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This site is an expanding reference to energy architecture, experiences and observations on the ascension path, gained from direct interface with energy architecture, and through biological ascension through years of integrating frequencies via meditative practise and interaction with living light intelligence of source consciousness, and the families upholding the support for human ascension known as the group Christ Collectives of Krystal Star Guardians.

We are [ Aeonesis the Alchemy of Ascension]

Ankh Lightbody

Our mission is to work with the Guardian Host as representatives galactic emissaries to support starseeds, indigos, lightworkers and the ascending family to provide context to what has happened here on the earth. Information on this site is an ongoing Project offered as a guidance to spiritual Ascension.

Please only take what resonates with your heart as a truth, discarding anything which does not resonate

In Unified Cooperation we share the common mission goals of the Guardian Host from the authentic lineages of the Cosmic Sovereign Law, Cosmic Christ Consciousness which serves the guardian host Christos Mission.

'This Wiki is shared through creative commons, and is a truth resonance of galactic history; obtained through the direct reading of records in the human lightbody, of the dna structure, planetary body gridworking and remote viewing of the collective projects of the Krystal Star Guardian Host. This information is not channeled and is a compilation of our direct consciousness experiences through the ascension cycle.' Which is given to those who resonate to help navigate in finding your own spiritual truths in discernment of the antichrist frequencies of control, and the organic frequencies of the godhead.

Please check back for updates as our site is a work in progress continually being updated with ascension related informations.

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Understanding the Ego Death & Emotional healing is the most important process in ascension

Artworks on our Site

All of the artwork unless otherwise credited is created and designed by Sequoia Arayas. Should you choose to share this artwork, we appreciate you crediting our site as the owner and creator to retain the energetic signature, as we are choosing share and share alike creative commons. We ask you kindly to consider that if you would artwork created for your own projects, that you contact Sequoia directly through the main website link. This allows us to continue creating and producing content freely for the ascension families on the earth to understand the nature of the christos mission from the guardian host cosmic families.

We have no active social media presence by design

In past endeavours in the earlier stages of our life were online accounts in social media platforms in sharing our work or practitionership offerings. We found this created vulnerabilities and interferences through various means and in order to meet the particular requirement set forth in the christos guardian host mission projects, it was deemed a necessary to retain our own energetic integrity in protecting the body of work we are here to record and help restore awareness of into the earth's body, was only possible through the christ embodied architecture of which serves as the structure by which our site operates directly as a guardian outreach upon the earth. At this time, we have a youtube channel but no other social media presence.



Mhairi Arayas experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening at a young age which led to direct contact, experiences and telepathic relay in communication from the guardian host races in the next universe in Andromeda of several Lyran-Sirian contacts, in which the connections and upgrades to the biospiritual links provided awarenesses of detailed energy architecture. This led into long term awakening period and a larger kundalini event and Sirius B walk in (merge in of original Sirius B Soul Matrix- no personality changes happen with natural walk-in templates), which was able to remove the crucifixion implants in the body during 2004, which allowed the higher senses to progressively and slowly over time, to see and feel more architectures of falsity and reveal the direct sight to see and interact with different realms, in eventually seeing aliens physically in the other dimensions and other creatures masquerading as angels. This revealed as requirement to meet the divine appointment of being present for the ascension and to work in unified cooperation to support and be with the starseed and indigo families for the larger ascension events. Mhairi is an etheric surgeon, guardian host planetary gridworker and galactic emissary for the guardian host families and writes from her personal direct gnostic experiences from over 20 years of slow sane and integration through the years over activated awarenesses, in to support advocacy for the starseed and indigo races upon the earth. None of our content is channeled material, this is a spiritual embodiment process of direct cognition whilst working interdimensionally to act as part of the ground crew team here for this christos guardian mission.

Mhairi is here with her hierogamic partner husband Sequoia Arayas working in several projects of the guardian teams, to bring awareness, truth and sharings of energetic templates, tools and guidance for navigating the awakening as sanely and grounded as is possible. Sequoia has created many thousands of artworks from his direct experiences with energy architectures in the blueprints and through his experiences with the guardian families throughout his life. From a very young age he started to see and interact with various levels of reality, of which allowed him to represent the architectures in his artwork for others to see and remember the cosmic energetic blueprints. Both were able to see ranges of negative aliens and interactions with them at different times in life. This allowed more hidden truths to be directly experienced and revealed, and supported more detailed comprehension that humanity's origins, sensory perceptions and beliefs were being controlled by vicious entities and various controls which had been inserted into the planetary body and human lightbody architecture. It became obvious with the guardian host contacts throughout the years that all is not what it seemed on the earth, and led them both to find great support and loving unconditional kindness in the body of work brought forth by Lisa Renee, of Lisa has provided many toolsets and joining of the dots for our personal missions as a part of the guardian host families workstreams.

