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Return to Rightful Owner & Lunar to Solar transmutations 10D 11D Eiyani Timeline

Guardians are sharing with me the different supports that we have for that process through the AquaLasha Matrix,  the amplifiers that we have right now so they are guiding me to apply the Peach Rose golden amplifier into your second dimensional sphere and that is moving up into the fourth dimensional heart Centre meaning of forms of miasma energies that do not belong,  moving into the 11th dimension here to open up a portion of Recovery as well there there's a in your energy field I'm looking at right now and it's to do with the 11th and 10th dimensional spheres what they are doing right now is moving on the horizontal so I'm looking at your Fields and lightbody here it is as if it's at one side of your head the 10th dimensional sphere is it the other side of your head they are moving on the horizontal and what it looks like is happening is the accretion of Avatar consciousness is further connecting with and pulling into your nadial complex,  strands of Avatar energy that you're connecting more fully with. that's what this looks like in there, basically sharing with me that in order for us to connect really fully in with an avatar we have to try and move out the lunar forces under the light body and soul it's like portions of Lunar to solar so when we see the various stages of meaning in Inner balance because we are solar beings because it is as a solar energy Force the dark mother dark father energies have to be removed from there as much as possible to obtain a more clear level of communication with our own personal solar Christ energy -  so you're going through all different things at the one time in the style of building your diamond sun body and template and so as you move through the different portions it feels like the that you have come up against recently or within your relationship to -  I think it's to do with the relationship you have with your children and the relationship that you have with the partner,  it's around you understanding ways in which you can evict dark mother or dark father energies from your light body that can further support you.

so in the 11th dimension now, accessing trauma memories of what I can only say is Eiyani massacre timeline and removing in there and retrieving portions of what feels like Avatar consciousness or and wounded feminine consciousness that has been wounded and tracked and held in this area of time   and basically doesn't know what's happened to her she is disconnected from source and there's like a shock trauma there's like a naivety feeling in here that is to say but I store everything is going well you know this this kind of feeling where we would say life is going very well, and then  ‘what on earth happened?’ and so we're moving into like a black hole system in portions of what Feels Like fallen Lyra, to retrieve your energy and when I'm moving there it is energies of Christ Sophia energies of Avatar Christ Sophia that are coming back here.

Asking all cellular memories and influences to be completely and totally removed from your energy field in its entirety as an attachment that is in your solar plexus area just underneath your belly button area that is somehow triggering you into this feeling like you're a bad mother, feeling like you've failed as a mother, feeling like you are trying your very best to understand how to support your children without feeling like you're controlling them and there's…… there's a sense of your children being turned against you for a decision that you made to do with their father. This feels like this decision was almost you were doing the best of what you could at that time but for whatever reason it's like they've grown up and decided that you were not you're not acting in their best interests -  when in this moment (as I feel the energy)  it feels like that's not the whole truth and it also feels like the energy of when someone has told a lie about you and others have believed it.

And so I would also say to you that what this energy frequency is that is within the Eiyani Massacre timeline and it is being used to keep you feeling like you are an inadequate mother on Earth so lovingly I share that with you -  removing all forms of that energy feeling or residue from your field that has been used to impact you in the Here and Now,

Removing Anti-HG and False Female Identity embedded in Personality Matrix as part of Negative Ego Programming

removing forms of rosy cross architecture that is reversed removing forms of black Madonna energy or black hierogamic Union robes energy all forms of anti hierogamic Union technology through all of the multidimensional bodies, and expressions in levels evicting Azazael Lillith from your field here Gog and Magog, and the leviathan and behemoth energies, the Demons of the 72 names from the arts goieta, holding a space  for transit here…. because removing relationship curse energy  - a black magic curse from your energy field

Clearing through the lenses of God energy through the light body of the Aurora Crown to be swept clear, bringing back into alignment with Krystal kaleidoscope, removing crown of thorns energy and removing blocks and seals in your heart, clearing through the astral layer of your field to remove forms of astral mirrors,  Vision clearing connections to maintain lineages and the lunar forces evicting forms of these energies from your energy field.

ok there's an archetypal energy insert that is sitting in the front of your energy field and the energy connection to this is something that sits in the light body -  it makes me feel like you're not acting in this way ok so before I say this it's an insert but it's like the energy of Seduction it's like a lunar Force dark mother being or entity archetype that is a form of dominatrix,  that is a form of succubus energy and I would actually say that when people in counter you  - they were drawn towards that energy believing somehow that you're going to act in a very promiscuous sexual manner with them and I know the truth that situation feels like you have been celibate for many years and so this has to come out your field it doesn't belong to you -  it's a projection, it's a holographic insert, so calling that out now for witnessing evicting that archetype overlay from your field

