November 2018 Alien Love Bite - False Twin, Painful relationships to Krystic Alignments

Gentle healing without fear, Twin Flame Deception

The alien love bite was a term coined by others in the new age, and the guardian host have provided support on the understandings of the relationships which are purposed to capitilise on human wounding, which keeps pain in relationships alive. Some individuals on the ascension path have had to endure these types of connections, not knowing or understanding that there was a different agenda operating underneath the surface of the seemingly 'amazing' connection or relationship-attraction to another person. The Alien love bite technology is also referred to by the guardian host as the black widow or black spider bite, and shows up in the human lightbody when a person has interacted with very low frequencies in the astral planes which feel like over-electrified bliss and heady states of heightened physical arousal. This was planted into the earth through various forms of alien machinery, especially the 7th dimensional planetary gate in Peru, and in the 2D planetary body also known as the baphomet satanic energies of alien dark mother. This energy source creates and keeps humans in a siphoning consumptive model, never feeling fulfilled and always having to continue into states of addiction, enduring these phases of human suffering as pendulum between perceived pleasure and then into pain. There is a way to identify and heal from these patterns of energy, and it does take some patience and understanding that this technology was set into the earth in which created the false 'twin flame' movement, creating spiritual connections between individuals who feel like they have met "the ONE" and in fact, the hidden layers of negative alien architecture which guardian host are dismantling on the earth show the implantation in the human lightbody to create imposter relationships, often between abductees or individuals who have power imbalances and deep wounds to heal in life.

As you read this information, we ask you take on board only what is most supportive to you. For those who are in healing phases of these scenarios, being the most gentle with yourself is imperative, and healing can be achieved. Sometimes it takes time to regain trust in the self and the heart, and with god. Healing is possible. Lessons in energetics and finding deep unconditional love is helpful to get through the process of understandings.

Some information here may be challenging, and please know there is no need to fear any of this. It is shared with transparency to support starseeds in protecting their own energies, through the 12D shielding, through the energetic intention and discernment of who you will share your life force with, and when it is not suggested. As the planet undergoes even more levels of 'reversal' dismantling, the architectures which have held these potentials in place is in further stages of releasing. Yet, as individuals we can gain strength through the knowledge and wisdom of the deception and tricks that have been put in place...primarily to stop starseeds from merging the inner masculine-feminine within.

Human Lightbody Impacts and Observations, Sexual Misery Programming

There is a wider theme witnessed in energywork sessions as the 'lovebite' can have multiple implants/layers in the lightbody that can lay dormant or be active, but are energetically recognised as splitter tech or anti-krystic/nrg grid forms of inserts, that are literal reversals of krystic lightbody parts that support the running of unioning plasma currents and their spiritual body parts.

At this time with our guardian support, the 4D heart matrix and planet shifts there is a larger capacity for people to feel that they may have been involved or affected - even if they didn't enter into an actual relationship with a bitten person, or were on the receiving end of unwanted attention. The taking command of our own energies really comes into play when we can see it works in many many ways.

The human body and its sexual centres have been repeatedly and continually bombarded with hidden (to the regular human) etheric weaponry and sexual cording, in which to create the most devastating sexual misery experiences passed off as 'normalised' sexual exchanges between humans. The human energy centre of the gender centre has been split into 2, creating male and female gender separation in which the lunar forces of dark alien mother have inserted their reversal principles; to keep sexual couplings in states of suffering, fear and in states of continual sexual physical desire without coming into wholeness inside the self. The ascending path for humans on the earth is to come to understand, that we must comprehend the damage that has been committed upon humanity in terms of creating sexual misery programming. Pornography, BDSM, and any act of pain with sexual pleasure or sexual violence and rough play creates a reversal in the human body and is a satanic vampiric agenda in which to destroy the human heart matrix into shattered fragments of pain. This set up is a high risk and is spiritually abusing the soul when enacted within freely. During this ascension cycle we are learning to heal and seal our sexual organs from the pain of the alien agenda set up on this earth. Once we do this, and gently heal from damaging sexual experiences we are able to heal the gender 2D centre and pain body, into higher states of heart matrix alignment and are capable of connecting more directly to the godsource essence of the truth.

