The information provided here is helpful for gridworkers trying to remember locations 
but as always the information is really only a starting point.

Anyone can apply a multitude of spontaneous contemplative inquiries, as a holographic fractal, or a multidimensional
mirror: for instance, the 3-6-9 as Masculine Principles can be related to the Galactic gates to Earth, Jupiter, & Neptune.
You may then cross-correlate your personal astrological chart to where these planets sit within your 12 houses
and come to understand a new relationship to yourself.

Alternatively, you may relate the right sided organ systems Liver & Gallbladder, the ascending colon, the Yang kidney
to these energetics and uncover another relationship. 


Portal Systems

SG: Front cone of the Planetary Chakra / Stargate
IG: Back cone of the Planetary Chakra/ Stargate
MA: Mother Arc Gate Aurora Time Field Access Routes
T: Trinity Arc Gate, Created for those who have not spiritual awakened


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Theta Orion Parallel Earth and Mercury. 

SG-1: Halley, South Pole (22W, 75S)

IG-1: Cyprus, Greece (33.1E,35,2N)

MA-1: Adare, Ireland. (8.9W, 53.1N)

T-1: Malibu beach, Malibu California



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Epsilon Eridani/Inner Earth and Venus. 

SG-2: Sarasota, Florida. (83.5W, 27.3N)

IG-2: Easter Island, Chile  (109.2W, 27.3S)

MA-2: Stonehenge, UK  (2.8W, 51.1N)

T-2: Belize City, Belize. Central America



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Earth, Alpha Centauri and Venus

SG-3: Bermuda Islands. (65.3W, 32N)

IG-3: Johannesberg, South-Africa. (27.9E, 35.8S)

MA-3: Seattle, Washington USA. (122.5W, 47.7N)

T-3: Goa, India (1mile of SE coast)



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Sun, Mars

SG-4: Cairo – Giza Egypt. (31.5E, 30N)

IG-4: Aguascalientes, Mexico. (102.2W,22.4N)

MA-4: Manhattan Island, NYC USA.  (72.8W, 40.8N) 

T-4: Staten Island, NYC, NEw York



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Pleiadian Alcyone–Tara and Asteroid Belt (was Maldak) 

SG-5: Machu Pichu, Peru. (73W, 12.3S)

IG-5: Rome, Italy. (Vatican) 12,5E,41.8N)

MA-5: Bali, Indonesia. South Pacific. (115.2W, 8.6S)

T-5: SE Tuscany, 7 Miles of Castaglione, italy)



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Sirius B, Procyon, Jupiter. 

SG-6: Near Moscow, Russia. ( 37E, 55.3 N)

IG-6: Thar Desert, India. (72.9E, 26.7N)

MA-6: Ayers Rock, Australia. (130.5E, 24.5S)

T-6: Fiji,  South Pacific Ocean



Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Arcturus, Omega Centauri and Saturn.

SG-7: Lake Titicaca, Peru (69.8W, 15.5S)

IG-7: Paxos, Greece. (20.3E,39.1N)

MA-7: Phoenix AZ, USA. (111.9W, 34.1N) 

T-7:  Andaman Sea (7miles W of coast Tavoy)


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Mintaka Orion, Gaia – Polaris, Alnitak Orion, Uranus 

SG-8: Xian, China. (108.5E, 34.3N)

IG-8: Taklamaken, Lop Nor, Tibet. (87.4E, 35.8N)

MA-8:  South/West of Bermuda. (64.9W, 32.1N)

T-8:  Auckland City, North Island, N-Zealand


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Mirach Andromeda and Neptune.

SG-9: Bam Tso Heiho Tibet ( 92E, 32N)

IG-9: Westbury, UK  (2.1W, 51.2N)

MA-9: Antarctica South-Pole. South/East of  Halley. (13W, 88S) 

T-9: in Lake Superior, Canada (2miles of coast Thunder Bay (approx 89W,48N)


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Vega Lyra,  Tiamat, and Pluto

SG-10: Abadan, Iran. (49E, 30.8N)

IG-10: Basra, Iraq. (47.7E, 30.9N)

MA-10: Baghdad, Iraq.  (44.0E, 33.3N) 

T-10: Hatshepsuts Temple, Egypt


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Aveyon Lyra, Avalon Lyra

SG-11: Vale of Pewsey S. England. (1.9W,51.5N)

IG-11: Ireland’s Eye. (6.1W, 53.3N)

MA-11: Newgrange, Ireland.  (6.2W, 53.4N)

T-11: Epsom Downs, Surrey United Kingdom (approx 0.2W,51N)


Connects with Universal and Galactic SG: Aramatena, Lyra and Sun.

SG-12: Monsegur S. France (1.8E, 42.8N)

IG-12: Kauai, Hawaii. 159.7W, 22.2N)

MA-12: Cornwall, UK. (4.25W, 50.7N)

T-12: 5 miles SW of Cork, Ireland

The Stargate INCENSION Journey


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