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Solar Michael-Mary Heart Twinning, Building Wings

In recent months, the planetary body has been shifting to bring online the gender principle fins of Mer-Ka-Ba merge of the lightbody wings, or the 6d masculine/Michael (3rd layer of the soul matrix triad) and the 7d feminine/Mary (1st layer of the monadic oversoul matrix triad).

During the July-August window, many guardian teams were involved in rescuing trapped Michael/Seraphim Gold, Blue or Magenta Founder Ray genetics from various locations in the time matrix, where the energy had been held in spiritual bondage. In the time window of leading up to October 2017, Mary consciousness had been released/recovered and meant that many people whom this energy belonged to - could receive it back through guardian safe zones and the return to rightful owner command that can be used in meditation space. This would incur a natural organic embodiment of the Mary or Meritaton archetypal female or mother energies. Guardian teams have referred to the Meri-Mary energy as the feminine solar principle, part of the christ family lineage.

6D-7D Heart Twinning Activations, Violet Ray Holders

The Michael-Mary heart twinning process is an activation that is supported through the paliadorian covenant, or god worlds activations that are being received by christ families since the Ophiuchus galactic zodiac transition in December 2017. These are ongoing phases of planetary activations which allow the planetary lightbody merkabah shield of gender principle merge to come online. To fortify the possibility of this for humans many steps and stages as we, as a family group consciousness work to heal ourselves and the path to find deeper layers of love for ourselves.  The activation allows the rod function to come online within the lightbody, essentially the gender principle merging of male-female in perfected states of balance. The Feminine staff runs on the vertical and the masculine rod intersects and allows for rod and staff in action, holding balance of sacred marriage within. The 6D brain pineal centres of the soul matrix, can unite with the 7D crown centres which is similar to saying the soul triad of 4-5-6D merge in a triad to the 7D first layer of the monad.  As this occurs, it results in merkabic function or lightbody 'wings' returning to allow further consciousness movement through time and space.

Many starseeds may be processing galactic timeline memories of the 'wings' trauma, which include separation from divine counterpart, or masculine-feminine gender splitting painful off planet histories, including Aldebarran, which seems to be the source of multiple timelines of sexual misery and where 'Michael' consciousness were abused, and traumatised and used as sexual pets by negative alien forces.

In order to reach this stage of heart-twinning, there must have been a dedicated effort to clear the pain of the inner masculine and feminine within, which ideally means looking at patterns and triggers that cause you pain when relating to the opposite gender. The goal is to re-unite the masculine and feminine within, so that there is no difference or inequality that is felt in relation to others. To support the uncovering of these patterns and triggers it is suggested to know yourself deeper, and to list your own triggers in relation to the opposite sex. Remembering that both sexes have received levels of insidious reversal programming on planet earth, recall yourself as a divine expression of the body you are in. Attempting to exhibit the best of who you are, in the heart space.

When this activation is occurring there are extremely heightened dark force aggressions sent to stop this from being embodied and actualised within spiritual couples on earth. Dark forces would much rather that the couple break up and not continue their ascension path. Despite the dark force attempts, christ families have been successful in the building and embodiment of the rod and staff in the 6d-7d michael-mary heart twinning. This holds fortitude for the planetary body and ensures that this potential stays available for humans on the ascension path. Many celebrations for our christ families returning the hearts and wings of the lightbody.

For spiritual couples it is imperative to remain centred in the core of the heart. Many times, dark forces will attack the very weakness and unhealed pain that you are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously; and it is through attacking forces that the pain body will be manipulated. Spiritual couples must ensure that all transparency is maintained, and must do their emotional healing together. Be fearless and speak truthfully to each other without taking anything personally.  Share every thing that you feel you can, and open yourself up to the heartspace you share. This alone will support you to negate some of the affects of the transitions. Anything which is hidden must have a light shone upon it. The only way to effectively have ultimate transparency and heal all aspects of self, individually and together is to ensure that hidden parts can not be used against you. Nothing remains in the shadow, and all is brought up for each partner to hold the other in the loving movement they share. Every single thing that you hold in your energy is a part of the relationship, with your partner. This means everything that you do affects the other, and you are learning to unify your energy so that there are no weaknesses in your relationship container. Sustainability of your eternal loving relationship is a living possibility, and a gift from the holiest corners of the god head.

Masculine Healing, Further Rod Functions

As a result of this there have been greater abilities to heal the masculine principle, as the christ-michael consciousness is released from spiritual bondage, it allows the embodiment and is the supportive override to the reversal masculine programs that have been so inherently running on the planet and in humans. Starseed men on the ascending path may find that there is a great processing through heightened mental body overload at times, which is almost like an attacking force. For men, it is imperative to understand that all false ego programs can drop from the mind-body connections when you focus on knowing where your weaknesses are. It is time to drop false identities, or who you thought you were; for exchange of who you actually are. It is time to listen to the voice of your heart, and let that be the strong inner guidance.

Ancestral healing is heightened with the influx of further father Emerald Ray and may mean that you are able to clear a lot of old inherited 'father' patterns. This extends to behaviours, impacts of the father in life (negative effects or positive effects) and the healing of body or disease patterns that would have been a part of the Father line. Through meditation, and intention, ask your avatar to guide you in the support of the father line, and know in that space it shall be revealed what is required. Through the intention to resolve all with the Father, your personal Father, and the holy father you will receive a greater awareness of the divine masculine on the inner and outer expression.

Starseeds who are clearing the genetic line of the family of origin, may note physical symptoms relating to father healing, or father ailments through stages of releasing the impact from the bloodline at this time. Be still, patient and go within. Holy Mother Aqua Ray, Holy Father Magenta-Emerald Ray will support the healing process.

Timeline Access

With the rod function coming more online in the planetary body, it means that we are able to access further stations of identity and we can then collapse timelines (alternate stations of identity or past, present/future lives) to return to us, our own consciousness units. It also means that you may have experienced shifts in the way in which you are accessing time, or that you have been 'moved' in your station of awareness. As guardians continue to clear timelines from the past, and work to heal the golden eagle grid there is further corrected access into egyptian timelines, and yeshua/Jesus christ mission timelines - part of the previous paliadorian missions. These are ongoing and as part of the progression on the path, your own inner christ will guide you in meditation for recovery of parts from these timelines.

In Cosmic Christos,