Ascension is Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment, it is a multidimensional event that involves simultaneously an increased frequency of energy, a speeding up of atomic particle pulsation, heightened merkaba spin rates, leading to frequency accretion, dissolution of auric layers, DNA activation and braiding, and an opening and expansion of consciousness. Although we tend toward this description our consciousness already exists at higher expressions so it is equally valid to say that we are becoming progressively aware of the existence of our higher self and are establishing a greater linking system so that our godself is aligned with and integrated into our embodied awareness stream.

This is a gradual change in the direction of energy-awareness or focus where a living being becomes increasingly sensitized to interconnection with the environment, with other dimensions of self, and the pre-existing links to God. Direct communion or heightened spiritual experiences called spiritual initiations typically occur as a signpost that another stage of perception has been shifted.

Another way to view this process is to say that the geometric patterns of relationship or blueprint energy architecture have undergone changes to their set of connective belief-links which support the building and holding of greater energy and higher frequency. This is the same process we can see reflected in cymatics.

The natural process prepares the emotional mental and physical energy substances and thinking-feeling patterns or belief systems to shift in an integrated sense and so this transition experienced with a refined attunement to love, to the true nature of lightbody systems and multidimensionality in a divine sense.

Forcing the kundalini to rise through obsessive uses of will and or drug use can trigger a similar kind of awakening but because the inner work is being bypassed the individual is accompanied by relative degrees of molecular compaction, negative ego challenges, and lower astral consciousness attacks and traps from the entities that abide in these dimensions. Those who are unprepared to navigate such nonordinary states of consciousness and dimensions or densities of reality may be subject to a range of traumatic experiences that take lifetimes to heal from.

We are a dimensional space that has the freewill choice to absorb whatever energy-awareness we would like into our bio-energetic field. This choice creates a chain of events or timelines which determine the rate of our conscious evolution. Shifting into the highest expression, doing your best to become aware of and resonate to your heart path puts you in a position to experience the fastest and most complete transformation of self in this lifetime. There is no greater purpose than to emerge clear as a re-spiritualized being from the layers of darkness or embodiment existing in temporary ignorance of divine truth.