Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

Membership Subscription Notes

Membership is an offering of subscriber based content access and is created through Mhairi & Sequoia with the express intent of providing an outreach platform for those who are drawn to expand consciousness and embodiment of source energies and connections. Our group unity service mission includes supporting the individual participant (you) find heart based resonance self-empowerment for your own path to truth and the reanimation-remembering those connections with your own relationship to source consciousness within your own body and beyond into group unity. We encourage each person to find that connection within their own body.

We support each person in finding and maintaining their sovereignty, this is not a hierarchical or guru-disciple based energetic container. All beings must connect to source by themselves, this is a spiritual dedication path and not a quick ‘attunement’ process.

This heart based resonance and expansion of consciousness comes from each person as an individual and neither Mhairi or Sequoia can accept responsibility for your experiences, as this comes to you via your own connection to and with source – even in the participation of our informations and sharings here. To come to know this as part of your own path to heart based truth will support you in finding a deeper connection to and with source energy in your current lifetime. We intend to support all humans come to this realisation and energetic reality whilst in human form.

For further context please continue to read our information below on ‘Information on this site, and Participation in meditative group space with us.’


Aurora Platform at $33 usd per month. Includes members only content, based upon current planetary gridwork projects, members forum, personal lightbody/self healing support, key meditations that are aligned to the god, sovereign free timelines of Krystal Star Guardian Host ascension plan.

We have a gatekeeping process in place as part of our membership access. When you sign up, you will receive an email to ask of your intentions in joining with our community.

Aurora Platform

Information on this site has been directly experienced, integrated and embodied and is not gained through ‘channelled’ methods.

We connect directly with the living light intelligence fields and universal cosmic beings of the Krystal Star Guardian who are a collective group hosting our ascension process on earth now. Krystal Star Guardians support the architecture of connections for our human bodies, the planet and beyond. Terms we may use are often interchangeable but any reference to “source”, “zero point”, “trinity wave”, “krystal star”, “unity field”, “aurora”, “christ consciousness”; essentially means the pathway or support matrix to living intelligence fields of creation which is Cosmic Christ Consciousness/God-Source and the true divine essential self.

It is important to make this distinction on where our information is coming from, as we aim to support each person in knowing themselves as direct embodiments of source energy. There is no requirement for an intermediary ‘channel’ connection (guide, angel, being, et, guru, deity, other human being, ascended master etc) as a means to connect to source. As you engage with our content please know that each person on earth has the divine right and ability to remember how to connect with source energy directly, and that we aim to support the shifting paradigms of perspective that will enable you to know this as an embodied reality. Each of us have come through various awareness stages and through our relationship with guardian teams we share here on our website from an embodiment perspective, as reflections of two individuals on the ascension path.

We are not related to or affiliated with any guru-disciple models of spiritual teachings on earth, or where group hierarchy is in place. 

The current planetary ascension timeline (also known as God, Sovereign, Free) is the remembering and awakening to the knowledge of inner sustained source connection. It is the nurturing of inner heart based resonance which guides the way to opening to more harmony. To know greater levels of inner sustained peace.

Our aim is to share authentically from our omnilov3 heart space group energy field, from each our experiences, perspectives and awarenesses as conscious expressions. As you interact with our content, please know that you are being invited to open yourself into greater understandings through your own connection directly to and with source.

Participation in Meditative group space with us:

We have found that personal meditative practise is an effective tool for self healing, realisation and connection to inner source. We present meditative space held with the intention of upholding, sharing and utilising living light intelligence spiritual knowledge, and deeply supportive healing space.

If you decide to participate in meditative space with us, please know that this may contain elements of the following self-empowerment practises:

  • Creating an Energetic Container
  • Understanding Energetic Self-Mastery to Self-Sovereignty
  • Multi-dimensional holographic lightbody architecture support
  • Clearing/Healing energies from multidimensional lightbody and integrating energy returns
  • Evicting lower forms of energy (spiritual attachments, inorganic energies, blocks, emotional goo, psychic attack, etc) from the lightbody multi-dimensional architecture
  • Removal of inorganic architecture which stems the livinglight flow
  • Cultivating higher heart based loving-living-light connection with source
  • The reclamation of soul fragments and spiritual body parts which have been held in reversal systems
  • Personal and Planetary Emancipation Gridwork
  • The potential to support own embodiment process
  • Dismantling EGO programs through emotional self awareness
  • Aligning to your highest expression at all times