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Negative Ego

Negative Ego programs are a part of inorganic software that has been installed by negative non-human racelines/controllers into the planetary body and is inorganic to the natural human or planetary body. When we inhabit a body here on earth, we take on the planetary template in order to reside here.

The negative ego, is a control mechanism put in place by controller forces in order to siphon the lifeforce from the human body. It is a false construct and is not a part of the original human template or design. To see this in etheric terms would be to see machinery or black constructs on the human lower centres, sometimes this is in chakra energy centres, and mostly on the diamond sun template the tree of life, the spheres have been programmed to be inserted with fear based programming which controls the mind of the human being without their consent or knowledge. This has affected all of humanity, and is not something specific to certain individuals. Those who have awoken to see this construct on their own lightbody have known to go into states of extreme fear and panic, as if they are the only ones who have this - or that they did something wrong, because previous to being able to see or detect it they were under the illusion that they had connected to very high spiritual light. These are alien deceptions which have been cast into the lower dimensional fields of the earth. We all must understand that this has affected the planetary body, and thus the human body. No one has been exempt. 

This is an effective mechanism because the frequencies of fear, inadequacy, violence or aggression against others or the self create a vibration of force from the human lightbody; through emotions. This can be collected and is used to power up further reversals in the collective consciousness of humanity- keeping humans locked into a low vibration where they are unable to feel the love of god force running through the body.

On the ascension timeline, we may awaken into states of understanding that our behavioural patterns are not coming from the SOUL, the truthful heart based state of being. When we learn to identify that we are running false software programs, reversal frequency sets that keep us in fear based circumstances, we come to understand that this is being used as a mind control program on this planet.

The guardian perspective is to work on the negative ego. See it as a construct, a container, a house that is embedded within the spiritual layers of the energy field, that essentially controls the mind and belief systems. Inside the houses of ego, are rooms, and the rooms need to be swept clear of all forms of lower vibrational energy. This can include

Rage/Anger/Violence Greed/Gluttony Lust/Desire

When we understand that this is the case, we can seek to remove these thoughtforms from the ego houses and rooms, and this allows a space for the truth spirit to live and thrive and retain control of the body, mind and heart.

Only once we go through healing stages of breaking down our belief systems, the mind control can be looked at with a relative neutral understanding. Our thoughts are being controlled by systems of human division, hierarchy, wealth, poverty, division, race division, color of the skin division, all of these reversal beliefs are human divide and conquer, put there by predator mind alien forces to control humanity. This ensures that humans keep on generating emotional states of fear, hatred, splitting behaviours, turning against each other into petty warring or killing. Through the emotional state, the energetic payload of that state of being is siphoned off into the astral realms, and into the lower planetary collective consciousness fields to drain the human body of their connection to god source as a benevolent being. 

The negative ego has been installed as an inorganic architecture into the human lightbody and contains a multitude of patterns that make up the personality complex, characterisations of expression and thoughts, beliefs and programmed beliefs:

Personality Matrix

When we are able to identify our beliefs and trigger patterns, we are able to understand the way in which our own installed negative ego has been set to keep us spinning in states of fear, control, or pain and trauma. In the community we hope to share ways in which this can be broken down, and thus removed from having an impact on the individual life.

The negative alien installed thoughts and beliefs are used to generate energy for their own purposes, usually keeping the human cycling in forms of never ending spirals and loops and not progressing into any form of heart based true love and life expression, from the soul. Imagining that your soul is the house for god spirits to reside in, most of the lower formed desires, needs and wants have their basis in the very low frequency sets which are void from any love.

The negative ego uses parasitic thought forms and beliefs, seeded from the False AI Father and the False AI Mother to keep humans in states of pain and suffering, and not able to feel or connect more fully with the benevolent loving god source. Until we understand that our personalities have been programmed, using and recycling the pain that is within the SELF, inside of the emotional and pain/shadow body it is very difficult for a person to understand that they, themselves have to look at ALL belief systems and start to take accountability for actions, behaviours and beliefs.

ALL authority over your life and decisions,must be consecrated and aligned to the one source god source; in order to see and accept the truth. Humanity has been locked into a prison over the mind, which continues to feed false beliefs back into the mental body as a form of control. Removing the negative ego takes deep spiritual maturity to understand that through ALL actions in life, there is an intention behind and inside. A person must want to come to know god very deeply in to start healing and releasing ones self from the false beliefs and negative ego constructs that perpetuate human suffering.

As we work through the rooms of our inner spiritual house, we get to sweep the floors clean to become a place for the spirits of christ to live within us. This eventually becomes the expression of god through a person, where the only force that lives within the house is one which upholds the love, truth and compassion for all components of life.

Most humans are not aware that this control level is in place on the earth, and accept their thoughtforms as normal parts of their personality. The soul energy of the human form cannot fully inhabit the body of the human until the heart matrix on the 4th dimensional spectrums has been activated. The negative ego running in a person is aiming to keep the person from feeling or knowing the truth of their heart. As a person becomes aware of their own thought patterns and emotional triggers, it becomes easier to manage them and heal from them - as these are the controlling forces which stop the force of love and heart based intelligence from running the body into coherence of loving self awareness.

