Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

We are all on a journey, guiding ourselves to reclaim a sense of power that we intuit but do not as of yet fully understand. In seeking we reach inward to unveil the that which is hidden. We are often inclined to utilize recipes from those appearing to know or who themselves believe that they do know something or the whole thing. That said most of those who appear to know do not, in fact, know but instead relay information which was relayed by another who was also relaying information from one who did indeed know someone who had a distant connection to an authentic knower who told a thing or two which was interpreted and relayed by that first hearer. This forking of tongues has generated a view of the spiritual realm and journey of the spiritual self as a rather convoluted labyrinth.

Producing a kind of change is not real magic. And what we are after is the real thing. I am here to help you understand what the real thing is and to aid you in starting the alchemical fire within.