Community Dedication

We command this space and our group field, in cosmic sovereign law, as sacred.

We dedicate our energy-attention. awareness and the architecture of this website to Truth and the Eternal Light, Love, and Power of God as a lived in reality through the transparent sharing of gnostic wisdom and our direct experience of Oneness with Source.

May that which is whole, pure, harmonious & holy be amplified and serve to purify all who arrive here.


Recent Newsletters

Orion 8D Galactic Core centre emerges as a Solar Sun Body, December 2020 On the lead up to the Winter Solstice the guardian host were focused on removing massive constructs of alien machinery from the planets of Jupiter and of Saturn. Jupiter is the 6D...
September 2020 Solar Rishic Founder Return Dear family, 15D Tree of Life, Rishic Founders In the last few months as the Amethyst Order return to the earth they are contacting their lineages on the earth of violet ray holders, to support the returning of...
Sophianic Plasma Body, Shield In the last few months the furthering of Mother's return has brought the matter of planet earth transformations to an entirely new level. The sophianic plasma shield and plasma body is one way that this is being achieved in...
Dear family, Guardian host families and christos gridworkers have been focusing intently on the dismantle of 5D and 8D layers of the planetary body and the universal time matrix dimensional fields, in which the distortions and corrections are required...


Returning to Wholeness and embodying Harmony as a Universal principle involves the re-education of cosmic truths.

Krystal Star
Krystal Star
God-source is unity intelligence, it is a living field of Cosmic Kryst consciousness. The Krystal Star Teachings are a living communication of Source-field intelligence that serves to perpetuate the bio-spiritual transformation of consciousness back into the original divine intent of inner sustained direct connection and unity exchange with the eternal source light of God. This path, reality, and state of being is Eternal Omnilove, This is the essence of Christ-Sophia a Truth wave of trinity vibration held and known as the original pure being.
Guardian Hosts
Guardian Hosts
The multidimensional mechanics of consciousness ascension and the Cosmic Laws governing creation are held by Guardian races. It is the express mission of Guardians to protect and insure that all beings can discover and fulfill their divine purpose. This purpose is spiritual enlightenment, the journey of the unification of the Personal Christ with God-Source through the Ascension cycles.
Law of One
Law of One
The Universal Law of One is a reality field and the only true organic divine timeline, it is also a way of being that anchors into embodiment harmonic resonance with God-source. This way is not an abstraction, it is the recognition of Oneness which ignites the inner God-spark in man to emanate the eternal spiritual living light, love, and power of Christ.

Krystal Star Codes

Krystal Star Codes are living energy architectures & multidimensional frequency waveforms that exist as geomantic consciousness beings from higher sensory perception. They are unique embodiments of the restructuring and recoding intelligence of Kryst-Sophia intelligence and the Aurora who stream code encryptions infinitely to transform neurological systems, planetary grid functions, and to aid the total enlightenment of the elemental bases of matter.

Double Diamond
Aurora Emotional Body
Cosmic Ankh Body
12D Core Template


The Alchemy of Ascension