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Dear family,
increasingly when we have been used to working with 'spirit' guides, or energies which represent themselves as forces of the light, we may come to a point of understanding that not all is what it seems, and some of the forces we have been taught that are light spirits, are not that.

Many involved in methods of healing, spiritual healings, or new age systems are being taught to call entities into their bodies in order to 'merge' or invite in the power of that entity; being, angel, archangel, ascended master, cosmic healing team, or some other label that has a 'powerful' name, or just a plain old guide who is a discarnate soul. Usually, this is a misplaced understanding and disbelief that we have the power within ourselves, and just because something is from an offplanet name or angel or amazing healing modality; often we don't believe or fully know that we actually have more heart based intelligence than some of these energies. Many times people will say 'but I am led by spirit. Spirit told me what to do.' Sometimes the 'spirit' is a presence with an agenda that we are unable to determine. Generally speaking, humans are of the understanding that beings without bodies must know more, because they are 'spirit'. This, is not the case. We are just waking up to remember who WE are.....

Here in OmniLov3 we are learning what it is to be sovereign and in full control of our own energy, in this here and now moment. Part of that is learning the hard understanding and sometimes bubble bursting of the energies and entities that have masqueraded themselves as healing forces on earth. This means, that under no circumstance is it advisable to allow any other energy into your body or mind. We are tricked because sometimes as an energy connects into our auric field, it provides a feeling of bliss and wonderment. When we are able to identify this as non-positive, it becomes easier to understand the ways in which we can be tricked. It's like being given a bliss pill, and the body feels woozy, drunken and almost like a spiritual 'high', and this can be interpreted as 'god'.

Christ Force Intelligence Krystal Star- Guardian Host, will never attempt to take over your body, or present themselves as anything other that what they are. In order to feel more god source in the body, the clearer we can be in our energy bodies, the easier this task is.

The issue we have is that people are being taught by others to allow or invite an energy or being to enter the body in order to provide healing. This causes auric field weakness, and can cause issues where the infiltrating energy starts to run inside the lightbody. Essentially, gaining access to the energy life force of the body. The energy/entity presents itself as healing or harmless, and is, in fact tricking the person into believing that they need some external or outside help to come to their healing aid. It's a bit like inviting someone into your house that looks and presents with something you might be interested in, but then when they get a foot in the door, they start to attempt to change the decor in your home. However, sometimes this situation also can occur when we have not understood or known what has happened. This can be as simple as attending a spiritual group event and turning up, this is implied consent to gain access to your energy field. As insidious as this is, it does happen.

When we learn the 12D shielding process, we are boundary testing for imposter spirits, and when we realise that we may have worked with other energies over the years then we can take back the authority of our own energy, essentially evicting any residue or connections to these imposter spirits from having a seat inside our spiritual home. We have nothing to fear about this. This shifts our consciousness and awareness into being more centred, and we learn to call back our energies through the OmniLov3 Core Soul Protection Meditation.

There are a million entities out there who masquerade as the light, also the same for the humans who are being led by them and believe them to be entirely positive. In the teachings here, we can segregate 'groups' of consciousness forces into 3 main groupings, satanic, luciferian and christ. The issue we have had on earth is that the satanics and luciferians have been running the show and pretending to be christ forces. This has been the case for a very long time, and it has meant that in each our own personal ascension path we may have to walk through the contact with different imposter spirit forces until we understand what that means. It's a bit like when we can be seen in the field for popping up into higher harmonics, a bunch of entities make contact and provide information or appear friendly and a lot of times, we cannot tell, because they 'feel' a certain way, or we just think its amazing that these beings want to speak to us. Really, they want to keep us off our path and from discovering the christ light is inside our human bodies, and we are here to build that connection on the vertical out into the andromeda alignment, to reconnect ourselves with the godhead.

Building your 12D shield; it really does bring you into commanding your own space and from a space that you have built the intention for - you will find beings cannot enter that space anymore, particularly those whom serve the negative agenda. As starseeds, many of the new age and spiritual teachings out there are actually being hosted by negative aliens and the human front person doesn't know it. It is very painful and insidious to witness but it isn't something that is judged because there is no right or wrong, in the end it's resonant or non resonant with your heart. The shielding, the negative ego tools are going to help you get to deeper levels of your own discernment. Also, there are frequency fences in the planet and personal lightbody, with a mixture of mind control that sounds like our own inner thoughts - these things take time to get out of the lightbody, but all the tools are here within the es foundations site.

If you imagine that you are actually only intending to work with your own personal 12d ray-avatar god self, then you are really making a connection to it with your intention to do so. It might be that you have to ponder on the type of information you are in receipt of - through humans and non humans, in order for you to feel your own resonance with that. Any time we become dependant on a source of guidance from the spiritual realm, that is being fed, sent or attempting to be channeled to us - it is not coming from the cosmic christ teams of krystal star.

In cosmic Service,

Sequoia & Mhairi