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As the 7th Cycle Stage of Christos Paliadorian Covenant Gold Body/RA Center Activation is being rehabilitated in stages, at this point in the planetary body guardian teams of the emerald order families are working with Gold Ray Solar Rishi 14D corrections from the eye of god. 

Recent guardian projects have been restoring the recovered Gold Ray Founder technologies of the godhead, recovered in the summertime Malta gridworking confrontation, to repair the Gold Ray coming into our Universal time matrix from the 14D gold ray, into the correct timeline and spirals of the clockshields held within the source point of the Cosmic level of godworlds Golden Cosmic Sun. 

This might be supportive to understand as it is happening now, as guardians applying corrections at the Universal Level in the 14D Solar Rishic timefields, and in the planetary solomon shields as this flows through the cores of the time matrix through the 14D Rishic Logos Gold to-12D Avatar Solar Logos-8D Monadic Ketheric Gaian Matrix layers for gold ray maltese cross templar cross of golden solar sun, timekeeper functions in gold ray which was appearing in support of family of michael, michael-mary solar ouroborous dragon bodies in the earth in their ley-line and ezekiel timekeeper principles as the support to return the golden 4 pillared city four square cathedral corrections in ray identity changes through the Albion, held in the centre of the UK Albion networks which are receiving now the incoming Christos golden rays from the the cosmic golden sun in the godworlds and to the 14D timefields of the Solar Rishi-Reisha 14D dimensionalised timelines. 

When the convergence of the 14-12-8D are downstepped in plasmic ratios of christic proportion, these rays align into the correct fireletter sequences and transmit the vertical and horizontal golden genetics which animate the corrections in the golden plasmas of solar lights. In the Monadic Core and higher heart the organic golden sextant matrix and the carbon to crystalline diamond and solar body rehabilitation can start to correct and receive the golden cathedral, as the city four square and house of god for the ascending human. The later stages of the corrections bring forth the golden ray upgrades which change the 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons into the upgraded silicate matrix coding which accretes into the 144 subharmonics of the 12D Avatar Trinity Rays of Platinum White, to provide the additional 8 electrons, 8 neutrons and 8 electrons to change the spin rate of carbon matter (666) to the 14, which assist in the solarisation of matter, to the crystalline body template of the human which is held inside the solar rishi trifold godhead flames and fields of the 13D-14D-15D or the Aton Raja Universal Founder Cubes, and Trinitised eye of god as the godhead for this time matrix. 

Additional transmissions happening from the eye of God into our time matrix at this time is the presence of the Sands of Time as Golden Sand elemental diamondine particles of the Solar Golden Clockshields and the sands of time for golden dragon and seraphim angelic human repatterning to the organic christos coding, is supportive for the paliadorian solar goldray dragon consciousness parts and seraphim in the ankh body solar dragon rings. The Ankh body builds the solar dragon rings, into the gelesiac rings held in the sonar sound body layers of the building of the mother and father into the body, through the ascension cycle. As the patterns of the dark matter black coloured gelesiac rings appear on the lightbody, in layers and stages, these help to receive the corrections required to repattern the carbon matter, the dark matter, and the elemental atomic matters of the human form into receiving the corrected re-encryptions of the platonic solids and the mathematical spin rates aligned directly to the creator through the 13-14-15D eye of god and correct rays.

This is a part of the re-encryption of matter in the human body instruction sets, which can generate some heat, thirst, sweating, dizziness as the lunar reversed controlled elemental matter is being sustained by living light in the solarisations taking place at the planetary level, and thus, the human level. Many symptoms of ascension as humans are being freed from various antilife death patterns held in dormant and switched off DNA, or junk DNA as science has named it, are bringing up ancestral disease miasmas from the biology to be transformed through solar fire transfiguration flames, to help heal off the carbon based 666 elemental compactions. 

The matter in this matrix has been infected at the quantum level with the various dodecahedron aether and time of the platonic solid instruction set which was terraformed and reversed by the alien invasions and reversals of the code in the grids in the quantic levels, which has meant death decay and dying of the human form in metatronic reversals was the death coding preventing the human understanding eternal life and eternal feedback loops through their diamond sun 12 sphere DNA body. 

