Sophianic Plasma Body, Shield

In the last few months the furthering of Mother's return has brought the matter of planet earth transformations to an entirely new level. The sophianic plasma shield and plasma body is one way that this is being achieved in the field. The Sophianic Plasma shield has been restored by guardian teams via the solar flame body of the sophianic solar female christ corrections.  Guardian families have been installing the Sophianic Plasma Shield into the core of the planet via the Mother's Sonic Krysthallah Pillar structures, capable of transmitting and holding godworlds plasmas and sound tone codes into the body of the earth. Sophianic heart tones and mother's sound body host the light-cell-sound and sonic wave pulses of the mother's body to restore the corrections of the sophianic solar daughters, into the grids. These support the flowering capacity of the diamond networks, of which flowering constructs appear as alive and breathing the holy mother arc blue ray in an assortment of living light codes. The flowering conduits run the mother's quintessence and create chalice trinity wave potentials for the healing and restoration of the planetary atomic body, its physical elements as earth air fire water and ether bring the organic Aurora repatterned elements in their base 12 configuration. The extensive reversals placed upon the planetary atomic elemental matter, through negative control of the grids has meant the elements and the sophianic body have been enslaved on our planet. As guardian host continue to install updated blueprints for the grids, the high frequency plasmas create sound tone arrangements and the flowering grids can be heard as musical notes or tones of the holy mother singing her tones into the body of her planet.

The Sophianic Plasma shield appears similarly as a 6 sided plasmic body with morse code as the pulsations of the sonar light are received and feedback conduit between the planetary core and the Mother's dark matter template or Rainbow Eukachrist body. The Mother's Eukachrist has been damaged and hidden on the earth, told as a sacrifice through religious teachings as the body of god or christ could only be met through the ingestion of blood as wine. This lie has been perpetuated through religious texts on the earth and does not allow for the true godsource technology to be understood or known by humanity. As negative controllers reversed and used the womb, body and reproductive organs of the mother's body in replacing her with a lunar form and removed the true holy mother blue ray arc; each repairing movement by christos guardians is bringing the truth as these planetary architectural constructs are being re-seeded in the planet, restoring the life bringing nature of our true holy parent back into her body form.

The 2nd dimension of the planetary body is undergoing extensive changes as the dark matter template of the earth is being corrected through new earth elementals, being assisted by the Paliadorian King Dragon lineages from Andromeda. In this phase of ascension, the dark matter template which is the blueprint of how matter is manifest into form, is being assisted by guardians whom have been working in the planet to remove the subatomic layers of distorted elemental matter, as this is being injected and repaired into a new waveform of zero point trinity wave into the body of the earth. Removing the baphomet power from the grids as the mother-sophia reclaims her own body into resurrection phases has been the primary focus. This month we will review some of the principles related to these repairs, and we ask readers to consider the hidden darkness that has been pushed onto humanity without their knowledge, as the benevolence of the Cosmic Christ families returns to the earth in which to reveal that which has been hidden.

There is a requirement of ascending humans to reach spiritual maturity when dealing with these topics. The information shared here as part of the guardian testimony to the Interdimensional Free Worlds Councils, as part of the Guardian host is to support the awakening human to know the truth behind the scenes of the playing field in the world stage. Many hidden forces of the Satanic, Luciferian and negative racelines have hidden their motivations in which to destroy true human values. The guardian host uphold the law of one, to share truth and sovereignty for all persons in their own spiritual path, which determines that the vestiges of crimes against humanity are seen, by those with the eyes to see, and that the truth sets us free. Many human activities upon the earth today have been engineered by hidden controller forces raging war over consciousness against the human collective without their consent or knowledge.

2D Baphomet, Lunar Forces and Dark Alien Mother, Sexual Misery Programming

Hidden in the lower fields of the earth body reside the baphomet gestalt collective energies, holding in place many female lunar forces and satanic parasitic female principles. The mother's body was raped and pillaged by negative aliens who installed a false mother principle into the earth, who would support them to destroy the true solar female principle of the holy mother and her solar daughter Sophia. It was replaced by a multitude of alien machinery to create and harness the Lunar force, which is not the true female principle from the godhead. Lunar forces and the Baphomet is a bi-wave parasitic entity force which feeds off the human collective energy to stay alive. The baphomet is the main proponent of sexual misery, including feeding off human pain and suffering, separation trauma, sexual perversions, sexual abuse, violence promoted as fun and risky and perpetuating the archetypes of the dark alien lunar mother or female principle of the earth.

