During the current planetary ascension stages and light accretion as spiritual truth seekers work to re-encrypt the planetary body and our personal human bodies to receive more organic light from the trinitized fields of energy, god-source, through the living light fibre connections which intermix and weave to create the fabrics of invisible reality and visible reality; shifts and awakenings occur at varying degrees. Such changes can cause physical, mental and emotional perception alterations which serve to expand the body and lightbody systems to receive higher levels of consciousness expansion in line with higher sensory perceptions coming online.

Current planetary and celestial management team are known as the Krystal Star Guardian Host. These multiple galactic races form Cosmic Christ consciousness and provide support for us as spiritual truthseekers to support the ascension plan in alignment with cosmic sovereign law. The Christ consciousness collectives of Krystal Star Guardians do not provide channelled information, and instead must be contacted and interfaced with directly. The only way to the trinity wave of creation of the godhead, is with each human carrying out their own embodiment of the Christ consciousness and fortifying further connections to this intelligence field. Each of us has a connection to this, and in higher dimensional realms, we may call these aspects our Avatar-Godself. 

As humans on earth during the ascension cycle, it is within each our own heart based resonance that provides the path and connection to our own personal and collective Christ consciousness intelligence. Christ = Krystal Star = God in the truest form, and is connectable and contactable by inner inquiry and heart based request. This is the connection we each have a right to, to understand, know and embody this lifetime and beyond. This connection does not fall within the limitations carried within many of the varied belief systems on earth at this time, and can be pursued at any time in one's life, if resonance is felt. Affirming I am god, I am sovereign, I am free supports your internal consciousness to know itself as a god-being, in human form. That is what we are. 

We may ask ourselves, what is it that I am trying to achieve? How can I feel happier? How may I bring more love into the lives of those around me? What is the point of being 'spiritual?' what does it truly mean at this time on earth? Why do I feel as if there is 'more' to life than this? 

Many teachings provide rigid specifications in order to reach a form of 'enlightenment' but require a dedication and a lifetime's expected promise of attaining that experience. One may question and ask 'how will I know when I have reached enlightenment?' or have internal feelings that enlightenment has already been reached. If we are being taught that we can only reach a certain stage of 'enlightenment' through another person or human or guru on earth, or the worship of deity then that is part of the false programming which has been installed into our awarenesses here. 

It is important to understand that even when we know not what path we are walking, that we walk the path of the internal connection and become less dependent on the reliance of one source (be it book, human, deity, teaching, guru, other) and more invested in the inner heart-light connections we each can make to our own source in god. It is this personal internal connection which opens up potentials to receive higher consciousness embodiment, and by doing so, it is the way to bring more heart based peaceful loving resonance back to the earth for all communities. 

Verbal suggestions are provided as ways to connect with the eternal living light codes of our truthful source: Beloved Holy presence of God (Christ Consciousness) I ask now to be shown the truth of my connection, in the request to connect directly with you, to heal my heart and to bring my higher consciousness awareness here: accessible and available to support me now. 

Thank you for showing me the way of my awakening process, so that I may know and feel your love in this now moment and every moment. 

Mhairi & Sequoia