Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove.

Immediate Self Care – please see this site for meditation and strengthening tools

If you are experiencing deep painful emotions, out of control mind looping and negative movies running amok in your mind – you must take action for your own energy field and body. Sequoia and Mhairi can support you once you are willing to take self responsibility for your own body, mind and energy as a whole. We know how frightening it can be to deal with dark force attacks, or negative alien influences and terror states. However, to heal into wholeness please understand that the healing responsibility lies firstly with the individual, it is more beneficial for you to understand how to first take steps to integrate the core, to heal soul layers of the lightbody into balance. Most states of fear are created from unhealed emotional and mental beliefs, and when dealing with spiritual awakening; no stone is left unturned. The spiritual ascension process is not a battle, but it can be felt as such. A healer may offer to remove attachments and demonics from your field, which can be helpful – but the goal here is to learn how to do this for yourself. All humans have lower forms of energy attachments in their shadow/pain/emotional body, but most have not gained access to toolsets to deal with this, and to take the fear out of it. 

There is nothing to fear once you come to understand you are here to learn deeper states of human consciousness, emotions and to become the highest expression of yourself. Expansions of vision into the astral plane, contain negative thoughtforms, holographic movies (lies, manipulations from friendly spirit guides, star family who order you around or place fear or grandoise thoughts in your mind) which to some individuals feels like an enlightened state. This planet has astral mirrors as a net system in place, locking much of humanity into false reality fields of which they cannot move through. The 4d and 5d dimensional planes are filled with booby traps and damaged architecture to create either feelings of extreme suffering and misery, mental body looping; or feelings of high sexual bliss, drunken woozy bliss and love and light syndrome. 

To heal from states of extreme anxiety and fear based feelings of terror in the body it is suggested to utilise the toolsets from Lisa Renee, of for a daily dedicated practise. This website: KRYSTALAEGIS.COM is a guardian based toolset offered free for those individuals whom are awakening. It is a self-study practise of daily spiritual and energetic integrity in order to take back control of your own body-mind, and to free the self from the controlling states of fear which are embedded into all humans, in the deepest lightbody layers. 


Spiritual Emergency, Mental Physical Emotional Overload, Truamatic Events 

Mental body imbalances, and extreme states of anxiety are often caused by the lightbody opening up in stages of Kundalini awakenings. This can bring up emotional states of severe confusion and seeing alternate states of reality, being attacked by negative aliens, or demonic beings as part of the awakening cycles. Use of recreational drugs, such as Ayahuascha, LSD or other mind and consciousness altering drugs is a high risk behavior and can cause mental and soul fracturing. These are not spiritually enlightened methods, and create holes and tears in the auric field which mean a higher susceptibility to entity attachment and behavioral impacts. To regain mental balance and states of comfort and safety, you must be willing to address your life from an energetic standpoint. 

This means looking deeply at current life trauma and being willing to re-educate yourself in the context of what ascension and spiritual connection truly is. With the current landscape of new age love and light on planet earth, many awakening humans lack the proper context for the war over consciousness which is happening in the inner realms and other dimensional bandwidths through human enslavement via negative alien influences.

Healing from traumatic cycles of Dark Nights of the Soul

Firstly, the use of the term mismanaged is purely a personal label it refers to my individual perspective that psychic, spiritual, or technological attacks can occur and be weathered from a state of internal centering that does not subside or dovetail off into a form of digression.

Some of the chief symptoms related to these attacks is body disassociation, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, over-stimulation of the brain, imbalanced mental continuum, sensitivity to electronics, sounds, vibrations, hearing voices, seeing intense images, & feeling unable to control the mindstream. Seeing or feeling “bleed thru” or overlay of other dimensional reality fields on your daily experience. Extreme depression. The general prescription I would suggest to anyone regularly suffering from these forms of attack is a combination of chinese medical herbs, homeopathic remedies, and meditative practices.

Mind Support

The root of the problem is the mind itself as emotional and mental instability is a gateway for negative energy entities to target and “latch on.” There is little in the way of exterior assistance for recreating a balanced positive relationship. Being around loved one’s participating in service work, walking in nature, and meditation form a resonant holistic response.

Generally speaking developing and maintaining awareness of the breath, such as fixating on the abdomen and letting all other thoughts fall away. Preserve only one focus and sit with it completely until your body senses darken, waver, and disappear. You may instead choose to chant a mantra or hold a single image in your mind. Regardless of the object of attention let it be only one thing and allow your singular focus to serve as your anchor allowing the attachments you are unconsciously or consciously energizing to dissipate.

