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Meditation is the principle of gaining control and focus over the thought sequences in the mind. As the mind is in receipt of multiple false thoughts from planetary grid control mechanisms, EMF frequencies, radio waves, and technology to control the human body and mind; one can learn to free the consciousness from the negative ego construct which has been installed into the human lightbody in the personality layers.

Meditation supports a person to create and experience the observer consciousness, to allow an understanding of the internal landscape and inner principle of the contents of the heart. He who controls the mind, and soul controls the human body. In the gaining of a sovereign body and vessel, to reclaim and build and embody the soul matrix, a person can learn to meditate to understand consciousness of humanity is based solely in a loving expression, removed of all suffering and controlling pillars of society. Obtaining consciousness freedom is possible on the ascension path, to step by step feel and embody the love of god (not the god of religion or teachings of christ as a single man who came to earth) as a person can embody into their heart awakening phases, and through the emotional healing of sexual centres, mental body layers and heart resonances along the way. Spiritual lessons and consciousness expansion go hand in hand with dealing in real life emotional experiences, to open one's heart out from the deception which has been placed upon humanity.

Participation in Meditative group space with us:

We have found that personal meditative practise is an effective tool for self healing, realisation and connection to inner source. We present meditative space held with the intention of upholding, sharing and utilising living light intelligence spiritual knowledge, and deeply supportive healing space.

If you decide to participate in meditative space with us, please know that this may contain elements of the following self-empowerment practises:

  • Creating an Energetic Container as a safe space to do energy work
  • Understanding Energetic Self-Mastery to Self-Sovereignty
  • Multi-dimensional holographic lightbody architecture support
  • Clearing/Healing energies from multidimensional lightbody and integrating energy returns
  • Evicting lower forms of energy (spiritual attachments, inorganic energies, blocks, emotional goo, psychic attack, demons, et beings, etc) from the lightbody multi-dimensional architecture
  • Removal of inorganic architecture which stems the livinglight flow
  • Cultivating higher heart based loving-living-light connection with source
  • The reclamation of soul fragments and spiritual body parts which have been held in reversal systems and in planetary ley lines and black magic grids
  • Personal and Planetary Emancipation Gridwork
  • The potential to support own embodiment process
  • Dismantling EGO programs through emotional self awareness
  • Aligning to your highest expression at all times