Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

Love is non-conceptual; Love is not a remembrance, an image sustained by pleasurable feeling or nor is it a particular bodily cascade of biochemicals and sensations, Love is not a thing love is here and yet beyond all the senses, for love is also truth, and it is often that meditation is the discovery of the reality-beauty or profound depths of this truth. You do not have to think or feel to love. You are Love.

You may be confused about that because you were told you had to be something special to experience or participate in love. The doing is really just letting go. If you do think about this planet, think of rivers, mountains, trees, plants, animals, think of oceans, the sounds of wind and crickets or rain on a tin roof, think of all the people in your life; you family, friends, and pets. You will realize you Love them all, you are tremendously grateful for each of them and they are in actuality the only experiences that hold meaning because they reflect the truth, that you are love. Now you aware of it.

However, something else is going on where we aren’t aware that we are love. In fact we often times get caught up in the idea that we are a body, a mind, an ongoing stream of thoughts, maybe even a lightbody or multidimensional wave but all of these are actually just thoughts. We can experience our thoughts with varying degrees of “realness” but each and every one of these identity-relationships creates blockage of our awareness that we are just Love.

Love is God-source.

We were made perfect by God as God’s living Love.

We cannot do anything to deserve this we can’t do anything that would cause God to not Love us but we can experience a range of illusions of separation or relationships that are not aligned and anchored to the truth vibration or embodied energy architecture and trinitized mechanics of Pure Eternally Now Loving-awareness. Despite that, we cannot do things to deserve love we must undo that which has or continues to create and sustain these thoughts, sensations, and experiences of separation. This means our ideas of our self must also change.

Through phases of perceived separation from the love of God-source, we each can only ever collapse into the inner chambers of knowing that there is a living loving parent that awaits with ever-open ever-welcoming arms of spiral permeation encompassment. So we learn to let go and surrender to the Universal Love while also purifying the stream of our mind so that we do not slip back into unconscious relationship or the autopilot living sleep-state. It is within each second, breath, word, encounter, glance or shared moment, observing the leaf fall from the tree where the leaf has no option but to trust in the perfected plan of creation itself. Within those eternal minutes of embracing that trust, the love, through surrender to the forces of invisible currents that we each return, to a place where can reside more of the time. Inside the heart lives a thought form of manifest creation, as the key tones to that place of understanding, we are made in the creation of perfected perfection by God as God’s living love.

It is time to come to know this as your reality. It is time to come into a place of greater awareness and to fully understand the power of the eternal non-separated state that you exist with God-Source as love as you in this now moment, and in every moment. For the intention to know this will bring about your experience to expand into that knowledge as a direct reality, through all forms of thought, action or non-action. Connected perpetually through body forms and of non-body forms. For even the leaf as she moves state from growing on the tree, to moving from the tree to her next journey experiences the carrying sensation that god in love has provided through providing the air. A cushion of love itself. Similarly to our own perceptions, the leaf knows only to follow her inner heart coding, which allows her to let go and be released into the air which surrounds her. And lovingly carries her on, to expand and share her love with the earth as an action of God as God-source.