She is an imposter force who masquerades as if she has the power of the holy mother, but she is an imposter who is not to be trusted. The baphomet field is made up of multiple fallen gestalts of lunar forces and dark alien mother, all of these uphold the seducer archetypes, the princess coding, the scorned female seeking revenge and a way to keep humanity locked in a web in which they can easily abuse their own sexual energy without knowing of it. False alien machinery and reversal life force waves directly from the baphomet fields are used to attract men and women into the belly of the hidden beast through temptations, unhealed pain and suffering and mind control as pyschotronic weaponry assualts the human central nervous system to accept the sexual impulses and assault to the body, in controlling human preferences, sexual orientation and to keep abuse patterns circulating. These frequencies as part of 10:10 and 11:11 reversal staff electrical currents, bringing a woozy-excited-overly sexual response to a person, place or object. When this energy is interacted with, it unknowingly creates a feedback loop between people, in their 2D centre or sexual organs, providing a force creating an addiction and siphoning of the human life force off into the lower grids. This energy is then taken off planet and used by negative aliens, to power up their creations in other dimensional spaces. This activity is hidden in plain sight and is often sold to humanity under the guise of 'normalised practise' such as polyamory, high risk activities being made 'normalised' such as bdsm practises, domineering-submissiveness, pornography, sexual robot sex, web-cam sexual exchanges and keeps a human being a self-made prostitute without their true understanding of the risks, and often without full disclosure and consent. Many starpeople are targeted to become connected with succubus or incubus type of people who are set to destroy the starperson's higher DNA potential which is held in the gender centre and sexual organs. Since humanity has been robbed of this knowledge, it can take time to accept this has been a massive deception. Gentle loving care and compassion is the key to healing out from these influences.

The planetary grail points have been used to feed and run these reversals of anti-life force and anti-christ energy, and are some of the most coveted locations of natural planetary power that the invasions forces have used. The planetary grail points are points of vortices and spin points in which the natural cosmic rays from the higher systems into the solar system are routed into the planetary leys and tributaries; to where the life force coming from the Holy trinity flow into the grids and auric layers of the earth. These points accumulate a high level of interest from negative races, and thus, the planetary grail has been usurped to be used as a bi-wave feedback loop which in turn, stops humanity knowing of the natural flow of energy vortices that the planet grids should run.

7D Grids, Ley lines and Crown, Removing the Crown of Thorns, Gaian Matrix
The Planetary brain and crystalline light fibre networks which host the collective human consciousness records have gone through another stage of reconnection with the removal of many further planetary crucifixion implant pyloons and 7D female lunar corrections in the grids. Recently, the crown of thorns implants were removed from neighbouring planetary expression of earth's 7D gaia's body, which uses the Jehovian Dove Grid to create installations and their projections of crucifixion implants and crown of thorns implants in the planetary 7D brain and violet wave frequencies. Guardians have been removing these frequencies as an ongoing concern, to attempt to create more freedom for the 7d layers and crystal caverns upon the earth, As Michael-Mary wings of the planet continue to be supported as a long term project, the shifts to the ray spectrums coming in are bringing new levels of supportive repair, healing and brainwave pineal gland repatterning.

The impact of this is that the human pineal gland and crown centres are more freed of the alien technology binding the implants and frequency fences in place. This heralds the ability to release yet new layers of implantation, hidden until this point which can now be seen more freely in the fields. It is pertinent to clear the head and inner brain, including the pineal gland and brainstem from your daily clearing in order to protect the inner bio-circuitry to receive only organic waves of energy from the higher dimensional fields. As guardians make way to clear out more alien technology on the earth, the retaliative forces are creating much more aggressive mind control scalar wave and psychotronic weaponry attempts to incite fear through armageddon false timelines, and pestilence, influenza and poverty consciousness fear based assaults to the human populace, as the end of days programming is sent throughout the fields keeping humans controlled in self-enslavement responses. This grid war is ongoing as krystal star host teams are evicting the main female artificial intelligent created demonic essences, which are a false mother or dark mother clone created through a mixture of fallen consciousness forms and artificially created false female principles.

