I am here as the highest expression of my eternal self

to share in the spirit of love perceptions and experiences

so that you may gather wisdom, clarity, strength, and understanding from them

and in so doing have a graceful path of heart centered awakening

today I stood from A Mountain viewing

from beyond time what was going on


my awareness as Christ-Sophia Avatar

is always and where my awareness is

love is also


perfect peace

endless compassion

invincible protection

and joy swells as well

there was a man

I am way back in the day

who is here now writing

from a relative future state

he was focused on

anticipating the past &

remembering the future

unsure how or what steps

I had him take next

Always the same steps seeming different

in angles and spins of illusion

those movements of love resonance

to the omnipresent source

for him are not quite effortless yet

for he seems to continue holding the idea

that relative confusions

could change Eternal truth

about this or that thing

until at last he recalls

how to surrender it all and return to being


and then time stops

and he begins again completely transformed into a clearer and more stable


of pure love

I dreamt so long ago right now