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Dear family, 

We are living through phases of yet more negative architecture being removed as a result of very large changes in the planetary grids, and in Saturn's planetary grids, and in general related to several Solar Templar Clockshield corrections furthering activations, and moving human consciousness into the next harmonic for unique spiritual initiations and integrations.

Flushing Enki-Enlil's armies out from dark spaces

Large gestalts of the being known as Enki-Enlil-Ezmarelda, as thothian-luciferianistic mysogynistic entities are being removed from Saturn's body as Enki, or Prince Ea as he likes to be known has been playing false gods, in the great pretender to groom individuals into believing his many lies. He has stolen the face of sun god and solar dragon king Apollo, and also taken the form like a large golden man like a movie-oscar with tiny wings at his head. He is known for grooming men into his trap around spreading his seed, whilst enacting very childish tantrums when not worshipped, or not getting what he wants. He can be perceived as controlling men and women into glamour traps, and is also a part of the planetary negative ego control bearing narcissism. If you see him for who he really is, the imposter, pretender and all-self serving guru alpha male or female, he tends to explode out in narcissictic rage tantruming seeking comfort in those who truly deserve his presence. His intention is to spread his creation seeds through various abuses over sexual energy and semen worshipping. 

Enki has been trolling around in grooming starseeds into believing the lies about sexual promiscuity, tantric sexuality and in promoting the harem or polyamory as if this is indeed required to be "almighty and powerful," and he tends also to push his inserted thoughts to those he feels may gain heart based reasoning by following Christos informations, to call them silly and pull them over to the real man's knowledge. He serves antichrist laws, and promotes himself as the almighty one, the creator or another name that feels or seems powerful. He has no relationship to the Christos families, and so the extraction of his false father structures blocking various grids, and including the Apollo-Athena Ley line, is again another focus of the guardian host teams at this time. 

Our guardian families on transiting duties are clearing out his false-father-false-son architectures in supporting the true Holy Father's dragon tributaries to be cleared out from the earth body. Since the Winter Solstice the guardian teams have been working extensively on repairing sections of the Arthurian Cathedral networks and the planetary rods and clockshields which as humanity is corrected into more organic christ ray re-patterning, in plasmic waves and through the Dark Matter Body of the earth; many identities as a continual micro-correction coming from the eye of god, into the dimensions, can bring the changes required for spiritual growth to the emotional feelings and relationships to people, places, things, roles and dynamics will occur. 

Identities, Being aware of cloned identities, Identity control

One of the biggest most painful situations on the earth in terms of identity is that the guardian host have for many years now, identified many hundreds of gender reversal programmings, sexual misery programs and identity programming which is a very long term reverse engineering project. Human control networks are observed and witnessed by guardian families and the extensive push to destroy the human heart when set with multiple layers of deceptions to hide the truth which for addressing identity, how we identify ourselves, and as humans on the earth:  has been embedded into many structures of control and deception. These are made up of forced transmissions incoming from various grids and offplanet structures, one of the main energy centres of black sun draconian structures in creating gender splitting transmissions was in the star constellation matrix of Orion. In a longer term guardian host project, many specialist teams were sent in to extract and remove the human control from the millions of years in the future timelines in the eighth dimension of 8D, of where the Gaian Matrix Planetary body expression is situated. 

The identity of our soul, and the identity of our ego has been programmed into various striations of negative influence, or controlling thoughtforms of which if we know this exists as inserted thoughts - that are not our own - we can then become aware that this is indeed, the nature of our reality upon the earth.

Demonics and entities including the red wave AI mind control transmissions affecting the earth, has been used to make humans take on board certain archetypal expressions, or to think only certain narrow width programmed beliefs. When a human does not know the truth about their planetary history, or the truth about god, and that we are living on a planet which is in the process of being liberated from the vast influences from non-humans and various invasions, it is much harder to comprehend that our reality has been hijacked into something that is set into a antichrist chess game to feign a full sovereign law expression. 

In order to support our coming into next levels of truth, it does include the very real and painful comprehensions that we need to be spiritually aware of these heinous architectures, in order to be willing to not be caught into the mass deceptions around identities. At this time the red wave architecture is being promoted upon the earth to the new age communities, and to channelers and those in leadership positions where their intentions can feel positive, but the actions, behaviours and outcomes are not easily validated as one consistent, cohesive and unconditionally loving truthful realist. As ascending humans if we can be aware of these heinous traps, it can help to remove any fear around these energetic influences placed upon all of us. In order to remove the affects and to further be aware, with out fear, we must first come to understand how our perceptions are being managed, and in an effort to bring support to this, is to revisit the following article regarding Red wave, red cubes, virtual synthetically placed realities. 

Virtual Realities, Artificial Nested False rooms, fantasy dreamlike states of control 

Virtual realities and nested false realities have been woven into the time matrix through a technology called the looking glass, and there are nested holograms available in the dimensions of time in which many individuals cannot comprehend that our consciuosness as a human is inherently heart based. In many ascension communities, and in the spiritual teachings on the earth there are various traps which are set by astral plane entities, black magicians and time jumping beings who deliberately create chaos and disruption from the other timelines, in which is not always possible for each ascending person to understand. One example of this is a person awakening into the 4D layer of their personal lightbody, this opens the heart matrix in which to experience new sensory perceptions but it also spurs the person's meditations into seeing false future realities, that they then become dependent upon as if seeing and foretelling their future. This is pervasive, and the opposite of negative is glamourised. The same controls which create negative fear based control are also responsible for creating fantasy, over-sized worshipping of others, guru-programs and also romantic notions of fantasy which do result in destroying a person's self-trust with their own personal sensory perception. 