Hierogamic Union Seraphim Templates, Gold Ray Genetics

The returning of the restorations coming from the Cosmic levels of Golden Sun, allow the Golden Aeonesis of the stellar transmissions of the Ursa Major Pleiades 14 stars holding the 7 male and 7 female sun-star portals to be restored sequentially into the organic timelines. This means that the potential of the Golden Aeonesis holding the Sophianic triple daughters of god, and the Christos triple sons of god as the Christos-Sophia can now support the Gold Ray families to bring forth levels of inner sacred union and spiritual relationship unions to receive the corrections they required in their genetics to heal the male and female genders. As this is restored into the earth, the guardian host families from the godworlds have been building out the seraphim genetic equal hierogamic union template which appears as 2 x 144 templates at a universal avatar solar logos level, which embodies the trinity of offspring solar daughters of sophia and solar sun of christos as holy trinity solar lights in the 4-7-10D female solar, and the 3-6-9D masculine in which the male and female merge to create the inner conduit within genetic equals from the seraphim avian lineages to restore the hierogamic union potentials of risen christos-sophia. This occurs within the golden cathedral in their shared body throughout time, and allows the no-time expressions of their zero point and unified waves to enter into the time matrix through their cathedral. 

The changes in the Albion networks and planetary body are showing up as 2d-5d-8d rods in gold ray to-staff corrections in goldray seraphim-seraphei lineage corrections and golden dragon. I am not sure which thread to bump, but this one popped up and is appropriate for the corrective sequences as it does correct the clockshield and RA centre for identity.

It is appearing that this correction ignites solar dragon golden seraphim wings for the planet in the cathedral activations, and in returning the layers of seraphim golden wings to angelic humanity and starseeded humans in the ascending timelines. The Solar Level of the Golden Dragon Wings is being restored into the Gaian Matrix, for the Solar rod holders, of the Cosmic 14D layers of the Golden Solar Dragon Wings for the Solar Rishi. 

Within the planetary body the timelines and clockshields which are undergoing further stages of corrections and repairing, in each dimensional bandwidth holding gold ray into the rods of the earth,

2D personality mental body and sexual organs - grail points of human sexual organs

5D soul matrix corrections and 5D mentor band higher mental body functions in the soul 

8D for monadic rods, higher heart and gold ray golden solar heart restorations and for michael-mary wings in the golden ray avian genetics for seraphim heart twinning 

The 5D Clockshield gold ray and seraphim and golden solar dragon corrections are placed for timeline and identity corrections which can alter in the RA centre for the conscious timeline identity expressing in the krysthallah lightbody. The ray identity body and spherical domains of the radial bodies are correcting which appear like golden globe atlas type of structures in conjunction with corrections for planetary rods, ezekiel, atlas rod holders type of timekeepers appear with this also, the sextant matrix golden pendulum that the ezekiel dragons and solomon rods hold help with further metatronic black sextant and black pendulum clocks bindings as the solar clockshield in planetary 5D are being aligned by guardians.

Just a note in case supportive, as the Golden Eagle Grid and michael-mary male and female human starseeded healings continue, the dragon king ouroborous bodies of Christed King Michael & Solar Queen Mary are aligning more now in their horizontal to vertical and diagonals which is bringing in updated cathedrals and potentials of the Golden Cathedrals for Golden Cities architecture to be built for those lineages. This means the expression of city four square in higher dimensions of the timelines, is being restored into the timematrix and experienced now as a planetary activation cycle. 

The Magnetic Peak of the August Malta Project of guardian host Cosmic Elohei Emerald Order Family missionwork was supportive in guardians being able to retrieve the golden planetary ankh and 10D artifacts out from Unholy trinity black templar networks within false rods and false timekeeper structures from the signature of Orion Draconians, in which is linked into this time matrix rehabilitation process. Guardians advise that this restoration of the Gold Ray Founder Architectures will support in the rehabilitations of human and starseeded identity issues as the mass cloning of the gold ray seraphim angelic human body parts in the placements of false identities through insertions of false holograms, and installations of false rods of time and timeline perception problems which has been installed in mind control into the 2d/4d splits of the spheres on the diamond sun tempalte and support to correct the grail rod alignments. This correction helps align more gold ray 2d overrides in bringing in more timeline and clockshield repairs which align the personal north into the goldray portions and correct the shields. 

With Much Love,
Mhairi Arayas

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