Armageddon Programming

War programming, fighting, divide and conquer and competition programs are part of the archontic deceptions which have been energetically installed into the lower earth grids, which also make up a part of the human body. All forms of warring consciousness are a non-human thoughtform. To clear from Armageddon programming one must come into the realisation that only aliens want humans to feel that war is a human thoughtform. Death and anti-life programming are not a part of humanity or the planetary body organic energy. Intend to heal your heart from all arguments, 911 codes and false armageddon scenes which are sent out into the minds of humanity to keep fear based consciousness running in the central nervous system. Installed into the planetary brain, and the human 3rd dimensional bandwidths, also 1st dimensional bandwidths. Root centre and will centres of solar sacrum influenced with mind control thoughtforms. This programming has been embedded within the architecture of the planetary body as Revelations, End of Days, WWIII, planetary destruction timelines and is often experienced in mind looping states by individuals who are opening into higher levels of healing the masculine wound our from sexual misery programs to be freed from the siphoning and destructions of that program.  This is an alien mind control system to keep the person in perpetual suffering, believing that their inner mind or meditation is showing the future, when in fact it is connecting them into grey alien technology of false futures, like armageddon. This software must be healed out, as it creates inner violence against the soul, or against god, and creates an anti-trust in god mechanism.

Sexual Misery Programming

Keeps humans in sexual misery, abuse and trauma. Is a program to keep the truth of humanity's energy and life force in states of siphoning and without consent. This software installation inside the human template enacts a form of attraction principle, uses false identities and installed archetypes to have humans 'play out' fantasies or to over use or mismanage their own sexual life force energy. The NRG grid technology used against humanity has its epicentre in the UK landmass. This technology has been influencing and assaulting human sexual organs with the primary intent of destroying human lifeforce energy and plugging in into anti-christ siphoning systems in the planetary grid networks. Our sexual energy and 2D centres have been programmed into having very specific preferences when choosing a partner, such as direct programming of eye color, body shape, etc. There are multitudes of etheric weapnry and implants to connect humans to choosing overly sexualised materials such as pornography, sexual violence as a norm, or extreme depravity through possession of the human body by reptilian or satanic entities. These entities control human desires, to gain loosh from the human physical hormones and fluids. The human who has experienced abuses or addictions in regards to sexual energy influences can gain support in understanding that this is a life force stealer. The addiction requires to be fed, and this is actually an entity or demonic attachment creating the false and controlled desire of the person. We have the opportunity to heal this, in so that we can unify the male and female principles in the lightbody of the microcosmic orbit, bringing higher clarity of lifeforce energy into the human body and freed from the bindings of the negative ego construct which harnesses the 1d 2D and 3D centres of the body. This is the root grounding mechanism, the perineum and the sacrum energies. Sexual misery has many deep tentacles and its purpose is to stop the unification of the man or woman on the earth from unifying the inner male and female energies within. 

Victim Victimiser Programming

This software runs fear based thoughtforms and movies in the mind of humanity, as a means of control. The victim becomes the victimiser through pain body distortions and keeps humans in states of being under control through their subconscious mind layers, which are being assaulted through etheric weaponry and planetary grid control which enacts the feelings of superiority or inferiority in a manner of emotional wounds installed into this program. Victims feel low self esteem, not good enough and unworthy of life, sometimes acting out extreme learned helplessness. Victimisers continue to parade controlling fear and emotional, mental and physical abuse on others, as a means of feeling powerful. Both of these polarities are non-human qualities and have been used to keep humans in control through various collective consciousness idealisms; enslavement and control. This program keeps humanity from understanding or knowing the true god source is a force of ultimate benevolence and love.

As the planetary matrices are being healed, these programs installed in the human body and pain body (shadow body, lower mind layers and energy centres) come up for healing and witnessing. It is important to know that the negative ego control structure can be removed over time, with meditation and dedication to knowing one's own heart and accepting the contents of it. Behavioral profiles on this earth are kept in place through ignorance. Lower demonic forces and thoughtforms attach themselves as thought forms into the negative ego construct, re-enforcing the use of lower forms of energy and keep a person broken hearted without knowing there is a god whom is loving and real. Bring yourself into a place to ask your heart what is true, and allow that to be revealed to you.

Healing can take place so that you are freeing yourself from these constructs, which means self-accountability. Looking at the quality of your thoughts to understand what is truly your personal heart based resonance thought vs what is an inorganic thought where you override your heart in order to meet a sense of duty?  Our community educational and energetic clearing treatments acts as a support to heal these influences out from the body mind and to gain higher states of "the soul being in the driving seat, totally connected to heart based resonance". These healings take place through cycles within cycles and bring about a more integrated personality, one which becomes at one with god source. 


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