Spiritually Aligned Relationships, Alchemical Unioning

For those who are understanding of being aligned to a 'vibrationally matching partner' there can be alchemical union type of relationships that occur as a natural, spontaneous and organic part of the ascension plan on earth. This allows individuals to come into contact with a soul extension or monadic extension and to exchange coding in the communication or connection that is experienced. These relationships can appear out of nowhere and are designed to support each person complete a karmic pattern, or to heal a gender based pattern or to provide a space for unconditional love to show itself between the two.

It is important to not become overly 'hung up' on these types of connections, because only some of them are purposed to become actual partnership relationships. In some cases, we may meet a person who is older or younger and have different life circumstances in which a platonic connection can be made, for a reason, a season or until the connection comes to its natural end.

In no way will these connections test or imply that if you are in a relationship already, these connections will not be a threat to your current relationship. I repeat, no spiritually aligned relationship for intimate love will break up a current relationship. The higher self of each person is the guiding force. The Alien love bite scenarios placed below generally happen in order to keep people in states of thinking that 'the grass is greener' and create the feeling of having to leave a relationship in order to pursue the next instant gratification that is being created by false states of intense connectedness. Please know, that with a fearless and loving heart that all christ energies and human intentions to love each other; is upheld by the guardian host. We are learning that on earth humans have been kept in sexual misery and this includes being broken hearted and not understanding why. When a potential partner comes along, it can feel like god has given you the gift or perfect relationship that you have been longing for. The truth is - this will only happen in divine timing once you have healed yourself in your current relationship, and energetically tied up all loose ends to individuals. The negative alien love bite architecture is highly misunderstood and is the primary causation for the 'twin' flame movement of runners, chasers and general deep misery that is being perpetuated in the new age on earth at this time.

The love bite architecture is in the planetary body, and the 7D ley lines of earth. With krystal star guardian projects of dismantling reversal architecture, and recovery of consciousness units and dna codes, individuals who have come to heal the energies of these 'separations' from a divine partner, have more support now on earth than before. The Guardian host call the ascension plan the hieros gamos, as each individual person on the ascension path has to heal the inner masculine-feminine energies and merge them into wholeness on the inside, which may then eventually mean a spiritually aligned relationship is assigned. If this is in the god-plan for the person this lifetime.

Characteristics of False Union/False Twin

A false union is often mistaken for a real 'soul' mate, or 'monadic' mate or divine hieros gamos partnership. In guardian hosted energy sessionwork, the inorganic implants which create physical body reactions and over the top feelings of love or electrified intensity between individuals can be seen, read, and removed. Please note all information here is to support starseeds with this and the 12D shielding technique is suggested to keep the inner god source alignment, which means - the heart can always lead the way.

  • Obsessions about one single person being the absolute one, the ONLY one
  • sometimes clones of our holograms can be inserted into other people's bodies etc and are tactic to have the actual potential alchemical/sacred union partner fall in love with a false 'you' - this means that even if you are not in a relationship with someone at this time - your hologram might be out there inserted falsely without your knowledge (and the receiving person also has NO clue)
  • Remote viewing automatically, or feeling the other person's thoughts - through controlled crown sensations via alien siphons
  • it thwarts a potential spiritual union because the person you may have been lined up with is bitten and off somewhere else loving the false inserted hologram that was inserted unknowingly into a random non-vibrational partner
  • Nadial complex siphons, and harnesses to the 'false partner' directly inserted into the nadial - harnessing your nadials together in reversal plasmic implants
  • Sexual implants and siphons
  • on meeting the person (or you can be bitten/infected without meeting them!) there can be electrical spiky charge in the body
  • holographic inserts and visions about your future together
  • the urge to send all of your energy across the ethers to this person, sexually, through masturbation in the astral realms
  • sexual urges and intense sexual feelings towards the person
  • obsessive impulses that this person is 'the one'
  • intense feelings of trying out sexual experimentations
  • head squeezing physical sensations of telepathy and other sorts of amazing synchronicities, particularly at the hair line (9d point) which is very 'tangibly' being squeezed and manipulated
  • skin contact may have produced an electrical charge, like being plugged into 1000volts - this is a prickly, exciting, sexually arousing feeling and is set to keep you addicted to the touch mechanism with the person; this is a direct reversal of the electrical organic mapping caused by the 2d sexual centres being plugged into the satanic or 2d baphomet fields of false alien mother consciousness and arrays of demonic bottom feeders
  • an attempt to keep loving this person because they might be the 'one' and extreme highs and lows of bliss then utter devastation at their behaviour (consciousness traps on the lightbody and false holographic realities and inserts on the timelines)
  • usually the root/sexual centres are targeted to incite extreme sexual attraction and in true organic christ spiritual alchemical stages they are generally speaking more heart based and mutually respectful
  • relationships will have flaws of power imbalances, and may make you feel very unsatisfied with what feels as if it should be the 'ultimate spiritual union'
  • partners are kept in sexual misery with each other, playing out gender roles and falsities to keep reversal archetypes in place
  • Partners in these situations are being manipulated by dark forces, usually it is not recognised or understood as it feels so 'good' and almost addictive
  • partners in these situations may potentially be able to walk this path and learn deep intimate life lessons through the pairing, but if spiritually abusive behaviour continues for a long term and is not recognised between the two as an unhealthy relationship; lightbody damage can occur causing heart and sexual wounds that will have to be carefully dismantled
  • these are unions of imbalance, power plays and confusing happiness-sadness extremes
  • individuals may attempt to hang on for dear life, truly believing that god would send a partner to 'save' them, and some starseeds are held in states of misery because they want to 'fix' what seems to be broken, or hold themselves in a state of waiting for the partner to change or love them more
  • partners will receive astral communication from negative entities which they mistake for the other partner; this keeps an electrical binding in place between the partners, and even if they are not actually suited into being together, the trickery used with the tangible energetic connection is powerful and many cannot see past this, because it feels so 'real' or like something that hasn't been experienced before