Combine this mind clearing practice with an emotionally supportive technique such as tibetan loving-kindness meditation or metta. Daily exercise. Listen to devotional music. Dance, Sing, Create from your soul-spirit. When you do this do not do so as if you are seeking love seek instead to remove or better yet to let go all that obstructs love from filling you to the max. Read love material such as The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life by Shantideva, The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Paramanhansa Yoganada.

Return later into meditation and begin probing the reality of mental events; how do they exist? In what ways do they exist? Is an agent required for these thoughts or do they simply arise? Are they stable or do they fluctuate? Investigate the origin, mode of abiding, and dissolution of these events. Is that thought even yours? If feelings arise don’t attend to them allow them to exist, where are they located? If they are in the body such as the “guts” don’t give the somatic/body response any more attention let the energy-awareness disengage from identifying with the sensations. Thoughts, emotions, images, feelings, positive, negative, indifferent will arise and fall away the best approach is neither suppressing, preventing , or avoiding them but instead allow them to move through the consciousness container of “you” without grasping, protecting, or empowering any of these. By sustaining this focus all your energy-awareness will begin to coalesce and shift your state to resonate with the natural ground of being, a nondual state. This is where the negative ego/psyche grows out from to participate in all of these other activities. It is nothing less than “entering the stillness” where you is a higher state of consciousness exempt from these issues. This state is healing , harmonizing, and will promote realizations that will serve to move your perceptual range outside of the 3D mind continuum.

Spiritual Reprogramming

After this tranquility practice continue on the active side with spiritual reprogramming. Participate in meditative healing and recoding such as those created by Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis Create and affirm your positive spiritual space or internal eternal ex:”I consecrate and dedicate this sleeping space to the authority of God’s Natural Laws and that of the Eternal Living Christ. I bless and sanctify this space in God’s authority and in Christ name. God is the authority of my body, consciousness, and being in this sacred space Now and Always. Krystal Compass of the North, South, East, West–Earth, Sky, and Heart: I direct the Four Corners to be sealed in Light of Unity and Oneness. I am Impenetrable and Invincible. I ask the Aurora Forces of Christos to anchor this space Sacred and in service to the Law of One of which I Serve. I invite my Consciousness and families and whatever is the highest expression for the purpose of my sleep this night. I consecrate and dedicate my body, my mind, and my consciousness, and my entire being to serve the Eternal God Source, totally and completely Now and Forever!”

Utilize frequency therapy, uplift and redefine your self, open and expand your expectations beyond the physical and preconceived limitations to begin again in this new-now moment as the highest self you never imagined you possibly could be.


The physiological side of the equation can be addressed by utilizing a different range of healing modalities than what I have recommended here but this serves as a general template for the principle actions and medicines to be administered.

Chinese Herbs

Formula 1: Grounding and rebuilding core integrity

Sheng Di 32g, Zhi Gan Cao 8g, Gui Zhi 6g, Long Gu 6g, Mu Li 6g, Ci Shi 6g, Chai Hu 16g, Huang Qin 6, Ban Xia 16, Sheng Jiang 6, Da Huang 8, Fu Ling 6g

3x a day, 4.5 grams/3 scoops, after meals

Homeopathic Remedies

Onopordon Comp. Mygale Aganc. Panc. Met. Iron. Levico. Core Gerbenne. Viscum Album. Aveum

See a local homeopathic doctor for a custom formula or utilize a variant of the aforementioned group for a month or two.

Supplemental Uriel Silica Skin Support Helps to vibrationally rebuild the body connection chiefly by repairing the intestines and core energy. 1X/ day

Uriel Aurum Lavender Rose Oil

Contains peat extract, lavender oil, rose oil, St. John’s wort, gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Mix 2 Capfulls with 2 Tablespoons organic grass fed milk and put it in bath. This serves as an earth wrap, a soothing invitation to tenderly nourish body.

1-2x a week

You can utilize epsom salt and an essential oil of choice as well, aim for later in the day as this will clear much of the day’s negative energy.

Boswellia Serrata

Rebuilding core integrity and reducing sensations of pain

1-2x a day

Cell Salts (such as Hylands)

A combination of cell salts will help restore energetic balance, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation.


