You are here. I am here. Descriptions require movement from here into a reflection of the infinite, a perceptual point which exists as a unique variation of the infinite but it cannot bring more hereness to simply being present. Pure receptivity and pure activity are married only in the divine neutral open heart awareness.

Recollection, remembering, is a part of the path of awakening but who you really are is much larger than any narrative. Be mindful that narrowing of mind-awareness can exist in an attack just as it can in inspiring you to adopt an alternate view of yourself. Only this you, you are, can complete the journey of awakening not some other self, this here-now moment is the source of all forward-upward-inward brightness.

Balance sounds like something you create but balance is not created, it already exists right here-now. The entire spiritual journey is about solving these conundruums.Being open and mindful of this exact moment until dissolve into the pure energy-awareness you are. Then the moment is no longer a series of doors . Only the heart-mind is whole until we engage it fully we continue a discourse with that which is not an authentic angle of inclination.

Vigiliance is a way to train awareness to fixate here but it is also a characteristic that once you’ve brought yourself into here you then let go of see the uninterrupted flow of well-being. Over and over we repeat this movement until we discover what we are is already free.

Even fully relaxed concentration is not stillness. In the halls of true being, the already refined essence, remains cultivating only perfect awareness. Embodiment is becoming everything that is in this instant of ever-blossoming peace.

Is God not always God? Right


– – –
Sit within
(prior to)
this moment

and this movement into