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"Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid. Using the instruction sets from Morphogenetic Fields, dimensions are composed of stationary points of the vibration of sound and light, which together form a fabric of tone and into which smaller morphogenetic fields are woven. From each fixed point of sound vibration and within each dimension of manifestation field, an electrical current of Consciousness emerges. There is layer upon layer upon layer of morphogenetic fields and dimensional reality systems. A dimension is a full frequency band: repeating sequences of waves flashing on and off (particle/anti-particle universe) and it’s what we’re existing in space with."

Dimensions & Consciousness development
The goal is to connect with higher more refined vibrational aspects of ourselves through the core intention of communiion with our personal Lightbody and through devotion to expansion of our Consciousness in meditation and through the embodiment of spiritual ethics. The color wave spectrums of each dimension and the Chakras serve as a foundational model that helps us to understand what the seven primary chakras consciousness functions are. In understanding these models we can then begint to realize that multidimensionality is an aspect of our senses which can be viewed as an extension but one that will naturally unfold. Thus the process of ascension is finding a sustainable balance and neutral consciousness whereing the higehr frequencies and intelligence streams can descend into the material vibration. From the individual perspective this may be experiences as expansion into new relams of pecrception however, this kind of framework is detrimental becuase this view is separated from the truth, which is that we cannot expand without rooting into our self through the development of love and acceptance as we are now.

This process cannot occur without dismantling the ego and separation programmign that inform our unconscious and conscious belief systems. Collecting of the energey fragments or identities from this lifetime is essential to enable us to then recover similar aspects of ourselves from other timelines.  As we merge them into this moment of self we become a unified, whole, and god sovereign being. Note that the higher dimensions that we move into exist as a future time and space thus we exist individually within different reality fields since this is a relationship protected by free will choice. As we progressively move through refined and higher fields of energy, we syntheszie each of the 12 subharmonic frequency bands within each of the 12 dimensions.
As the body evolves through these multiple levels of frequency accretion, or the increase of lightbody quotients, the energetic layers within the aura undergo depolarization and transmutate into another energetic form. when this has occured within the bandwidtch corresponding to a density or station of identity the particle-waves contained within them open into the outer auric layers of the next highest dimensions, in the next density or Harmonic Universe up. 

The incarnate density or identity level is comprised of 1-3D, the soul 4D-6D, the monad 7-9D, the avatar godself 10-12D



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