The path inwards is sometimes a vastly unknown trail, and yet, when we are able to dedicate stillness to the self-care inner world of source connection; we may find treasures that are beyond measure.

Our consciousness is always moving, always changing in the flow of where it is, where ‘we’ are, and what energetic resonances are occurring at any particular moment. One way to attempt to understand the movement of our own energy is to sit still in the quietude of our own energy space. Listen to your breath. Be aware that you are breathing the gift of life in through the body as the air element moves through your physical form.

We exist in many dimensional spaces simultaneously and the perception of these can become more tangible when in meditative spaces. Our higher sensory perception is more easily understood and translated in meditative spaces. Once we become accustomed to the sensations that we are perceiving, and the understanding becomes an inner experience, an inner knowing – the every waking moment becomes a form of meditative state. The internal landscape becomes the truthscape, the home inside the physical temple-home, and the resting place of the ever-peaceful heart which is awake to all senses; if we choose to create the space to connect. 

Reveal to yourself what you are made of. Revel in the wonderment of the ability to explore, yourself, creation, all that is! Redeem your heartspace as the inner command station of your entire energetic awareness. Rejoice in the here-now moment of what is.