It was experienced directly and with guardian host support that these planetary structures were being used to mind control humanity and dumb human perceptions down, prevent human DNA activations into the natural template which belongs to the human body of the base 12 DNA, or the Diamond Sun 12 stranded DNA, including the vast issues we have on earth with sexual abuses, pedophilic networks, abuse of humans animals and children to feed those energies to offplanet stations of alien hive mind hubs. The vast hidden shadows and invisible to the human perception through controlling pillars structures and energetic implanted networks infecting the earth in what is the mass stealth situation of offplanet controlling structures which guardian host came here to view, record and to rehabilitate out from the planetary grid networks.

Spiritual Deceptions in the Ascension and New Age Manipulations

Spiritual practises have been tainted with false light which serves the imposters and this can take a while to comprehend - we don't want to take the bliss pill, we want to slowly come to truths that will ultimately reveal and heal our entire spiritual bodies.

That which is glamourous or appears friendly, often has a hidden agenda of siphoning energies through what has been set into the earth as a normal human experience or desire. Many awakening starseeds must come to realise that within the awakening cycles and stages, there are forces of glamourisation which will take ahold and present as "spirit" or guides, which are controlling your perception by providing false ideas and inserted thoughts which act to take you away from your god-given soul's pathway in this life. This means for many who have been duped by various forces, the pain of understanding levels of lies, trickery and confusion will need to be navigated, as the ascension will mean that you become aware of etheric implants, mindslides, inserted thoughts and desires, and other energies which were hidden to you - but become revealed when you align your heart into the one source, god source holy trinity. Many imposters of god's light exist in many guises, we must be careful to not pass judgement upon them and instead learn how to effectively navigate this hidden spiritual war. Galactic Warriors here for full awakening to the mass conciousness deceptions will have to face this reality, and we can face this whilst learning to remove our fears. There is nothing to fear when we understand our true history, and our true unconditional loving power that comes from the godhead.

The long term goal of the emerald order guardian host family is to rehabilitate the planetary architecture which has been infected by invisible layers of artificial intelligence structures, used to control human perception and force the controller negative alien hidden agenda upon the masses. The guardian host lineages in this timeline who are working across the interdimensional layers of the time matrix uphold protectorship for humanity to achieve liberation from the vast insidious and hidden antichrist agenda. As the planetary architecture is undergoing great change, humanity must awaken to see the lies, the liars and the antichrist evil forces in action upon this planet whom have used the highest level of alien warfare undectectable until the guardian families could restore their communication links into the Cosmic Dragon Creators from the Godworlds. These families and their immense love of creation and humanity, are representatives of god's natural laws and the enactment of the cosmic order of god's laws to manifest upon the earth, through each human being if they take this choice.

Many individuals both human and non-human have tried to defame or destroy our works, through satanic ritual abuse attacks in the astral, interdimensionally with negative alien groups showing up to intimidate, in copying artworks without accreditation to the original creator, or in some cases presenting our sharings to their own audiences and repackaging as their own. The energy signatures of our sharings, our words, meditations and sharings are presented to support those spiritual truthseekers in becoming self sovereign and in developing spiritually with the intention of understanding the purity of essence within the individual unique person in serving the godsource from your own unique heart expression.

This awareness comes through self-responsibility to know onesself very deeply in breaking down and becoming freed of the predator mindsets which have been installed to humanity through the constructs known as negative ego. These ego lens, unhealed traumas and shadow body emotional energies inside the self are used to block a person from their truthful authentic self expression, and instead force the false persona and identity controller archetypes to fit a controllable mould. These controlling archetypes will force plaigarisms, including sharing our work or images without proper accreditation under the guise of "spreading the word." In our workloads, our tasks and sharings meet with our personal unique expressions as a resource that may support others fathom this incredibly challenging time upon earth, as a razor thin level of energetic self-discernment is required in order to remain sane, and not be taken down by negative entities posing as guardian forces.

