Ascension Community

The planet and human lightbody contain a morphogenetic field and blueprint which when read, reveal the truth about human history and is the access to multi-dimensional stations of identity, which exist in simultaneous time. If another station of identity (past timeline life, concurrent life, future timeline life) has experienced trauma or suffering, the bleedthrough from that time vector location impacts the here-now body station of identity. The planet and humanity have been influenced by hidden energies such as karmic exhaust, etheric weaponry, etheric implants, which control the higher senses and perceptions about our reality here.

In each session there are some notes on the work in the multi-dimensions to support a fuller understanding, in the application of etheric surgery to restore and rehabilitate the human hologram of the 12 sphere tree of life. In our community you can use meditations to apply similar healing treatments in becoming more deeply connected to god-source through the lightbody connections - which for each of us require to be cleared out of these various blocks, to repair and return the higher cosmic rays of light to be received into the base 12 strand DNA human angelic lightbody template. This is the Christed template of all humans which has been hidden from humanity. Starseeds and the indigo racelines are here to restore the template and reconnect with god directly without an intermediary, which requires to remove the implants and rehabilitate the hologram. Integration of the higher spiritual bodies become activated and embody the higher consciousness potentials in reaching developmental stages of at-one-ment with god source. Emotional healing and removal of negative ego is imperative. Each sharing contains the original frequency held within the words which was applied to support the application of healing and repair to the starseed or planetary architecture.

Session Excerpts