Ascension Community

Realmkeepers of Paliadorian Dragons, Extraction of Secret Space Programs...
Dear Family, The last several weeks has been an intense gridwar of locating additional sections of...
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Ruby Rod
Growth There is an inherent harmony in our maturation process. To the mental body however this...
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11th Dimensional Stargate Corrections, Showdown in the United Kingdom
Dear family, Since the beginning of November, guardian host emerald founders have been extracting...
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Human 5D Soul Matrix Restorations, Mother's Gelesiac Dragon Egg Sound Body...
Dear Family, The Cosmic Mother and Father's reveal of their Emerald Templar Body [August 2023] and...
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Melchizedek-Elaysa Restorations with Rainbow Masters, Lotus-Rose Planetary...
Melchizedek-Elaysa Restorations with Cosmic Rainbow Masters, Lotus-Rose Planetary Activation,...
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Masculine Wounds, False King to Truth of Holy Father
Masculine Wounds, False King to Truth of Holy Father All that has been taking the space inside...
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We command this space and our group field, in cosmic sovereign law, as sacred.

We dedicate our energy-attention. awareness and the architecture of this website to Truth and the Eternal Light, Love, and Power of God as a lived in reality through the transparent sharing of gnostic wisdom and our direct experience of Oneness with Source.

May that which is whole, pure, harmonious & holy be amplified and serve to purify all who arrive here.

The Natural Way of Ascension

Guardianship support & the foundations of Cosmic freedom through Unity consciousness principles
Monthly conveyances of the ascension timeline; Krystal Star Guardian group support for all of humanity
Considerations of the the Krystic Path; ascension, wellness, consciousness evolution, negative ego dismantle, virtue ethics
Imagery encoded with multidimensional characteristics coupled with deep contemplative or profound insights concerning the nature of consciousness to inspire, fortify, activate, and motivate you on your journey of soul awakening and beyond
A set of foundational practices to help deepen and widen your spiritual practice.



Krystal Star Codes

energy essences

Krystal Star Codes are living energy architectures & multidimensional frequency waveforms that exist as geomantic consciousness beings from higher sensory perception. They are unique embodiments of the restructuring and recoding intelligence of Kryst-Sophia intelligence and the Aurora who stream code encryptions infinitely to transform neurological systems, planetary grid functions, and to aid the total enlightenment of the elemental bases of matter.

Core Tools


12th Dimensional Shielding
Unity Vow
Guardian Unity Vow
Core Soul
Core Soul Protection
Compassionate Witness
Prayer of a Compassionate Witness
Cosmic Viral
Cosmic Viral Clearing