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There is no amount of clearing or healings as relevant as disengagement

Do not talk to entities
Do not listen to entities
Do not seek information or assistance from any outer sources

Do not engage in mind looping in your thoughts, trying to fight your way out

Repeat repeat repeat
Until the pattern of reaching outward subsides
Your sense of self has to stabilize in relating only to itself which entails no more infusing the
I have to do x y z program with your attention energy and the related disempowerment that this loop is creating

You cannot figure this out
You cannot receive it from x
You can only be it through realization of the truth
This arises through the disciplined action of directing your attention into this now moment relating to the world in front of you instead of the world's within the mind

No amount of meditation or journaling will help you stop thinking about or trying to control the contents of your experience

If the most awful experience imaginable arises, so what?

You are still you
You won the battle
As a default
Accept it

Be you
Without trying to avoid, run
away, figure out, fight, or change that

Reaffirm to yourself with your own perception and in your voice what you know is true

Over and over again

Repeat, live, allow & accept that you being you is your hearts highest expression which is automatic

Don't engage the self doubt dialogue
Do not erode the safe spaces you create through venturing outward for more or other than the simplest truths that arise in the gentle quietude

These are your eyes reading
This is your mind interpreting
This is your heart absorbing shifting etc
Participate in the act of being you until you come to realize that you are you

Remember the embrace of you
Comes from you automatically

When you stop judging evaluating inspecting, and seeking information about the simple facts

Which also means no one no thing can interfere when you maintain the integrity of youness

this practice is an assertion of your boundaries without effort or strategy

Only this work will lead to liberation