Observing human energy fields and understandings that the love bite is to siphon life force energy in an anti-krystic union relationship. It feeds the consumptive model of energetic vampirism and not the open source version as a directly self sustained feedback loop between the partners and god as a holy alliance in trinity. It recycles dark force energy and perpetuates same and does not allow for a source influx or self sustaining lightforce creation in the relationship.

These reversals play on fears of being alone forever, and not finding the one. They can make us wait out forever wishing someone would change and they just do not. The victim victimiser software is used as layers to this and is not good. Then we find the 'one' and it's too painful for words, or the 'one' finds us (is not the 'one' is a bitten person) and continues stalking or crazy based behaviours. In that case, it's a kind of command such as "remove any false hologram of other people's energy from my own field NOW, I do not consent to being inserted with any other person's replica" it's the insert that the bitten person is attracted to, and is cloaking their ability to know the truth. It can feel like 'love', but love is actually only able to felt organically in an open heart - and felt firstly in the heart and not a sexual impulse to the sexual centres. This is part of the deep wounding and insidiousness of keeping male-female loving unions from occurring.

False Identities

In order for humans to continue playing the game of unhappy or unequal unions, our DNA has been stolen and replicated and inserted into false partners, essentially to cloak us from being seen or seeing a potential vibrationally matching partner. When we dedicate our life to God Source, and be loving to ourselves in all ways, we can understand what it is to dismantle sexual misery programming from our lightbodies, minds and hearts. Part of this allows for the correct hierogamic or masculine-feminine energies to become united in the human form. Guardian gridwork shows that human dna has been projected into other humans, and this creates a resonance or 'alien love bite' which hooks two partners together at their sexual organs and nadial heart complexes with black magic architecture. This creates an energy waveform that remains alive for the amount of time that the couple interact with each other. It should be known, up front and for transparency that alien love bite architecture is set to break apart partnerships, where people are already married; to have the run off and be with their 'twin flame'. A god source hierogamic union, alchemical union of organic god-source alignment (as per the Christ Krystal Star Guardian Hosts) will never break up existing relationships unless each partner has already disconnected from each other energetically as part of a natural break in the connection. Alien Love Bite, will play with starseeds to mess with their minds in order to have them see the 'grass is greener', and in the doing so, many starseeds confess to their partner's that god has sent a union to them- which effectively breaks the current partner's heart, creating yet more sexual misery and disconnection and extreme confusion.

A Loving God

Many starseeds have been impacted by this agenda, particularly those who feel a deep yearning to be with a soul mate or partner who understands them. It must be understood that although there are many configurations of relationship learnings on the ascension path, that god is inherently good and does not create havoc within marriages or partnerships. The Alien Love Bite is set to keep starseeds from aligning to a potential vibrational match partner, and stuck pining after a partner who they have been paired with through the alien architecture; keeping them in states of misery. If you have been affected by this, you must be brave and ask your heart to show you and lead you to your own inner truth. The lightbody can be cleared of hooks and implants and inserts through the heart space dedication to heal.