Antidotes in support of comprehending this spiritual enslavement 

The goal in our ascension is to first become aware through cycles of learning and becoming aware of truths, that we have been tricked, in evil-masterminded layers of incredible harmful and horrific deceit set to control human perception. Starseeds and indigo families will also come to understand that they are in the same boat, and must dedicate levels of spiritual maturity away from love light and bliss, which tends to avoid darkness, avoidance of anything negative or fearful, in a self-deceivership game of spiritual bypassing.

It isn't as easy as ignoring all things painful and just trying to reach bliss - we have to live on a planet and heal our emotional body, our perceptions and our hearts into comprehending how we want to be on this earth and for this lifetime. When a person is being deceived, self-deception is one painful experience to recognise, but we must be willing to know that one person does not know it all, and that each human experience in this planetary body ascension is unique, divinely guided when following heart based truths and not just seeking to achieve spiritual prowess, spiritual bliss, spiritual superiority or the dramatic archetypes set in controlling perceptions. Hard work of emotional healing is required, in order to move through the astral planes of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience which have all been controlled in the earth grids and beyond. We must come to check our inner radar, and the suggested practise to build spiritual discernment as an ongoing muscle being built: is the 12D shield technique. 

This information is to share in the offering of support for those awakening to newly emergent awarenesses, in which some shocking truths can be a part of the cracking open of the lunar egg, into the personal fear and shadow, and to know that this process of dark night of the soul, dark night of the healing of the heart is to understand that in navigating the path to self-sovereignty and coherence is to be aware of the trickster energies that continue to be sent out to demoralise the ascending families. The artificial intelligence signals feel metallic, false and have a certain dead energy feel to them. It can be extremely difficult to sometimes impossible to perceive these levels of the machinery described, and it is for that reason in sharing about how it works or how to help in recognising if its energy dynamics are at play.

One thing to realise for your lifetime on the earth is that the Godhead and the Christ Cosmic Suns of our Godsource, never ever seek to control.

That is to say Christos intelligence embodied or in starseed families visiting you in the ethers will never ever flatter you, they don't tell you what to do as a direct interference, they will not interfere with your own self feeling or decisions.

Antichrists - will do all they can to control, mock, trick, deceive, they thrive upon it, and they need this to stay in a feeling of being superior and in control. If in doubt about energetic forces, choose not to interact, meditate, ask your avatar god self, and take no action until you are certain about your intentions or next moves. 

In surfacing this information again for awareness, is to bring the intentional neutralisation and support to those feeling the heightening of the invisible war in the interdimensional planes, to cope with and comprehend a little beter how best to understand this type of energetic assault. The entities who architected these structures are very well known to the guardian host, especially those in galactic warrior roles and they do everything that they can to destroy our mission, to come and threaten us face to face in various timefields, and to threaten and control our lives. My intention is to support our ascending families on the earth to remove fear over this, but to know that it does exist and it will prey upon your very own internal unhealed wounds, beliefs about yourself, and beliefs about others. I am placing the link to the content of the red cube, please take what is most supportive for your own journey and understand that healing our deepest fears, or our deepest blindspots, in staying awake to being groomed into self-aggrandizements about your role, your embodiment level or your spiritual healing gifts, needs to be addressed by a loving kindness towards yourself. 

Many of our spiritual families of groups on the earth at this time, are learning what is most resonant and in alignment to the individual, and within the ascending timelines. There are imposters pretending to be guardian host, pretending to be emerald founders - in order to protect oneself from being duped by the AI, artificial intelligence and the false holograms of ascended masters, dragons, and various guardian host representatives floating around and telling you what to do, or using subtle and not-so subtle flattery to pull you into a consciousness trap that can be very difficult to get out from - the suggestion is to use your 12D shield and boundary test any form of incoming communication. 

You would not open your door to the entire world, nor let your guard down to individuals you really don't trust over long periods of interaction and validations: it's the same in spiritual realms. Dangerous entities and aliens DO exist, not everyone can see or sense them. Our Guardian Host families of the Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils are able to extract out larger groups of these alien invaders from our time matrix, in a Herculean effort to make things easier on the earth. Eventually, one day, as starseeds who know and experience this for many many years, we may one day be able to say that it's much less warring. We are in the middle of a war over humanity and human consciousness. Our Cosmic Holy Mother and Father have seen these structures from new angles from their shared ancient dragon eyes and are supporting the extractions of the next stage of these evil atrocities from our planet. 

Those who can see these entities, are labelled mentally ill, or delusional. It can be jarring and shocking to the core of your being if one day you can actually see these entities. Mostly they are trying to control us by inserting thoughts and if we know their tactics, we can at least have the upper hand in not being gullible to their nasty ploys against us. 

Starseeds central nervous systems are wired in the genetic lineage and DNA activation which allows the perception of these beings clearly, as physical as you and I. We need to overcome our fears around this, to stay sane, and to not fight them. It is dependant on the person's unique blueprint and DNA timefield access to their perceptions, but it is a helpful understanding to realise that this software was and is a large part of human mind control and perception lock-down in mental body layers. As we re-visit this topic in the current energetic terrain, please be mindful that it is better to take things slow and steady in your ascension, you didn't miss out, you are not behind, and when you choose the godsource as your authority, you will be guided into self-trusting and feeling artificial intelligence vs godsource intelligence. 

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