As with any form of integrity, it must be shared from the heart in direct authenticity in order to stand energetically within the core of the self, as this sharing of personal experiences stands in its own truthful light which is upheld as gnostic truth, and can be recognised through the frequencies in the heart. Despite the wish of the antichrist forces to keep true spiritual knowledge hidden, labelling anyone on earth with the direct conscious awareness of the negative agenda, whether it's seeing demons and creatures, extra terrestrial beings, or being aware of travelling through stargates into other realms without trying: these are the real truths of the human's spiritual biological layers, which for the starseed races, waking up one morning to green reptilians standing over your body can be quite the intense shock! To comprehend that these beings are not physical in this dimensional bandwidth, and that starseeded and indigo families progressively can see the holographic nature of reality, intuitive awareness, and with many senses coming online which feel like utter exhaustion, as the godhead activates the DNA stranding, to waken and show what was deeply hidden, cannot stay hidden on the path to spiritual comprehensions of the actual truth of humanity and the nature of our reality. Many starseeds and awakening humans are terrorised when their higher sensory perception starts to open out into the higher subharmonics, and what reality fabric was, changes and it cannot be switched off. During stages of the awakening, it is important to be aware of manipulations, there are artificial intelligence forces projecting holograms of moveis, guides and control, inserting thoughts and keeping everyone asleep inside the controlled matrix. Guardian host families of the Cosmic Christ, are here in the earth repairing the hookups and communication links, and evicting many alien predatorial races and their demonic hierarchies from the earth grids. As this happens you may be involved in seeing that, transiting and removing these creatures from earth, through your lightbody as beings transit and are removed through the starseeded service to god, through the heart.

Since much of the sharings of our content may be felt as controversial, and much will not be proven externally unless experienced directly in the heart, we ask you to take your time and check your own resonance to test this against your personal experiences, over time. Most of us here on the earth for the ascension had to wait until the galactic alignments and universal alignments to Andromedan galaxy were aligning for us to obtain the correct support energetically for the process of rebuilding or building the DNA and spiritual bodies into wholeness. As ascension symptoms of exhaustion occur, and the body feels very pressured, knowing the the planetary body is undergoing immense spiritual and cosmic ray alterations to re-connect humanity to the godhead, the true creators of humanity, we must each step forth into our highest expression through life lessons, emotional awareness healing, and to remain possible in the heart as it opens out into layers and layers of deeper truths which cannot be denied inside the self when it is felt.

We hope you find support from our materials and sharings, and to check your personal determination and discernment when interacting with the content. It is offered as a truth-resonance which can be tested from within your heart and inner soul at stages of awakening to support your spiritual ascension.

Understanding Ascension

As a spiritually awakening starseed, indigo or lightworker it is imperative to comprehend that the new age has been hijacked with imposter representatives controlling the narratives from various dimensions as imposter spirits masquerading as the light, whom are controlling the information and creating astral trickery, guru archetypes and blissmasters. In order to ascend in understanding your personal lessons and spiritual initiations from a personal unique blueprint within your energy matrix; it is your task to unravel the deceptions and to free your lightbody and energy field from being used as a dark portal or being caught into false reality fields and consciousness traps. As a natural process and intention to know the truth, the predator mind control which has influenced our planet has to be understood in stages, in order to free one's spiritual bodies and mental body from the density and timelocks put in place. Psychic self defense and right use of your own energy in understanding power abuses, archetypal influences including satanic and luciferian forces is a necessity in order to ascend and heal the patterns of energy or polarity of which you have come here to serve during this ascension cycle. The negative ego can be very difficult for starseeds and indigos to truly understand, as it means a dedication to understanding the contents of one's own heart, behaviour and attitudes. Deep healing and cleansing out of dead energy miasmatic loads, in shedding density through ascension flu with fluctuating energy levels is part of the changing through this cycle.

As you intend to build your auric field into wholeness, various life lessons will present at each stage of your personal growth; and these must be faced in order to synthesise the contents of your energy field into the next higher harmonic in sequential DNA activations throughout your life. The ascension is a long term dedication throughout your incarnation, and throughout many lifetimes in learning how to be the best and most loving human being you can be with ethical human principles and developing unconditional love in restoring the in-dwelling of the house of god, the christ principle inside your human vessel as god intended. Learning what service to self vs service to others means as a golden rule of humanity and to not bypass the difficult life lessons by reaching for rose tinted glasses to not look at negativity, or darkness as this leaves a person in dark ignorance only willing to see or know one half of the equation. Humanity has suffered extreme levels of interferences, broken planetary grid networks and many heinous levels of hidden controlling forces. In order to know this truth, and to reveal the absolute truths of our creation, our creators and our actual planetary age and histories which have been destroyed and wiped from the planetary brain, building your ascending lightbody to align only and fully and totally with the spirits of Christ, The Cosmic Intelligence of the angelic human racelines and the human body, in restoring this truth unto you.

There are no shortcuts. Our planet and human collective fields are undergoing massive shifts and changes. Are you willing to know what has been hidden from view in order to know the absolute loving benevolence as the divine right of all of humanity? These self-assessments will come as inner questions to the spiritual truthseeker, on the path to understanding human ascension as a starseed, indigo or lightworker person with a loving and willing heart restoring human nature as a natural expression through your self.