Healing from these scenarios

The understanding that men and women of this earth have been kept from being in complete balanced union with each other certainly shows in the vast majority of peoples on earth. In some cases, it is most important to know that heart healing can be achieved and that the most important note is to be very gentle with yourself, and others who may have been in this situation. The heart of a human being can be fragile and the pain endured through these scenarios is quite real, and can take time to release, recuperate and heal. Building trust with the inner heart space and the reconnection and remembrance of god source, is helpful. Prayers for peace and to reveal the lessons or the truth are sometimes the best healing. People who have been in these types of connections or relationships may have also learned very deep steep boundaries, and may also have been able to glean first hand knowledge of how these deceptions are being played out. You may find support in our omnilov3 community and in our store for self meditation treatments and healing.

Equal Divine Sacred Union, or alchemical union stages of healing gender principles

  • Partners are brought together spontaneously and revealed at a divine timing, when both partners are available to be together without extreme disruption to other/previous relationships (no Christ relationship imposes on another not yet completed relationship)
  • Partners feel the heart complex first, with some sexual energy running upwards in the body on the vertical as gentle strong loving currents to the heart
  • God Source brings partners together to share and expand in loving growth together
  • Partners activate energies together to unify the forces of the male-female as a unit. Understanding the gift that has been given, means that the couple will work together in all ways and not hide anything from the other which could cause pain or hidden secrecy
  • Partners must know and treat each other as equal, and identify with the mission of love to respect, care and blossom together without controlling
  • Partners work together in building ultimate transparency: with communication, behavioural traits, and to drop false projections of self (in order to appeal to the other)
  • Partners hold a neutral and loving space in which each can express themselves to each other without fear, to be held by the partner in building of a safe environment of trust
  • There can be no sexual controlling or dominance, or physical violent play in the sexual intimacy
  • Partners heal their emotional centres/sexual centres together and are willing to speak about difficult subjects in order to come to understand each other to deepening the intimacy
  • Partners open their hearts to the other, holding deep reverance and recognition of the true loving space that they are responsible for
  • Partners identify together anything which creates a ripple in their energy container of the relationship, and seek ways to better understand and communicate as equals

Partners who are spiritually activated in this way will endure unfathomable dark force resistances which can come through forms of other humans having negative opinions, fears and past emotional wounds coming to surface in the relationship container. This may also be felt as extreme dark force attacks because as the couple are loving each other, they are removing themselves from being connected into the bi-wave negative alien black magic architecture.

Spiritual Marriage in no-time Zero Point Rod-Staff Union

The hierogamic union technology from the godworlds is being prototyped on the earth with aeonic pairs and is often confused by individuals who are in an imbalanced relationship which displays power struggles, abuses or where deep patterns of incompatibility and twin flame running-chaser is being perpetuated by the couple; as these energetic imbalances can keep enslavement through hidden alien technology. A couple then believes that they are being targeted because they are in a 'sacred' union, but this is also used to keep the pain and suffering between them to self enslave the other. Where the relationship has these kinds of intrinsic imbalances, this is not a balanced hierogamic union architecture in the blueprint level of the couple. In this case, the spiritual lesson, the karmic load or imbalance, the question to god in your heart about your personal contract for healing in the moment must be understood without placing romantic notions or forced attempts at creating a loving union.

Soul, Monad and Avatar Cosmic Christos-Sophia Aeonesis Hierogamic Templating

The human lightbody is made up from multiple dimensional connections which must be rebuilt in the divine timing of healing every dimensional subharmonic layer into the sacred inner marriage principle of the male-female codes of the rod and staff in which can merge together in creating the required energetic synthesis in which the higher intelligence forces of the spiritual bodies can create the triading. There are linear stages and spiral stages of the unioning which must take place, and in the early stages of comprehension of this, many couples become caught in consciousness traps about "which level they are on". There is no use in believing you are an avatar in form, or have met "the one" early on in your spiritual awakening phases, as this is the number one manipulation on the spiritual new age hijack. The diamond sun template lightbody requires to be built and rehabilitated in order to create the organic connections which will assist in healing the male and female principles inside the human body. The omnilov3 site is a supportive platform in which to explore this within yourself. We must remove alien implants, false beliefs and thoughtforms and make our way through the false ascension matrix of love, light and bliss in which to reveal the truth about the darkness of human relationships and how these have been used to create power imbalances, hatred, sexual misery and control. The hierogamic templating requires that a person take responsibility for their actions, thoughts, beliefs and their use of energetic power. We must all heal out the false parent alien architecture from the personal lightbody in order to reconnect the true mother 13D and the true father 15D organic godhead frequencies and returning these into the lightbody through spiritual dedication and step by step hard, deep, emotional healing into wholeness. What is hidden inside of ourselves in our energy patterns through the negative alien installed ego construct must be brought up into the light in which the healing can begin.

