Ascension Community

We live within multidimensional bandwidths of the planetary body which contain astral black magicians, satanic entities, demonics and other entities not visually detectable until a higher level of personal activation and dna has been embodied. We can detect feelings of unsafety, chills on the body and the body can respond and feel directly the energies which are not loving, nor benevolent. However, many astral entities use glamour and tempation to enact an excited feeling or sexual attraction feeling of which all starseeds, lightworkers and indigoes must come to understand that personal field, room, home and space protection is necessary to ensure you are creating a space for spiritual work, healing or practises without these entities coming into the space.

As a means to support others creating and commanding personal space, so that the energy becomes clearer and is not able to be intruded upon by discarnates, demonics or negative aliens; it is imperative to understand that by using your voice and directing your energy - you are creating an energy field for the frequencies of energy you are aligning to.We use the universal law of structure, as given through the holy father to create an ether structure which is being dedicated for the use and connection of only cosmic christ force intelligences. However, through this practise it must be known that the connection to and with one's own personal christ 12D platinum ray from the future timefields, will take a long time to become strong in your personal lightbody. Humanity existed with a 12th dimensional auric layer millions of years ago, but the ray frequency has been restored into the planetary body in which the essence can be connected to by a platinum crystal and six pointed unity star as part of the 12d shielding technique. Essentially, we are learning to build a 12d shield for the home space, which over time becomes like a pillar of frequency not easily influenced by demonics or negative alien racelines.

The commanding of space can take a dedicated daily practise until you start to really feel that your own energy space is becoming free from intrusion. If you can imagine that the multitude of beings in the invisible realms are existing in the same space, what we are really looking to achieve is to say "this is MY space, and I am dedicating this space as a house of god, no interlopers or manipulators may encroach here. All entities can be returned to their place or space of origin, through the architecture of my 12d shield and vortex".

If you are involved in attending spiritual groups, you must know that you are ALWAYS responsible for setting your own energetic protection and that it should not be left or expected that the group leader would do that for you. Since you are learning to work with your own personal christ connection, part of the self-sovereignty of understanding what that truly is, is the recognition that no-one else can do it for you.

When we set our space, we are effectively reclaiming the space and setting the 'field' as a form of creating an architecture and a boundary to your own living space. It can take a while to get a very strong energetic container in the home field, but once it is set, entities and chaos generally transit out of the space immediately and they cannot sit within the frequency.

In the beginning stages of commanding your home or personal space, you will come to understand that the spiritual links via your own lightbody are the means of which you are able to connect to the guardian host families. This connection does not become permanent until a very strong monadic body has been built, over several years. This is not to put anyone off, it is to say that the continual dedication and effort to build the architecture and connection in your home, will at one point on the journey be a permanent architecture. This is your lightbody's ability to be permanently strong and unified with your own spiritual bodies, emotions and thoughts.

It means that wherever you travel, you are always shielded, YOU become the field, the field is you, and when working in other group practises, you can be assured that your own spiritual links and guardian hub handshake are your governing lifeforce connection - free of manipulation, entities and imposter spirits who masquerade as if they are christed beings.

Steps to commanding your space, creating a shadow vortex:

1. Start by shielding yourself via the 12D shield, ensuring you have your horizontal and vertical connections strengthened through intention. This action means you are intentionally creating a connection to connect with the guardian host families. It's like putting your hand up and asking for attention from them.

2. Next, create a larger shield that encompasses either your entire home, or your personal room space, bedrooms are a must for sleepstate.

3. At the 4 corners of the room, create an intention to have a vortex act as a 'shadow' vortex. Your intention to create it, means it is linking into the overall architecture of the 12D shield, and will act as a magnet for all lower forms of beings, intruders, lost human souls; in which they can safely leave your space

4. From the centre of your room space, or in your mind's eye - spin out energy in an anti-clockwise motion with the intention to fill the entire room space with 12th dimensional pale platinum white light. See it spinning in the room and filling in all spaces. You can use additional commands such as
"close all astral portals, doors, leaks, negative spin points through all dimensions"

5. Remember that entities will probably be pocketed in different time space locations that are actually where your physical land is. So, once we have a shadow vortex set, we want to command that the entities leave through the route of the 12d shielding and spiritual links to the guardian host:

"I claim this space as sacred and sovereign, I have created a shadow vortex for all beings who are not of 100% christed light. I have 100% authority over my space, and I command all entities, energies or misqualified vibrations, residue, scents or dead light leave and exit through the shadow vortex now"

Complete your space by again swirling the intention for all spaces to be sealed in the christed light. It sometimes helps to visualize the space as a gigantic pillar that is connected all the way into the heart of god.

Create a boundary test from within the space, by stating "only beings of 100% alignment to the cosmic christos intelligences are permitted, and I will boundary test all beings who approach this space. This step is vital to understand that you are creating an energetic boundary; eventually negative beings will be felt much more physically - and this means you can feel and sense their presence even if you do not 'see' them in your mind's eye or perception. The more one works with building the space, the more easily the anti-christ forces can be felt and identified. Although this seems counter intuitive, it is a gift to feel these energies - because they do indeed exist and have been tricking and controlling humanity through their hidden veils of deception.

You may find that you notice during the course of a day that you have to command to "empty" the shadow vortexes. The reason for this, is because in the early stages of connecting to the 12D light and the guardian hosts, the auric field is not yet fully connected into the permanent connections of guardian architecture. The handshake link has to be made again through the use of the 12d shield, and commanded that the shadow vortex and guardian hosts assist in the transit (removing, and sending on their way back home via guardian host transit links) of the entities. All you need to do is re-enforce the 12d shield, and intend to clear the shadow vortex of any entities that have become held in that container vortex space.

Eventually, the space becomes an automatic routing for entities to pass through but it may take a few years for this to become stable within your space. It is relative to lightbody connections into the krystal star architecture. But, please know, that at any stage of the process- guardian teams are there, and listening and you will be provided help every time you ask for it. These teams know what we are doing on earth and want to assist in to clear communication channels between them and us. Until that becomes a very clear process usually we have the physical-spiritual housekeeping process of clearing down the field.

As an example, even though our space here has a permanent diamond pillar connection, sometimes the energy field of the home has to be swept; people coming into the house can have spiritual attachments that want to linger, and they do not have the authority to do that. So, a little spring clean and intention to allow all energies to pass through and move out.

Particularly at sleepstate, it is recommended to 'lock-down' the home or room space before going to sleep at night by including the command to intentionally seal all open portals, all astral doors and remove all energies with intent to harm.