in the clear
the knowing of our unity
is evident experienced and heals


my peace is your peace
your peace is mine
and the peace
of god sustains us in a greater allness

beloved christiac presence
golden winds of crystalline mind
blue-white lion words whispered in the emotions
I am indeed a knower
guide me great white fires
up thy holy spires
spiraling in harmony with all that I am
all that i will ever be here
all that i have ever been here
let now embrace and carry completion
into the architecture energy and awareness

divine teacher
may your heart wisdom eternally reach
my heart beat
blossoming within the endless
white lotus blossoms of pure peace

I am the peace of the wind
the peace of the wild
I am the peace of the fires
the peace of spontaenous moment
I am the peace of the waters
the peace of effortless tranguring translucence
I am the peace of the earth
the peace of root of rock and every infinite silence

I am this I am
So the shine
of the christ-divine continues to commingle
and alchemize
to transform in each breath
the cells of my eyes
the spine of my mind
the energy and design of the immaculate perfection
I am