We may practice our shielding or meditations as if they were mere intellectual exercises or perhaps a semi-languid imaging of well-being. These kinds of sittings tell us something extraordinary that we are not in alignment. The ideal practice is involvement of the total self in chosen action. The impositions to our involvement are usually our expectations and underlying beliefs about who and what we are. No matter how much experience you have it is all behind you, in the past, and that past has generated the reward of an advanced skillset in ascertaining and correcting alignment to and with the living moment. This can become more difficult if we think that we know something, for knowing is not understanding, it is understanding that is rooted within our Essence and which does nor require reanimation in order to help us adjust to our highest expression.

I do not know and cannot ever come to know what is beyond this sense of me. It must be this action of creating attaching or founding our inner relationship on this separate self that we want to observe, uproot, let go of to reveal our true nature so that we may directly experience Godsource within the continuum of all that we are. It may sound easy but our attachments, judgments, defensiveness, and reductive thinking have all become a part of what we think of as our authentic self. We do not arrive at understanding how we are contributing to a  narrative of separation by utilizing commands and energy body building. This may contribute but should not be the primary focus of our internal practice. The transformation alchemy requires deep work, high levels of neutrality and compassionate strength. Be kind, be dedicated, start here whether this is in a meditation or conceptual reflection.

What are you experiencing right now, view the perception of it ( how you are framing it), the memory, emotional context, body feel, and then explore the thoughts that are connecting to this. Do not pursue great detail or otherwise get lost attempting to arrive at a clear understanding instead allow the arising ever-present free consciousness to unfold in following your core intention to experience fullness, healing, reclamation, unity. Your wounds hold the energy of the new, the sought after insight and the shift into spaciousness you are seeking. Have the courage to be the pure loving hands that can tenderly unveil exactly what you need to see, feel, and experience to enhance your connection with Christ-Sophia consciousness. When that Source becomes all that you see through focus and unveiling then you have reached the return to what is and has always been True.