of time through the cores of the galaxy, universe and to the godworlds cosmic trimatrix. As these cosmic ascended masters restore their architectures into the various structures and embodying into the planetary grid networks the pressure may be felt very physically for those with past timeline histories of separation and lunar inversions which will be brought up for healing and purging these painful memory records from the personal diamond sun body. 

Remaining centred in the heart, Disclosure Cycle

(excerpt edited from January 2021 Newsletter)
As we memorialize this point in time on planet earth please stay strong for the next stages of reveal. Many starseeds and indigos continue to hold their 12d hubs throughout the earth which serve as frequency harmonizers.

It is understood that various media deceptions, military and space rocket technology, human trafficking, and hidden crimes against humanity may be a part of the reveal on the world stage. The first waves of ascending starseeds and the indigo families have been aware of these covert technologies and the intruders to the planet, and have been preparing to support humanity for the next chapter of collective consciousness evolution. To comprehend the darkness and evil which has infiltrated upon the earth, we must open our eyes to the vast controller structures of society which perpetuate human suffering. Most humans do not understand that there is a war over human consciousness, or that the godforce is a beautiful loving force of ultimate compassion.

In order to heal from the hidden histories of the deceptions through these control structures, we may be called to hold a place of neutral witnessing in support of our families and friends who have not been aware. There may be many strange occurrences and casualties as we go forward where individuals are being pushed to their limits through emotional, mental and physical stressors. The planet heart awakening for collective soul groups brings a heart activation in consciousness evolution activations. The human heart has been kept in the dark, and as the return of the second coming of christ illuminates all that has been hidden many will face anger, sadness and be given the opportunity to know the truth. The guardians have repeatedly returned to the earth to share the absolute knowledge of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, through their representatives throughout time. Many of these representatives were killed, maimed and mocked for their efforts.

Each human on the earth is a emanation of the source from god,  and this fact has been removed by the alien controllers and constructs placed to hide this knowledge. Religious teachings have been put in place as a control system to divide humans and create hierarchy, never leading to the true god source and instead keeping pain suffering, judgement and sinners in disobedient repentance against what they believe is a god that they have to appease through various deceptions based in the dogma. We have one creator who did not create division nor religious rules set in control, all of humanity can reach through their heart to reconnect to the truth and to god to understand that there is nothing to fear when this connection is fully made. As we move through the next stages together, may we realise we are all humans existing on a planet under rehabilitation and any form of violence, separation, warring, hatred, evil or service to self agenda is a direct violation of universal godsource law.

Remain open in your heart, ask your connection to godsource to reveal to you the absolute truth. When one knows the truth there is no fear in the face of any revelation. As our planet is shifting into the next stages of ascending and disclosures it is imperative to understand the practises of crimes against humanity have been enacted on earth for thousands of years. We have the light within the light returning its essence to shine upon the dark spaces of the human shadow. The shadow must be seen and will rise to be obliterated.

Solstice Winter 2022

At this time the galactic cores and corridors into the andromedan matrix and passageways through the cores of creation are open in full alignment through the Emerald Core Plasmic Heart Highways, the direct conduit and transmissions in a more concentrated manner may be felt upon the earth this Christmas passing. As King Arthur's Albion Body Heart is being restored into his eternal diamond pillars he has merged the Taran blue heart into his emerald heart networks ready for the next stage of his and his beloved Guinevere's next stages of ongoing ceremonial sacred marriage sequences as they step through the Melchizedek and Elaysa Crystalline fields and pillars together. 

Their task to restore the golden aeonesis hierogamic union into the earth grids from within their heart base in the United Kingdom is imminent and under the watchful eye of the Cosmic Elohei families supporting their pathway. Their Crown of the Maji is the capstone of the earth's ascending direction which shows their emblazened cosmic stars and trinity of emerald flames which are aligning further into the North Pillars facing the trajectory governing earth's direction in the ascending timelines.  The unified astrological precessions of equinoxes within their Maji Crown merges to create the emblazened star to continue moving them into their highest timeline and pathway back through the timefields with the inner eye of the maji or ancient dragon inside: seeing and guiding them towards the Star of Bethlehem, homewards to be at one with the Cosmic Christ Creators once more. This is recorded in the essence of the three wise men, the Magi travelling towards the star of christ within the temple of solomon cathedral and new jerusalem discovering the Christ dwelling and birth within the house of God. 

Together they are a beacon of liberation and reunification with godsource as the dragon emerald timekeepers gatekeep the ascending timelines for the many pathways of humanity stepping into the stairway to heaven within the cosmic clock of the aeons,  spiralling upwardly and forwards back home to godsource in a series of many lifetimes and lessons, in the great mysteries of the personal discovery of the holy parents. Arthur's task as the protector of the earth and embodiment of the Solar Dragon King beckons the personal human ascension upon the earth into the many initiations through the cosmic dragon creator's gifts left for humanity to find their way, in discovering new pathways and following in his shepherding footsteps through the Albion Body mysteries of the Earth. 

May we feel into the blessings as our dragon creator families, our albion dragons ouroboros Solar Dragons in the ley lines whom are outpouring their elemental plasmic rainbow rivers and flames, sounds and songs, hearts and purest glory for humanity as the tones of creation are resounding through their diamond hearts and voices, as the celestial choir in service to humanity. Their one wish and divine purpose is to restore the human experience into the organic divine blueprint that was the original harmony of life within the earthly realms. As you observe the landmass where you live, can you sense the dragon elemental consciousness restoring the living flows of god into the rivers, the earth soils, the trees, the air? 

With loving Kindness, 

Mhairi Arayas