Unions to return the male-female relationships into balance can be spiritual assignments from the higher self, and can be connected to another person at different dimensional levels. We must start within the soul matrix at 4-5-6D in which to bring this into balance, and then progressively move into the monadic layers of the 7-8-9D. At each level of dimension of building the lightbody organic connections there are lessons, manipulations and decisions which must bring you closer to the direct calling of your heart. Any deception that can be sent your way, will be sent your way. Any romantic notion or ideal that you have held will test the power of trust to god in your heart of which you must surrender to your higher power of god and only god to lead and guide you. Once the soul entire matrix of 36 harmonics have been embodied into the cells of the body, after deep emotional and trauma clearings, the monadic matrix must also be connected and built into form. At the monad level is where the deceivers liars and distractions will run amok if you let them, so it is imperative to stay true to the heart and not be glamoured into deceptions. A couple who have embodied their entire monadic matrix and reassembled the clarity that is required of living a life in service to others through the embodiment of the law of one as a lifestyle may find themselves merging at the Solar Logos level of the Avatar, which is the stage of embodying the avatar together leading to the christos-sophia potential.

An organic sacred union at the advanced level of the aeonic pairing hierogamic union of the Avatar Triad at 10D-11D-12D Solar Logos level has at its heart and core the organic godworlds gender principle seeds for blossoming together in a spiritual couple whose pre-birth agreement was to return to the earth and restore this architecture for the families of christos-sophia and has at its core of energetic principle the absolute zero point coding held in the shared sacred krystal heart matrix which cannot be wished into form, nor falsified. It is this coding that is often falsified into form through the negative alien love bite scenarios, through mind slides and wishful thinking, hero-savior romaniticisms and further amplified through over-sexualised energies of which have been described above. For the small amount of families from the christos missions returning the hierogamic template to the earth has been extremely attacked by negative alien forces, but these forces have not succeeded in destroying the resurrection of the risen female christ and risen male christ in form. These pairings at this time upon the earth are rarified, and the spiritual couples are here as representatives of the christ love force on the earth and are not living as gurus upon the earth. These spiritual couples are unified in their trinitised format in service to the cosmic sovereign law, and to return the truth to the earth of the word of god as the logos via the christos-sophia. In 2020 the Solar Female Christ returned to the earth and this heralds the changing of the gaurd from the lunar forces governing the earth body, into the sophianic solar female christ. She cannot exist in form without her husband, and together they share a single crown and lightbody.

For those who are in a spiritual relationship you must be willing to drop any form of attachment to the perceived 'level ' of union you are experiencing, as this is used to mind control and confuse you, and your partner, sometimes forcing manipulations and keeping the gender principle divided between you.

For spiritual couples it is imperative to remain centred in the core of the heart.

Many times, dark forces will attack the very weakness and unhealed pain that you are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously; and it is through attacking forces that the pain body will be manipulated. Spiritual couples must ensure that all transparency is maintained, and must do their emotional healing together. Be fearless and speak truthfully to each other without taking anything personally.  Share every thing that you feel you can, and open yourself up to the heartspace you share. This alone will support you to negate some of the affects of the transitions. Anything which is hidden must have a light shone upon it. The only way to effectively have ultimate transparency and heal all aspects of self, individually and together is to ensure that hidden parts can not be used against you. Nothing remains in the shadow, and all is brought up for each partner to hold the other in the loving movement they share. Every single thing that you hold in your energy is a part of the relationship, with your partner. This means everything that you do affects the other, and you are learning to unify your energy so that there are no weaknesses in your relationship container. Sustainability of your eternal loving relationship is a living possibility, and a gift from the holiest corners of the god head.

True love and sacred unioning is the strongest force in the universe, of which the body of god is held in the heart of those who love with all of their hearts.

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