Ursa Major – Pleiades Alignment, Cosmic Universal Couple Prototyping for Male-Female Gender Corrections

and to the Ursa Major and pleiades constellation through Krystal kaleidoscope at this time so your aurora crown to receive a connected alignment through ursa major and Pleiades, there's a feeling here of this being an adjustment into your crown to support you on the inner hierogamic union and from the constellations inside your heart and there is a form of I don't know how to say it properly, but when I'm looking at it it looks like the constellations are projecting and the frequencies are being received through the aurora crown,  like they are unlocked in the chest that you just placed on your Krystal Aegis breast plate they show me the forms of the pleiades and Ursa Major constellation being now brought into alignment and it's on a diagonal channel….. ok so it's like saying aligning with your divine counterpart in a more connected manner, now clearing all lines of communication through your heart matrix, taking that into the voice, into your mind into your subconscious and unconscious mind -  to allow the most transparent understanding for yourself to allow you to speak the truth from your heart and every moment and with conviction that you will not be punished for speaking from your heart, as you are guided in every moment.

Your heart, and challenges with relationship in unioning at this time

The teams are sharing with me that there's almost a sense of you holding yourself in a protected space, even though you feel you have been vulnerable with your heart, there is some form of lesson that you are learning at this time -  it feels like there are lessons that you are learning between yourself and your partner but that you haven't allowed yourself to understand the truth of the lesson as it pertains to you as an individual. so my feeling here is to share with you: please pay attention to the things where you feel triggered or hurt and be very gentle with yourself and with your partner so that you are able to clearly work together if that is what is required in order for you to understand what you need to know about your inner feminine wounding.

there is something here that has been highlighted when it seems show me if they take me back to your childhood OK they take me back to your parents relationship they take me back to something that feels like patterns that you have observed from your parents or you have not felt loved by your parents in the way that was most optimal to your upbringing and as a result of closed down portions of your heart for protection know the teams are sitting with me or certainly what has been highlighted to speak about us actuality the way that anything that you have felt as a result of sexual contact in the last two years with a partner or another person is highlighting to you places where forms of dark mother or wounded energy that you still have to come to terms with within yourself. Now the feeling that I have here to share with you is that many men having to relearn to feel the mother energies in a Krystic female because men have been brought up with women who are acting with dark mother overlays or lunar force over these men have been manipulated by women. Men have broken hearts because of the behaviour of the dark mother. women have also states of damage through the dark mother programs especially if we are a woman on the Ascension path and we are trying our best to be krystic females.  we have also been raised in a world where the gender principles of men and women have been completely wounded -  so my advice to you is please be very gentle with yourself,  with your partner with any person that you're coming into contact with if you need time to go through your own emotions and to just not take things personally and be open and receptive to your avatar inner guidance -  you will be able to identify a particular pattern that seems to be a wounding that's coming out or is being highlighted through sexual contact.

ok this is been brought to your attention so that you may heal that within your own body there's a feeling here with a very gentle loving awareness and a form of inner strength that you will find within yourself.  Let Your Heart guide you in this way.  ok there's a sense of you allowing your heart to open so much, and only so much because it feels painful to open it up any more.  now there is a sense here of allowing yourself to trust what your heart can actually do because at this time you're receiving these Extra frequency sets from mother father Christ Sophia to be held in the God space  more of the time so that you can fall asleep but very gently look at that spot on

 ok I don't have any further information on what the pattern is but I feel like it is sexual misery programming that you have been working through in your life or you're coming to understand that these things that you feel are actually sexual misery programs and it looks like what's happening is you are being reflected back to yourself from your partner the exact thing that almost is highlighting a hurtfulness and I would also say here,  what I can see is that there are energies external to yourselves using the internal negative ego programs to push buttons to make you think that your partner wants to hurt you through words or behaviours or actions when actually if you ever do feel hurt by your interactions or behaviours then you need to know -  is it coming from your partner or is it coming from an energy or entity that is attempting to cause interference?

when you're able to identify the difference based upon your partners behaviour or consistent expressions of behaviour you will be able to neutralise more quickly what is interference and what is not. when you are able to do that together holding the principles of your own inner unification more will help you.

 ok I lovingly I'm feeling that are coming to session completion, deep reverence for your path for the work that you are doing thank you so much.

I am sweeping through your field to remove all levels of the inorganic timelines all timeline collapse close all open portals cleanse and balance through the outfield layers through all levels and where's Through The Subtle fields in between  -time places applying an axiatonal alignment to the Krystal star algorithm through the staff energy is the horizontal vertical and diagonal energies 

Clearing all cellular memories and influences completely and totally through all portions of your energy through the child adult all timelines, sealing the field and buffer request for additional guardian support as you integrate and balance in the coming days and weeks and months as your further on your path to eliminate set free to sovereign, zero point and so it is thank you thank you thank you I hope this has been helpful please only take what resonates and I'm sending you much love thank you so much.