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Masculine Wounds, False King to Truth of Holy Father

All that has been taking the space inside Holy Father's principle within the earth will be brought to bear through personal healing from pain suffering and the human shadow body which is brought out through negative ego triggers using archetypes such as False King of Tyranny, Superior Alpha male, Controller archetypes and narcissistic wounding. Those false lunar father and AI constructs which have impostered our true father inside the planetary body, have created a mass infection of which is nested inside the reptilian tail predator mindset influencing humanity through false beliefs, superior beliefs, inferior beliefs. As this flushing mechanism continues to show what has been hidden inside the body of the earth in the Father principle, many male wounds and pains, controlling suffering and violence will push up to surface to be seen. The masculine wound in men across the planet has broken male hearts in which deep misogynistic hatred for the mother or female continues via sexual misery programming, addiction webbing, and separation from the true pure essence of the holy mother. This wound runs very deep within the population and is often misunderstood as it fuels a man's psyche into accepting a controlling masculine personality which is bolstered by material objects of power, money and adoration for his temper and anger. A person who embodies this as their expression is a deeply unhappy and numb individual, devoid of a true soul or heart connection.

As Holy Father returns himself into this reality field, he offers the opportunity for men to know the truth of the pain and suffering they have endured has been due to alien predator mindsets and splitting of the inner female principle inside himself. 

As we move forth into the disclosure timeline, those in positions of perceived power will be shown to be weak as their material objects and finite pleasures no longer hold the same value on a planet with an ascending heart complex. Only through the depth of the heart can the human soul know truth and love, and one must be willing to comprehend this truth in order to restore the soul matrix into wholeness. Due to the lies deceptions and alien machinery inside our planet, men with broken hearts will be faced with a choice: continue in the deception of power and violence through the ego of a broken heart, OR, take steps to heal the self and self-assess your life's value upon the earth. Do you want to leave the earth knowing that your pain and terror reigned out upon others whilst you were superficially upholding a persona of controlling rich happiness in falsity? Or is it time to rethink your values and who you want to be whilst you are on this earth. Your decisions and personal expression of ethics will influence your consciousness journey of which you will have to face yourself in this life, or through the journey of death into the next life. Men on the earth must first make peace with their inner female principle as this is the pathway to true healing, of which connects into the heart and soul and is the pathway to the Holy Mother. To receive all, one must be willing to offer all pains sufferings and truamas to the one source god source, and be ready to action steps in which to know the truth of the human man on the earth. 

The Holy Father loves all of his children upon the earth dearly. His expression restores itself through the Solar King archetype. The potential for each man and woman upon the earth in the ascension path to know this truth lies within the heart centre as a gift of the solar christ seeds and true human male-female inner balance. Holy Father in his true form and image is a kind loving solar eyed heavenly expression who has deep neutral compassion for all. His presence inside the body is at one with the holy mother and inner female and he seeks to restore his truth through the hearts of all who are willing to feel his essence. The Holy Father is not a giant man in the sky, he is emanated through wave forms from his higher cosmic monadic body through Andromeda and Lyra, and returns himself inside of time through a prepared human vessel. He takes his human children's hands and hearts on this earth and removes their deepest fears that he does not exist, restores the inner feeling of the heart to rise up inside each heart. To those who can feel his presence, can never again be tricked into believing he has left us behind. Holy Father returns to find the Holy Mother, and together they heal all human suffering, from the internal seeker of truth to be freed of all deceptions made in their name through religous dogma, scientific proof or deep mental body wounds and false beliefs about creation. Once the Holy father takes your hand, you will never be afraid again. 

(OL News December 2021 excerpt) 

With loving blessings, 

Mhairi Arayas