The human crown centre in its corrected format  unites with the pineal, hypothalamus and thalamus glands to make a trinity in which the organic ray frequences are received in ongoing activations. The returning of the Amythst order families into this realm mean the reclamation of the violet 7d and 6d indigo spectrum rays to repair the correct crown principles and higher spiritual links of communications. The lightbody crown centres restore the wings, into the higher heart and project the organic rays out from the centre of the forehead in varying configurations which can appear as a projection of a unicorn horn plasma light at the 9D hairline point. As the lightbody can accept the organic templating, the city 4 square or new jerusalem architecture of the 4 pillars of man is built inside the heart-crown-brain merges, to build the architecture of the indwelling of the house of god and christos solar light. This is the Crystal Cathedral, the house of god architecture in its ever perpetuating upgraded configurations.

Twinned Christ Child Returning to earth, The Second Coming of Christ
Those families of christos-sophia whom are returning to the earth are here to repair the male-female-child holy trinity back into the mother's body upon the earth. The planetary grail points are being reconfigured to accept and run more detailed levels of chalice points, which is the natural godhead blueprint of the human form and the planetary body form to run the source energy and feedback loop from the creator, and not from the lower planetary fields. As a stealth mission strand held by guardians, the twinned christ child energy was restored to the planetary body this year from Easter onwards. This was a covert mission in which the sophianic body birthing would be held as a twin template straight from the andromedan aqualashan diamond rose line grail holders, through the keepers of the solar flame, holding the safe passage into the planet's body in which the christos-sophia twinned christ child was returned. The Christ child energy of the masculine Christos was re-twinned with his equal, and together they are held in the Albion-Cathar through the waters of chastity, in the Aeonic template birthed by the rainbow shield of the christos-sophia.

All planets in our local solar system were reimprinted with the christos-sophia twinned christ child pair through the paliadorian covenant, and this heralds the guardian long term project of correcting the blueprint and repairing of many of the rose lines, the diamond flowerings of diamond hearts in our section of the universal time matrix. As the planetary sophianic grids are resurrected, the diagonal lightfibres and lines are restored to run the potentials of more tri-wave. Ascending areas of the planetary body are being assisted in the anchoring of these grids into resurrection as the christos-sophia brothers and sisters are showing up in the grids of our planet, assisted by the King Dragons from Andromeda. The solar daughters of sophia have returned to the earth, and when they return they come as a trinity. The solar daughters shed the false lunar mother archetypes and together they reinstate the leylines and flowerings of the solar light required to animate and host the diamond grids upon the earth.

One of the more exciting shifts these recent months is the heralding of the christos-sophianic rod of power sceptre, and is supportive to the ongoing reclaimation of the grids of the planetary body, and as repairing to the Albion-Cathar Body, the world soul. The UK grids have long been commandeered by negative aliens whom have bargained away humanities rights through covert stealing of the soul matrices and energetic functions of the higher bodies of the human monads. The Christos Rod of Power and the Sceptre highlights that the Founder races are returning to this earth, and that a full biological ascension out of this fallen matrix is becoming more possible for those who have that blueprint in their current ascending timeline. The God Sovereign Free timeline of the highest freedom, highest heroic probability and highest expression of a human being in a body is held open through guardian host projects, and is further supported by the Andromedan King Dragons, the creators of this realm. You are not alone, you have never been alone, god is enacting the divine plan through starseeds and christos descendents upon the earth. Together, those in resonance to the families of the christos-sophia are recovering and renewing the covenant with god, held within the sacred diamond heart and sophianic tones within the purest loving expressions of restoration of the human angelic divine right upon the earth.

In cosmic loving service,

 Mhairi & Sequoia ascension community