Extreme imbalance or emergency states

This most commonly occurs during heightened Moon Lunar force energy, or during July-August, and October as this is primarily a dark mental energy. Satanic Worship Days or holidays are also felt energetically by starseeds as the planet has heightened death conjuring energies activated.

Uriel Aurum Onopordon can be taken orally for longer and less intense response or as am ampule injection for immediate relief

Lithium Orotate (may require Naturopathic doctor prescription, depending on state laws) 5-20mg pair 1-2x/day (in extreme cases you can take as much as every 2 hours) ideally with omega 3, 6, 9 to counteract toxicity. Lithium slows brain function down without scrambling your energy signature/cohesion. It takes a few days to work into your system so if you or your loved one is starting to feel a “ramping up” or influx cycle coming on and is intuitively guided to begin physical preparation than this is good option. If people wait and experience a full blown attack which they are unprepared for it may lead to hospitalization in which case Zyprexa or olanzapine is the most likely pharmaceutical to be prescribed which scrambles brain function anda has far more aggressive side effect/imbalances than does Lithium.

For Sleep Aid

Mountain Peak Nutritionals Sleep Easy

(you may substitute another composite formula aiming for 5-HTP, theanine, GABA, melatonin, l-carnitine, valerian, passionflower)

Returning to natural sleep cycle is essential. It is not uncommon that attacks occur with greater frequency at night on account of the planetary frequency and the unguarded nature of the subconscious mind. Using a supplement to help fall or stay asleep can create a complete reset of any connection but it can also leave you unable to swiftly and vigorously respond if you are awoken in the middle of the night on account of dreams of intrusion, actual intrusion, etc. Ensure that you lock down your sleep space, using the 12th Dimensional Shield technique; repeated use creates a relative safe zone where intruding entities have less impact on the home advantage field.


It is a good idea to begin some toxin clearing, at the very least limit exposure to GMOs, gluten, sugar, alcohol, or any kind of drug. Moving into eating more vegetable and fruit sources as well as hearty digestible earthen foods like sweet potato, lentil dal, butternut squash.

Diagnostic Notes Many of the clinical manifestations that western medicine attaches to the label of bipolar can be addressed by chai hu jia long gu mu li tang (CHLGML). Many of the symptoms (stagnation, rising liver qi, wind-heat, ying wei disharmony) have a distinct relationship to the shao yang channel. I think the tendency is that the shao yang to jue yin circuit is most commonly “hit first” followed by a shao yang-shao yin phase when heart yin and blood has been damaged or is/becomes deficient. It is also true that the GB system is connected to 4th dimensional energy which further suggests to address it as a primary source.

The overall effect of the modified CHLGML is to begin the process of harmonizing the inner and outer, upper and lower relationships so that the energetic sensitivity moves in the direction of becoming more balanced/less reactive and more anchored/greater energetic depth. Part of that is a spreading of qi and a removal of stagnation the other aspect is clearing and supporting the intestines as a source of function- the immune response, a physical position at the core of the body- and emotionally as an area that resonates to holding on/not letting go.

Ascension Symptoms

Much of of the “ascension symptoms” involve shifting a portion of the bodily quantum to a higher dimensional frequency when that happens portions of identity must let go of the old ways of seeing-thinking-feeling to move into the soul identity frequency band or matrix. One of the issues is that when we shift states we also have “spiritual experiences” which is primarily connected to recovering “other time/dimensional/incarnation” memory. These memories for most people are difficult since the history here is connected to unnatural distortions of the body, mind, spirit, planet, universe etc. There is also difficulty connected to enhanced creative power because it draws to it enhanced negative feedback so the memories which activate have to be processed to a point of relative neutrality as they hold the roots of our innate ability to maintain coherence. It is also true that many nonphysical beings out there will immediately attack those who are activating which creates additional fear and confusion. All of these are suggestions that the inner christ or eternal spirit center has to become more anchored into as the point of identification.

For me I feel a conflict of energy that causes intense oscillation between the shield centers of “sacral” area and the “throat” area which will ramp up during emotional instability and either become an upward force/powerlessness which goes to the throat and heart, heats up, and then rises to the head or a downward pull/overcontrol clinging that will lead to heaviness weakness, energy loss, and depression.I would start with a different formula for initial grounding purposes or during the more intense phase and then shift to the CHLGML after a coping balance has been reached. That said if you only chose a single formula CHLGML addresses both acute and chronic elements of this kind of emotional/mental imbalance or attack.